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In fact, I adore the Spyrers so much, that I bought the original piece of Malcadon artwork from Mark Gibbons a few weeks ago 🙂

Absolutely worth the pricetag!

alt text

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Escher and Spyrers were hands-down my favourite.

Escher always ended up being tooled up with close-combat monsters with a Gatling Cannon (heavy stubber with 3 sustained fire dice, from Fanatic rules) and a Heavy Plasma Gun.

Spyrers were always 2 x Malcadons, an Orrus, a Yeld and a Jakara. If they all managed to survive 3-4 games, they were well on their way to becoming horrifically difficult to deal with 🙂

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It's beyond a pipedream, but oh how nice would it be to have cross-platform compatability?! I'm a PC player through and through, but my best friends have always been console players and since we all live at opposite ends of Ireland these days, we rarely get the chance to meet up. Being able to go toe to toe with them in this across XBONE and PS4 would be brilliant. We all used to play Necro and 40K back in the day, so it would be a nice revival for us.

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@lilstrid said in Hello from Rogue Factor!:

@naloac Articles from the folks who were at the event should be on the internet sometime later in the week.

Thank you for the response. Very much looking forward to seeing what testers have to say.

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Encouraging to see the photos from the Press Event this week.

When are we likely to see any screenshots/video from the event, rather than out of focus camera shots from weird angles?

Foaming at the mouth to see some content for the game! 🙂

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Good to see that there is someone from the team here 🙂

It would be great to see anything along the lines of material relating to the games development, heck even concept art would help to muster up additional interest.

Necro has such a strong and healthy following to this day in the tabletop gaming scene, that generating good amounts of footfall with even trickle-fed information would help with getting more and more into it.

Looking forward to what is to come!

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From a Rock, Paper, Shotgun article back in February, when there was a closed press release/reveal (link to article below), the few things I garnered from it were as follows;

  • Movement akin to that of Mordheim.

  • Progression is to be a bigger factor.

  • All 6 houses will be included.

  • Semi-procedural levels.

  • Larger focus on ranged combat.

Article link:

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I was a massive fan of the Spyrers in the TTP version. A much smaller gang (children of the spire, sent into the underhive to cut their teeth amongst the denizens to show that they could survive the rigours of Spire-life and its own cut-throat nature), almost always outnumbered, but once they got their combat suits going and gaining a few skills and boosts, they became unbelievably fearsome.

Having an Orrus walking down the opposing gangs heavy, shrugging off heavy weapons, small arms and anything else you could throw at it, resulting in the Orrus beating its target to a bloody pulp with his fists... unbelievably satisfying.

If you can get your hands on it, the old rulebook was put up online for free from the Specialist Games section of GW for download, so the rulebook had plenty of little bits of fluff written in to it that gave a great sense of the dangers of the Underhive and those that populated it, human or otherwise.

Also, Mark Gibbons created some of my favourite art pieces for Necro, including that of the Malcadon:

alt text

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Expectations? I honestly don't know what to expect.

Hopes? Astronomical!

I've been waiting for years for someone to get their hands on this IP. Even spoke with a director from Firaxis at GamesCom a few years ago if they would ever consider the IP, but he just smiled and went "unlikely".
I've been wondering when someone would take the plunge into Necro ever since I played Fallout: Tactics many moons ago, thinking it was a perfect platform for a Necromunda-based game. There is such huge potential with the concept, from gangs, to the environments/levels, progression, customisation, local, regional, national, global leaderboards, mechanics...

Rogue Factor built a solid enough base with Mordheim and whilst they did seem to get a rather luke-warm response from most places, I think they'll have learnt a lot from the experience and are going to be able to release something that could garner a huge interest.

That being said, I'm impatiently waiting for screenshots, concept art, or anything of the sort at this point!

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Howdy all.

Loved Necro back in the day, but whilst still having a couple of boxed sets and gangs (Escher, Spyrers, Van Saar), don't get any gametime these days.

Necromunda was the best games system that GW released, by a large margin, so here's hoping that this truly does the tabletop version justice.

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