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I just edited in footage for the smoke launcher bug and two points about the push gamemode.

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I edited in another one about vaulting, you should really consider to fix all of this before adding new content

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Hi everyone, below are the most annoying and frustrating things I've encountered in 400+ hours of playing this game (not in any particular order) :

  • My team radio keybind (² on an azerty keyboard) gets unbinded every time I exit the game.

  • The smoke launcher works 2/3 times.
    Often when firing the launcher the projectile will hit the surface and do nothing.
    This bug also happens when an ally fires the launcher (and probably an enemy but I didn't see that happening yet).
    Video footage of the bug :

  • The bipod will randomly have a tighter radius which makes watching an area very hard.
    Sometimes the radius is less than 30 % of the screen, this forces you to move everytime you want to look left or right with the bipod on...

  • The bipod will randomly redeploy (usually within the first ten seconds of using it), even when shooting, moving your camera and messing with your aim.
    By redeploy I mean doing or redoing the deploy animation after the bipod has already been deployed somewhere.

  • The bipod can't shoot down, especially when proning.
    I'm not asking to shoot 90 degrees down, but when you struggle to get to a hill, some stairs or a building to be able to cover an area and you find out that your bipod for some unknown reason can't shoot down and cover that particular area you get very frustrated.
    This is especially a problem with LMGs, you're forced to remove your bipod to shoot down but that leaves you with a ridiculous recoil to manage, good luck to hit anything even when proning.

  • The recoil on LMGs is ridiculous (cartoon worthy).
    I understand you don't want players to run and gun with a M249 but achieving that like this is not the way to do it.
    The recoil is so high you can't shoot someone reliably at 10 meters from you even when crouching. Even with the bipod on, the recoil is still an issue from a certain distance.
    This is neither realistic, fun or even balanced, please tune the recoil down. LMGs are already slower to aim, they don't need to have that much recoil.

  • The explosive drone doesn't work.
    At the moment it's only use is to clear buidings through windows but it can't do it since it either gets killed before that happening or just can't find the way in.
    If you want an easy and cool fix make drones controlleable by the commander that called it, it will make the insurgents' fire supports better and make this one actually useful.

  • The rocket barrage sometimes doesn't work.
    Sometimes you call a rocket barrage and the rockets never fall down, however the fire support menu goes on cooldown and you loose your rocket barrage...
    I suspect it happens when you call it out of bondaries (happens a lot in C and D points in Crossing Push Insurgents).
    However if it's done on purpose to prevent spawn killing and such that's not fair to insurgents since minigun and gunship do spawnkill and prevent you to get to the point.

  • You can't cancel a fire support call.
    The only way to "cancel" the call is to stay in range of the observer that called it and keep calling to delay it.
    Please give us a way to cancel the call, a good one would be to use the "Request an Observer" voice command while the observer is calling it to cancel the call.

  • The car doesn't work
    Please fix the car, when driving it gets teleported back and forth making it impossible to drive correctly.
    The mounted LMG could also use a little visibility buff since you can't see anything at the moment when firing it.

  • Vaulting is messy and slow
    Sometimes you want to get over a small obstacle and for some reason you can't vault over it and you have to try three times or more or sometimes your character does the big climbing animation instead of the small one making you lose time and even die.
    Overall vaulting is not consistent, but even when it works it's too slow, you're better off crouch jumping.

  • Push games end up in a draw even when a team pushed farther than another one.
    If one team pushed to B and the other one pushed to C then the second team should win the game, it's not a draw.

  • There is no competitive gamemode for push.
    The competitive mode should be push not firefight. That statement is easy to prove, just look at how many people play each gamemode. I already thought that for Insurgency2014 but now that we have matchmaking it looks obvious to me.
    I see the "push gamemode needs a lot of players to be possible" coming and that's not true, just make it something in between 8vs8 and 12vs12 and you got a good competitive push gamemode.

This is all that I can remember at the moment, I've played mainly commander and gunner and this issues are as far as I know the only ones that I can complain of.
However they are very real and very frustrating so if you can fix them it would be perfect.
Thanks for your game and good luck fixing this !

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how can you cry with such a good update, do you see how long are the patch notes ?

Thanks for the update

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did you try to play on lowest settings

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@joker9799 said in Instant death replay:

love to see the replay

even when suggesting new features you can't stop crying lol :
"I could see how they shoot through trees/leaves where I cant see them, but they can see me..."

anyway about the suggestion I personally think insurgency is not a killcam game simply because it's meant to be a bit realistic

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@byby breacher is already good even without the mp5
what you say doesn't even makes sence
you say breacher is NOW a last spot choice and then you say the MP5 is the only good weapon but before this update he had no MP5 and was not last spot choice lol

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@arc I played yesterday after I post this thread and restarted the game and the problem was mostly gone
I will tell you if it comes back when I play tonight

Anyway great game, great update and great team, please don't listen too much to most of the cry babies in these forums, even if you fix everything they will still find something to cry about.
There are some problems it's true but I trust you to fix them when you can and most of them are only a bit annoying.

Just for you to know (and not make another thread) the most annoying for me are :
rockets exploding to your face when fired close to cover
gas mask animation bugged
fire support confirmed but not working
explosive drone bugged pathing
the gamma/luminosity bug

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so many cry babies in this forum unbelievable
you're never happy, if you hate the game so much just leave
even if nwi makes an update that fixes everything tomorrow you'll still fin something to cry about