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I didn't see any change, maybe because my personal mod is different

i suggest that you Return the original and check for changes
If it return to normal, try copying again the mod. But open the files with 7ZIP

i only work with 7ZIP otherwise the files became corrupted and i see this white textures

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sorry i forgot the link
here is the mod

I'm with i5 3570K and 1070GTX running it on 60FPS
maybe i can make a 2K version.
about the ground, i try to add highmaps but didn't manage to add it to all terrines
Mostly for overlays.
also, It is possible to set the draw distance?

still working on it 🙂
thank you

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hello 🙂
i released version 1.2 and almost ver 1.3 but i wasn't pleased with some of the textures.
so this is going to be ver 1.4
just need to work and maybe remake some of the plants textures..
because they sometimes share the same texture on different plants, it took some time to make them look good in most of them.

Spintires MudRunner UltraHD texture Mod

0_1545768568380_MudRunner 2018-12-25 21-44-09.jpg

0_1545768685629_MudRunner 2018-12-25 21-46-04.jpg
0_1545768700084_MudRunner 2018-12-25 22-04-34.jpg

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How can i add height maps?

Sometimes its look like the game don't load the normalmaps
i tried to add normalmaps to cliffs, but i cant see any different, probably it dosen't load..
i change the files: overlays_cliff_dirt in the meshcatch
add the line - NormalMap=""
(i make sure that i see the cliff dirt in the game by paint it in blue overlay)

With the logs it work beautifully
0_1543130015095_MudRunner 2018-11-25 09-09-29.jpg

and another thing - i change the gauge panel in cockpit view, but sometimes when i load the game
the needles disappears.. what am i doing wrong?
work with photoshop for textures save as .dds DX5 interpolation alpha

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Thank you !
i hope i will make it work

one more thing - specular map i need to write SpecularMap="" ?

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i working on textures mod for this game for few months
now American wilds came out and i decided to continue my work

i really want to add normal maps to logs and perhaps for other textures to
but i cant find away to make them work on original textures that came without normal maps

if some one know how to make it work i really appreciate this
thank you 🙂

my mod so far:

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A Few more updates, new pumpkin texture, Mud spray now have mud colors, retexture the water plants.
and a new reshade colors and contrast and brightness. still work on the trucks 🙂

3_1514229673874_MudRunner 2017-12-25 2.jpg 2_1514229673874_MudRunner 2017-12-24 22-58-56.jpg 1_1514229673874_MudRunner 2017-12-16 18-56-33.jpg 0_1514229673874_MudRunner 2017-12-16 17-56-07.jpg

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Hello again:)
do you thing is it to much detail? or its fine like this?

0_1512135896147_2.jpg 0_1512135907307_maxresdefault.jpg
2_1512135896147_Spintires  MudRunner Screenshot 2017.12.01 - 1_1512135896147_3.jpg

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@hydrowasul said in Realistic texture mods i make:

looks good, but the asphalt texture is a little too bright 😃

Yes you right i will work on it , thanks 🙂