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Join a league man ... and all your problems will be solved 😉

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I hope it's just a temporary switch too. But hope I have.
Blood Bowl 2 is lively. The community is active and Focus organized a WC recently with significant prizes.

My hope is that they prefere to wait and release and sell a Big DLC with a lot of contents (maybe some adds from the new GW tabletop version as new stars, teams ... etc) than small stitches for free (as only the chainsaw/bombers skins for example).

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Some news for the missing skins ? (the stars with chainsaw and bomb)

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My bad if it's ok. A coach on the Franco Bowl told me it wasn't. And after I told him your answer he told me he didn't really verify ... 🙂

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There still the following bug :
When you are dodging and you got the dodge skill, the game asks you if you want to use dodge or not (no problem with that) :

  • when the guy you are dodging from got tackle you don't want to (because this is useless and to keep the dodge Reroll for later for example) ... but if selecting no ... you don't have the choice to use Team RR as you should after not using the dodge RR.

  • and if you select yes and the opponent use tackle (to cancel the dodge skill) ... their you have the choise to use a Team RR ... but the dodge skill is considered used for the turn.

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On the High Kick event the player that run below the ball is still catching with his back.

Starplayers with secret weapons (mostly chainsaw and bomber players in fact) still haven't their own skins.

News from the rules adaptation with the board game version of 2016 ? : New gob players, Chaos Renegade, tiiimber skill for halfling's treemen, new stars, Khorne ... etc.

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@focus_guillaume said in [beta BB2LE] Bugs report from Nîme l'Ancien:

About the pestigor/regen in the wrong part of the dugout, was it during a throw a rock event?

I FOUND IT !!! It was a player that I sent surfing in the crowd.

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When are we getting the real skins of all the stars present in the game ? Particularly the chainsaw ones 😃

Thanks in advance and thanks again for the last patch.