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That we, in our arrogance, believed that Humankind was first among the races of this galaxy will exposed as folly of the worst kind upon the awakening of these ancient beings. Any hopes, dreams or promises of salvation are naught but dust in the wind.

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@caliger_reborn They did say the december one was supposed to be the pre order beta after all, and I think that was the one that was supposed to go last.

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@ashardalon Everyone knew. They said all the characters from TGS, and he was in it.

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Woooooooooooo Trazyn. Best faction's best boi gets to narrate the trailer it seems, and its beautifully done to, thanks for alerting us and delivering some new content! The second beta is a nice trade off, and I have to ask, are some new necron ships going to be in that extra content? And what was that necron battlestation looking thing in 0:46-0:48? Well, either way good job, and keep and the good work.

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This trailer is made of banter. Its beautiful.

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Much better now that we have a trailer narrated by a scion of nihilakh. Truly the game is looking great. I welcome you to out forums oh phaeron, I hope you enjoy them.

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@xviper said in Was release moved?:

@devilman2197 & @CALiGeR_Reborn

Thanks for that.

Yeah, I understand the pre-order beta hasn't happened yet.
I still would have been keen to have been involved in the closed beta though.

It's amazing that this close to release and I still can't find any gameplay videos of the game? Is there anything out there at all?

No, people have been complaining about that in this very thread do to the refusal to actually tell us anything.

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@fosil So now we have an exact date. We have 24 days until launch, which means if they plan on releasing racial trailers like they did last time for the new factions they have that long to do it. If they intend to give the newbies a trailer each they have ~4 day intervals max between each trailer to do so. If they do so for only the truly new factions (ie no Tau protector/craftworld) they have 6 day max intervals. And that’s if they release one by tommorrow.

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Some guy on spacebattles was going through the german footage of gamescon and apparently there is both gameplay and a confirmation that the release is still in september.

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