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This is great news 😃 And the extra content for Necrons is highly welcome! Thanks for listening devs 🙂

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@paravox said in Necron Meta Thread:

  • Really think that Necrons should have very slow troop regeneration to make up more for their super hard counter issue against boarding and emphasize durability

It seems we're getting exactly that! According to the beta patchnotes for the next update:

  • Necrons will be back as they now have the joy to regenerate 1 crew point every 60 seconds. Also their squadron benefit an extra doom scythe!

While it is a slow regeneration, it's still there and I think this is another step in the right direction. Necrons will also be able to use the new Transfer Crew skill to reinforce ships that are losing too much crew, and with the passive crew resurrection, the donating ship won't remain undercrewed for too long either. If they also get the new Call To Arms, resistance against boarding might improve too. Plus, the new boarding mechanics seem pretty neat. I just wonder if that passive resurrection can un-hulk a ship by itself... would be awesome.

Glad to see that extra Doom Scythe too. It's just 1, so a small buff, but it will improve the performance of those squadrons.

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@liberalperturabo said in Necron flyers:

Unable to return to the ship, meaning they can only ever have three uses.

That's incorrect, they do that perfectly fine.

Are you sure? Everytime I've used them and they survive to come back to the mothership, they do not give back an attack craft charge. Other factions do.

For example: at the start of a battle, my ship has 3 charges for Scythes. I use one to send a squadron to scout ahead, so now I have 2 charges left. They survive the run, and after some time they return. When they finally get inside the ship, I still have 2 charges left. I seriously wonder if this is a bug...

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Same here! I have not had as much time as I'd wanted to play this awesome game and in particular the campaign (and of course I went for the Necron one first), but so far I'm loving the characters and the story. Kephrek is presence made manifest, and Amarkun feels like a real, loyal Nemesor. Can't wait to see where the story goes and more awesome characters and cinematics!

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@jellyfoosh Thank you for the pack! I would like to ask though, what happened to the missing subfaction logos (Tyranids are completely absent :<)? You said you could only put in the pack the ones you had access to; what do you mean? Maybe I'm just not getting it, but don't you have access to all of them in order for them to be in the game?

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Finally I have my laptop back from the dead. Nice idea of a topic @Nemesor-Xanxas , it's already filled with great advice! I had no idea how to use the Transdimensional Bolt, thank you @Aram_theHead !

I have just seen the new patch notes. Inertialess Drive cooldown is going to be reduced from 90 s to 75 s, which albeit a small reduction, it is a step in the right direction. Cairns will surely benefit from the scalable crit resistance (will become 0.2 chance of crit, not bad), and Gauss will have their crit chance doubled along most lances. Let's see how this all performs, but it looks like small steps in the right direction IMO.

To add to the pool of advice on how to play the faction and tactics, I tipically have good results with 2 Cairns and 1 LC. Now, I know not using any escorts is a huge risk when capture points are involved and sometimes I've lost matches due to this; replacing the LC by a few escorts would probably work better and I'm going to test that now. However, 1 Cairn does have some firepower and tankiness... and 2 of them becomes something not to be underestimated. I usually send them together, on the dispersed arcs stance (or Reload on the admiral one if I'm using the Nightmare Shroud), while the LC goes alone in Silent Running to capture other points; it will join the fight after contact has been made. I always bring Pyramidal Reconstruction (I also agree it should be in-built into admiral ships), and the other ability is usually Transdimensional Bolt or Stasis Bomb (I'm not max rank yet). For upgrades, the extra deck one is always useful; the other is usually the gas cloud regeneration, Nightmare Shroud or Shards of Nyadra'zatha.

Needless to say, good use of ID is essential. I tipically use it to rotate my ships when one is taking too much damage and to keep them right behind enemy's engines, in their blind spots. The nice things about Cairns are that they have their morale ability (which is pretty versatile) and so much armor they can survive ramming pretty well; ID'ing in front of an Aeldari ship (especially when they're boosting) is fun.

