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I may be wrong but I believe the staged reloading was by design. If you pulled out a mag and pulled out a pistol or opened a door or whatever and didn't put a new mag in...then there would only be one bullet in the chamber. I bought this game for few buds and they were screaming about it at first and eventually got used to it lol. Everything else here is great feed back I would like to see it implemented eventually.

  • In addition I think a loadout screen in the main menu would be sick so we can tweak as much as we like instead of holding up a game.

  • Back pack weapons from the first game seem to be gone if I am not mistaken, I guess they use up additional resources to show the RPG's and weapons on your back when using a side arm but a toggle option to show them would be nice imo.

Your non intrusive sound alert is very on point bro, they need this.

Cheers gents

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Anyone else find attacking the C objective on Refinery obscenely one sided when defended by Insurgents?

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At times when I aim down sites, my mouse cursor pops up and I lose control completely. I need to move it off the screen to be able to look and aim again. Setting I have or has anyone else encountered this since last patch? Which by the way for myself has been a massive performance increase!

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