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I've decided that the inability to choose different fleets depending on your randomly chosen opponents faction makes multiplayer rubbish. It's luck of the draw.

Stripping out game modes removed variety from the 1st one. Missed a tricked on wider subfaction specialities.

MWJ is op so rewards the grind like the pay to win sector.

Singleplayer got boring after the champions mission as a lack of narrative.

149 hours played so got my money's worth but was a grinding bore most of the time, no lobbies for community engagement, no replays, single player AI was bad and the story wasn't as engaging as first time round.

Uninstalled with regret.

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I've been struggling with ranking up as marines and I am so close to MWJ.

It will be amazing when I do get it as imagine that battle barge suddenly turning from a slow piece of junk to right next to the enemy flag.

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At the end I was using the cluster of four turrets as a free way of slowly adding troop count to my close to hulled ships

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In the deployment phase (little cog) in the bottom left does it come up as 1000 on yours?

I did get a bug where my fleet did not fully deploy.

In fairness McCragges Honour is worth much more than 600 points - it's pretty much unbeatable, probably is better than two battle barges.

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Nope, it's definately still six hundred points in my hard game (urgency on, mixture of domination and cruiser clash), just did the last mission (very easy and boring) against abaddon and my fleet is capped at 1600/1650 and had three battleships (Oberon, 2x Retribution) and McCragges Honour deployed.

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My ships are getting wrecked by boarding actions much more now in Singleplayer. Has made it worse.

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I'm on hard but got it before the patch and it's still 600 ish despite the patch affecting everything else

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I'm quite a way in and Aggripina, Scarus and then Chincare systems are the most important for income as they have Forge Worlds and in the case of Chincare - the Reznor system whose ship graveyard generates a ton of money. Having Chincare and Aggripina joined means you can then stack mining world bonuses.

I'm on hard and getting 961 a turn but have 12 fleets mostly maxed.

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What made it fun for me was not realising that every story-type mission resets the urgency timer - I thought it was only the gold - made it really tense, much less tense now that I found this out. I've yet to complete it but when I do again I'll do cruiser clash only on hard. The capture points make defeating massive stupid fleets easy.

I am loving it, though I do miss the diversity of mission types somewhat.

Completely agree with @Beernchips that you only really need to focus on a few systems to develop - who cares about agri worlds, penal colonys, worlds with prometium extractors when you can just focus on forge, shipyard and civilisation worlds.

I am on turn 120 and going at it more like total war grand campaign now I know the urgency gets reset after every narrative mission.