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As for me personally, I have checked the option for turning 'on or off' the FFB support. However, the so called 'Force Feedback' seems to be just a kind of stronger Centering Force...

I made the mistake of assuming both console versions would have the same support, since they didn't specify otherwise. The FFB option I was talking about is for the Xbox. I just checked my PS4 version though as I was ready to set up my wheel and get it going, and sure enough there is not a FFB option. Now I'm just as concerned about what they consider "full support". They really need to be more transparent about what they're doing. No promises, just a "Hey, this is what we're focusing on right now, this is what's down the road, these are the things we've decided not to worry about unless it becomes an issue for some reason". That kind of thing.

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@basskickin74 said in Peripheral Support In Spintires: MudRunner:

Wow ok, so like everybody on consoles, i have been screwed... Let's go to the point, WILL WE have force feedback on consoles (ADJUSTABLE OF COURSE) or is it only meant to use a wheel as a controler without ffb? i don't even ask when, because i know it's too much asked, but please, will we?

I agree. I'm playing with T150 and was very happy to see it as supported. However, after starting the game, realized, supported means Centering force, nothing else. No FFB at all.
Is this only the T150 or all other supported wheels are without FFB?

So, my question is the same. Will we have FFB support ever?

@sdani but one of the options is literally turning off or on the FFB. Are you sure that's checked?

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Thank you for this awesome game! I had already purchased and completed it on Xbox, but when I got a T150 for the PS4 for Xmas, I bought the game again for that system!

Question about ps4. How is shifting handled if we don't have a shifter and have it disabled? How is cane support handled? Thanks again!