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The one day I'm off doing fieldwork this week and I miss this!!!

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Absolutely ANY information about the game would go a long way to keep the fires lit so to speak for the community.

It has been over 6 months since we heard anything about the game. No screenshots, no video, no devblog. Hell, I'd be happy to see some photos of someone working on terrain.

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You can get the rules for the tabletop Genestealer Cults from ForgeWorld, or conveniently through this link:

Spyrers hold a special place in my heart because they are one of the hardest gangs to start with, but once they get a bit of XP, they turn into death-dealing machines to the point where people would often refuse to play against them (Orrus with 2+ invulnerable save against shooting, while armed with twin rapid fire (3) bolt launchers and power fists).

Games Workshop have done a great job with the re-release of the tabletop game and it certainly looks like the PC game is following the overhaul quite closely.

Maybe that's one reason why we haven't heard anything in the last 6 months from the developers; GW not permitting new information to be released until they are happy with the content?

There are also Venator gangs, which are mish-mash gangs of random bounty hunters and hanger-ons which give people a lot more variety in what they field in the TT.

I would imagine though that the PC game will focus on the house gangs and anything beyond that will be DLC.

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I think it's relatively safe to assume that the content in the game will follow the releases made by Games Workshop themselves.

All the main houses have been released, with new gangs being released in 2019 that haven't been released before (Guilders is the leading rumour I think...). Outlanders (Scavvies, Ratskins, Spyre Hunters) will come after that, or so I hope anyway.

Each gang could easily be a DLC pack for the game, which I wouldn't really have any objection to if they're reasonably priced. I am waiting for Spyrers to make an appearance in the TT version, so I had best not hold my breath.
The Ambot will keep me happy for a while at least.

Genestealers have a substantial array of models available now, which are also getting their own standalone Codex for 40K soon. It'll be likely they will make some form of an appearance in Necro 17 as well. I dread to think what the statline for a purestrain will be...

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Nah, I went direct to Mark Gibbons himself 🙂

I'm going to wait until Delaque are released, then I'm going to have to start on them all.

Too much of a back catalogue of stuff to do at the moment...
alt text

Escher and Spyrers were my favourites in the original TT. The Escher HPG was always one of my favourite models.

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It is a stunning piece of work. If you catch the light on it right, you can see all the pencil work to mark out the details. Honestly, how Mark Gibbons does such detailed drawings with just pencil and ink is just beyond me.

Also, yes. I am massively eager for Spyrers to get their new models. I'm genuinely impressed with everything they have done with the new models. The level of detail is incredible. I've bought everything for the re-released TT version so far except for Cawdor, but I'll bundle them with Delaque when they are released.

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It set me back the bones of a grand with customs. It certainly stung, but it is an original, not a print 🙂

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In fact, I adore the Spyrers so much, that I bought the original piece of Malcadon artwork from Mark Gibbons a few weeks ago 🙂

Absolutely worth the pricetag!

alt text

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Escher and Spyrers were hands-down my favourite.

Escher always ended up being tooled up with close-combat monsters with a Gatling Cannon (heavy stubber with 3 sustained fire dice, from Fanatic rules) and a Heavy Plasma Gun.

Spyrers were always 2 x Malcadons, an Orrus, a Yeld and a Jakara. If they all managed to survive 3-4 games, they were well on their way to becoming horrifically difficult to deal with 🙂

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It's beyond a pipedream, but oh how nice would it be to have cross-platform compatability?! I'm a PC player through and through, but my best friends have always been console players and since we all live at opposite ends of Ireland these days, we rarely get the chance to meet up. Being able to go toe to toe with them in this across XBONE and PS4 would be brilliant. We all used to play Necro and 40K back in the day, so it would be a nice revival for us.

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