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@netheos Awesome news and patch notes! I wish there were some balancing notes for Necrons; that said, just a couple days ago I got dev confirmation that their Reload stance was bugged, and was going to be fixed for the next build (which I'm guessing it's the Launch one). That will count as good news for me in regards of our favorite robot skeletons, for now (still hoping for more tweaks on them). Let's see how they feel with that fixed, and of course all the awesome new features and fixes! Congrats for the release guys, you rock! 😃

And a new campaign and new ships in the works you say?! Aw yessssss

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@romeo said in Necron feedback and why they are trash fleet.:


There's also the annoying issue that the Necrons cannot replenish their squads like literally every other faction can. If your fighters or bombers survive their run, they return and you don't lose a charge. But even if your Scythes live without a scratch on them, they disappear. A good carrier fleet can keep their squads going for a long time, but the Necron don't even have a chance to. Giving them infinite charges could be interesting, given how weak their squads are, and how slow their ships are (You don't have to worry about a Necron fleet kiting you, to say the least).

I am tempted to believe that must be a bug, like the Reload stance (on Necrons as well). Could you please make a topic about it, as a possible bug? It makes no sense for Necron squadrons to dissappear after returning, while every other faction gets them back. I've never noticed this happening but if it's true it makes no sense.

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Very good points raised. I agree with both sides of this discussion really: I don't see anything bad about Capture&Hold itself, but there are some things that should be looked at in my opinion:

  • If the match is even in terms of points scored, and one player decides to split their fleet and use their escorts to capture points and gain an edge that way, that's a valid tactic. Having a single escort left, losing badly by points, and still trying to capture a point or 2 in a futile attemp to revert the situation ends up with the other player very bored of chasing it all over the map until they win anyway by points, since they were ahead in points already, and understandably makes people despise this mode. I'm not sure how could this be avoided, but @Valrak had raised good points against this in his video.

  • Having Capture&Hold as the only game mode in MP, and most of the campaign missions, ends up feeling repetitive despite having lots of factions and ships and loadouts to try. Personally I feel Cruiser Clash should also be present at least: just make game mode randomly selected in MP and campaigns. Oh, and when player-run lobbies are in, allow the host to choose the game mode like in DoW2.

  • With the previous point in mind (random game modes), having more game modes would be very welcome too. Breaking a blockade of defense stations or a "King of the Hill" (a single, large area in the middle of the map, earn points only by keeping ships inside it (not capturing it)) would be awesome in my opinion. Random space hazards would also spice things up in any game mode.

I really don't think Capture&Hold needs to go. Removing it would only reduce the content of the game and increase the chances of corner-hugging and chasing escorts all over the map, like in BFGA1. It just needs some tweaking, and to be accompanied by more game modes.

Something that I like from Capture&Hold is that it introduces more tactical depth into the game than a "simple" Cruiser Clash, by adding more things to take into account. I've seen some people in the Steam forums claim "40k is about battles, anything that keeps me from just straight up fighting is bad", and I'd say that's very wrong. Rarely a tabletop 40k match is reduced to a mindless clash: there are usually capture points to claim, or objectives to achieve (assassinate this unit, extract this unit, keep this area for X turns, etc). The lore is also very explicit in this: while the general objective of a war might be to eliminate a foe in that region, in the "day to day" of said war there are endless objectives to achieve: keep and hold a beach-head, provide orbital support in specific areas, assassinate key officers, destroy specific devices, and a long etcetera. All factions do this, even Orks and Tyranids, in their own way. Wars can be won while inflicting less casualties and/or taking many, if important objectives are met: the lore is full of examples of vital last stands, cunning infiltrations and more by virtually all factions of 40k, and we all know them.

In BFGA2, Capture&Hold is just an abstraction to introduce this important aspect of 40k... but as I said before, in my opinion having more game modes would introduce more of these aspects of war. Without removing the awesome 40k battles we all love.

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+1 for all points. The way the minimap is interacting right now is quite counter-intuitive; I'm inclined to believe it's bugged somehow. In all RTS games, clicking the minimap does not count as clicking on empty terrain, and this is what allows you to use it effectively to issue long movement commands.

Being able to issue 1 single movement command in the deployment phase, like in BFGA1, would be great too. I wonder why was it removed, or is it a bug?

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