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I have a unique idea!

When you deploy your bipod, you can fluidly adjust your stance using the mouse wheel so your position is less of a deathtrap. Something like Escape from Tarkov and Arma 3's stance adjustment.

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My ideas...

*Observer: When with commander, can capture objectives faster. (Must be with commander to get the objective capture buff instead of lonewolfing like they do now.)

*Breacher: Can do a baseball slide. (Like in 2014 insurgency before it was patched to the knees)

I don't think we should add anti-infantry traps. That kind of feature creep will lead to a detector class. (Pointman who sees traps in bright red. ) I don't really want some of Rising Storm 2's features in this game. Maybe the traps could only work if the user is in the vicinity and they'll disarm themselves 10 seconds after you've been killed, but I think it's best to just not implement them altogether.

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Custom voice wheels??? Holy crap! That's actually a pretty good idea. You have my seal of approval.

The devs could add some more lines that could be useful to certain types of players. The possibilities are endless.
"I'm going for the cache!", "I'm gonna throw c4!", "Clear backblast!", "Get back, I'm going to throw a grenade!", "I'm about to flash, look away!", "Throw some thermite!".

Eh.. sometimes I wonder if the game is too fast paced for many of these commands...

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Maybe some tweaks need to be done to the way LMGs work. I have a crazy idea.

LMGs should function completely differently from other weapons.
When not aiming down the sight...

They'll take time to get ready after you sprint (for 2 seconds you won't be able to shoot. Think of this like Red Orchestra Ostfront's MG mechanic but more forgiving)
There will be sway while you're hipfiring (which will make point shooting even harder)
There will be less recoil, but lots of sway, which is almost like recoil it itself because of how extreme it is.

When aiming down the sight while not using a bipod...

Instead of sway, there's sight misalignment, which is like sway with an antishake feature

When using the bipod...

Your mouse wheel is then used to fluidly adjust your stance like in Arma 3 or Escape from Tarkov.
(That way you won't feel like a sitting duck when you deploy that bipod)

Maybe instead of using large magazines, you'll just use ammo belts and you'll have to manage heat. (and get additional ammo belts from teammates like in Darkest hour)

That means MG guys have low ammo by themselves but can be a constantly refilling machine if teammates go to them and press ACTION to give them ammo.

When they do that an animation of the soldier giving you an ammo belt plays. He presses F, then you press F to accept ammo. You have to wait 2 minutes before you can give ammo again. If the MG overheats, he gets 1 barrel change, after that it's a broken gun. Supressors can be equipped but they melt and on night maps they glow bright.

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I think reflect damage is not something that should be applied liberally, but something that is only a last-ditch effort to encourage some hesitation before you shoot. Griefers would have a field day running into your line of fire or blocking your view on purpose.

If you're repeatedly shooting teammates and killing them, even with the decreased damage, then you need to work on your identification skills. That's when damage reflection should be enabled.

There should be some exceptions to friendly fire, in certain situations. Just for my opinion, I think it should work like this...
No Teamkills : Slight decrease in damage to teammates. (More damage than it is now)
1 Teamkill : Receive warning, significant decrease in team damage.
3 Teamkills : On screen warning, damage reflection enabled.

If you're really that bad at identifying teammates, an instruction graphic will point out that the insurgents wear black backpacks and security wear tan backpacks.

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Sliding when you want to crouch is an intentional mechanic meant to make you plan your actions ahead rather than just react in the moment.

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I remember the old insurgency mod for Halflife 2. There were no restricted areas, but there were these one way ramps that looked really out of place. It was fun to flank the US marines as an insurgent on sinjar as there were no restricted zones.

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I think some radio static or something when you get close to the boundary could help. or you could just have immersion killing VR walls. (Red barriers that appear, looking like something out of virtual reality.)

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Is this what you were thinking of? I think it sounds good on paper, but might be bad in practice. I once thought of an idea where the commander just modifies the call-ins and confirms them. Basically it's Rising Storm 2's system. Not good for small maps at all.

0_1546591283122_Insurgency commander tablet.jpg

I think the current system is better because of how hard it is to keep your observer alive. It's like carrying around a very fragile, expensive piece of equipment.

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It can be difficult to map an fps with so many keybinds to a controller, but it's not impossible. Some compromises may need to be made.

Leaning was a big part of Rainbow Six Siege. To make up for the insufficient amount of buttons on the controller, leaning was only made possible while aiming down the sight. (The leaning action replaced the sprint/melee actions while aiming down the sight, using the thumbsticks). It looks like autolean may be our only option, given that there's a hold breath mechanic that will need to be bound to one of the thumbsticks. Gamers don't like new/strange controls.


I checked the amount of buttons for binds, and it looks like all we have for the special actions are the d-pad, L2 and R2.

Left on the d-pad may need to be used for a weapon wheel, similar to the likes of GTA V and Turok Rage Wars.
A quick tap of that button could be used to quickly swap between your primary and secondary.

Up could be used for laser/flashlight, down could be used for gasmask/nightvision,and right could be used for rate of fire and fireteam support menu.


That just leaves us now with L2 and R2.

L2 will have to be used for the teamchat radio button with the automatic mic defaulting to local chat.

All that's left is R2 and the menu button (left side of touch pad on ps4).

The menu button will be used for changing classes.
R2, being our last available button, can be used for the voice wheel, so you can call out enemies.
A stripped down version could do, with only options for "enemy spotted","I need a ride","I'm going to objective",etc.

Maybe use of the PS4 gyroscopes to assist in aiming could be implemented. (Splatoon uses gyroscopes in addition to the thumbsticks, from what I've heard)