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They were definitely on the right path with boarding for creating interesting game interactions, unfortunately the risk/reward is way out of control balance wise.

Increasing Troop sizes and the effects of hitting yellow/red troop levels, would be a fairly easy way to resolve some of the headache of balancing. (Adversely this would also make morale a far more important factor)

Perhaps also extending out the levels of troop damage a ship can take would also be useful for prolonging fleet combat without overly damaging factions that rely heavily on boarding actions (Orks/Astartes/Nids)

Or each troop level loss causes a critical action before dropping to the next level to delay the impact of heavy boarding actions.

Theres so many ways they could fix the imbalance but perhaps not under their time restraints.

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Something definitely needs to be done to fix boarding/troop mechanics in game currently.
Without any ability to respond to the boarding troops, it turns into a one sided battle that really destroys the game can offer.

The buffs for defending could be interesting without rendering Nid/Astartes boarding actions useless, perhaps a buff combined with a critical damage progression system could fix the base problem of this system.

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Cover all points here, just need devs to actually respond and fix.

The balance of the game is currently terrible and I do get the distinct feeling they are rushing this out the gate, if its going to be released in this state I personally will be getting a refund, despite the potential this game has

Too easy to crit because of no shields and too easy to hulk. (Given Point investment)

That and prices went up across the board for all ships, they promised big battles and it seems more like skirmishes!

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As much as I love nid swarm domination atm Hulking is just far too easy for anyone with decent troop values.
Even as space marines you can hulk a majority of other players ships without even having to bother about counter measures.

I know the calculation occurs pretty much instantly once the troops make connection, but is there anyway to slow it down so players have a chance to react?
A battleship surely can't be breached and 100% wiped out after 1 second boarding action, there would be at least a delay/holdouts before the ship should be effectively hulked.

Also having only 3 levels of troops to go through before hulking really diminishes any response a player can have, sending a squadron of boarding torps/ships and its insta hulk most vessels, fighter screens and turrets do not have enough impact for me to even bother trying to counter them in the midst of combat.

Perhaps having a more staggered troops system, spread it out to 5 levels with adjusted penalty offsets, and perhaps a timer on the ship that has been "Invaded", hell even reinforcements for the inner ship battle from adjacent ships via assualt actions could make the gameplay more interesting and fun to deal with.

The amount of times you hulk the flagship and numerous cruisers sit right next to it unable to do anything but grant 1 troop back to the ship just to lose it again.

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Applys to all Eldar, seem to remain stealthed even up to ramming range, fighters, probes, nothing reveals them for longer than the second they are directly over them.

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Each bomber craft is carrying a full contingent of troops. so if your turrets/fighters aren't screening how the hell do you think your troops will handle an invasion of elite bursting out of the wall aliens?

Does seem a bit strong currently, offset by how squishy tyranids are.

Doesn't appear to be a bug however, requires a full hit of at least 6 squadrons to hulk a BC

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