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Im excited to see youre whole mod. You throwing any "new" ship classes in?

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Beat the IN campaign on hard. Holding the entire map. Not 1 sector under enemy control. With urgency meter on.

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Watching the stream and seeing that the devs are ok with modding. I am wondering how easy it is or would be to import models. Lots of fan built ships to model after would make for some great titans, or other various ships especially for those that lack hulls.

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I hope this will work with coop campaign you guys guys release!

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Have it come out for demo. Then add ships over time?

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I do not think we can mod the campaign's internal structure at the moment. We also can't add stuff like another game's music, I'm sure that also breaks a lot of contracts and thus would be unsupported. You can however download it from youtube and play it with a music player in the background.

Caliger is focusing efforts on balancing, and the new ships will be mostly what we are trying to do currently.

The Neptune is yes, hopefully going to be added.

Sweet! Are you guys editing the point value if ships as well?

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@caliger_reborn said in Mod support?:

@neighbor-kid We don't have a model guy on our team, so honestly don't know.

Alright well, I'd like to suggest a ship that can be done like you guys did in the first VI,

the Neptune, all lance battle cruiser. Can be offset with slow speed, but just a hair faster than an imperial battleship.

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@caliger_reborn said in Mod support?:

@neighbor-kid We already have a list of ships scheduled to be added, but if you have suggestions, do list them and they might be considered for addition.

Many ships i'd think of is really based on model representation made custom, or looking through what fans of the TT have come up with.

Easy example in which I believe based on what you guys did for the first VI, the Neptune Battle Cruiser could be done.

It's essentially an all Lance battle cruiser. Taking the Armageddon, and remove it's starboard and port macro batteries and place in a lance battery per side. Voila, the Neptune is born. Though it's fluff was the extra lances armament made it a bit slower than other ships due to power consumption of new lance batteries.

What I was asking is not entirely different ship designs, but model changes that may require exporting and importing new models.

Example- Another ship name was the Pride of Fenris(another fan inspired ship), which is essentially a Retribution class battleship with the prow/bow, hanger bay of the battle barge for the space marines.

To me I would think the Pride of Fenris example would require a whole new model if say the bows were not interchangeable. Just wondering if importing a new model was something that appears possible, or something that doesn't seem possible. Especially knowing how GW can really hold dev teams back from allowing such workings. Though seeing WHTW does give a bit of hope.

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If add new weapons or ships via mods worked, there are various ships both TT and fan made that would wholey fill the lines of all factions.

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@pistonminer said in Mod support?:

Regarding Paks: The pak is easily unpackable with UnrealPak shipping with UE; I forget the exact version number BFGA2 is based off of. No custom tools required, luckily.

Regarding Playable Titans: Hopefully the VI/(VI2?) team will be shipping that exact mod soon after release.

Regarding the CSV/XML data: Following release barring any unforeseen events I'll publish that info. I really don't want to step on the devs' feet, especially not in their pre-release Beta, and the devs only very recently publicly stated they are fine with modding. VI had a good relationship with the devs on the first game, hopefully we can keep that for this one.

Regarding modding subforum: We tried to get that on the first one, best we got was a pinned thread, but I'll take it.

I am excited to see what you can do! I loved VI and the point mod. you gave me and a few buddies of mine a great time playing skirmish in the elite mode.

Does it appear that custom models can be placed in, like say a imperial cruiser with space marine bow hanger bay as an example etc?

I really enjoy the campaign and look forward to playing it with what you got cooking!

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