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Very good analysis so far. I agree mostly on all points, so some comments:
-I think Necrons need a General DPS upgrade in addition to you suggestion. They current lose shoot outs to ork vessels at max range and lances are bad. Grouping fleets have their own issues too.
-They need more armor. Currently imperial factions surpass them in the armor department whenever they use brace for impact, which is always. They could use that stance in TT, but can’t here for some reason. They also had a save that represented how hard it is to target a Necron ship, but that’s also missing.
-Variety: They have none ship/weapon wise. Need even a quarter of the love the Druhkari got.
-Manueverability: At the very least give them a high energy turn. In TT/lore they are the fastest/most maneuverable, but the devs took that for some reason. Turn is required though due to current speed, as with maneuver gauge even a 10x turn rate is easily overcome. I really wish they would return them to normal. Also a general speed buff to make up for no all ahead full.
-Fighters are bad.

Anyways, there is a lot more in all the other Necron threads, so check those out if interested. Good job so far though.

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@slashingdeath the current issue with Necron ships is that they are bad. Like, really bad. All of the are garbage and will usually lose 1v1 in combat with ships of a similar class, despite costing more. I won’t bore you with all the details, there are many posts and threads detailing this by now, byt currently they need a massive buff in stats and more importantly in maneuverability. They are, unlike what you asssume, the fastest and most agile faction in space, and can turn on a dime. They are so fast in the first game their battleships could run down Eldar ESCORTS. And they need that mobility, as with maneuver gauge after a teleport and ship can either just run away or get behind them and kite them forever. Hell, there are factions that can do this and teleport as well due to the MWJ skill. So yeah, they need a maneuver buff. A turn skill at the very least.

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A couple other problems is that point for point their DPS (and everything else) is lower than nearly everyone’, the best example being the terrible scythe class cruiser costing more than the imperial apocalypse class battleship. Shields are also larger than most health pools of Necron ships of equivalent cost, and regenerate over thirteen times as fast in some cases. Also, their stances aren’t as good. For example, the imperium gets significantly more armor most of the time due to brace. They are also much less manueverable due to a lack of the maneuver gauge leading to kiting for days, the lack of high energy turn being felt keenly. They getter critter a lot more because they have no shields and have less AP options. The no shields means they suffer immensely to skills like bombs and nova cannon spam (aka admech fleets) and can be lightning striked at all times. They are always outnumbered which means limited options/tactics and all the losses they take due to no shields and all else above hurt a lot. The also tend to get hulled by all the lightning strikes quite often. The worst bit is they usually lose vs ships of the same class no matter the range, such as a cairn vs a demiurg ship up close or a jackal vs an ork escort at 9k. They definitely need some work.

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@canned_f3tus said in Where the hell is ship customization?:

@imptastic because if they went by lore necrons would be glassing entire fleets with just a single ship.

If they were lore based they wouldn’t lose 9k shoot outs to ork ships over twenty points cheaper.

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@canned_f3tus said in The Good the bad and the ugly:

Necron slow or no heal could be a bug

No heal maybe, but it is purposely designed as 1hp, so ultra slow is “working as intended”. It should at least be half as good as shields, not overthirteen times less potent.

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@ashram said in Battle Progression in Skirmish and forcing players into Ranked:

@nemesor-xanxas There is, you have to go to your friend list in steam and invite them to the game. However you cannot play ranked 1v1, you can only play skirmish 1v1 when you are with a friend (or Ranked 2v2, or Skirmish 2v2 vs the AI)

Thank you! Also, is there a way to bring up a ships stats and condition in game? I’m having trouble telling which weapons are broken and also how some work when using new ships.

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@beernchips said in The Good the bad and the ugly:

A lot of balance to do but its beta. Seems ramming is too effective, necrons ships getting rammed by imp cruisers even with their armor doesn t seems right.
Also nova spam vs necrons... they don t have the mobility to avoid, just bait the TP then nova then.
Not sure the necron heal was working. In a game my ships were in the healing stance but didn t get any HP

It does work, it’s just over thirteen times slower than shield Regen, so not very noticable. Or useful.

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You know what I miss most? It’s the ship naming. The fact you could name you ship, see it’s personak captain’s card, and check out all its crew in an actual fleet backdrop was amazing to me. I loved that bit, and while it did nothing for gameplay it really helped capture the granduer of 40k. It just...doesn’t feel the same without those little bits, it feels all so generic now. Especially the ui, the old one was great (thematically). I also miss the little data card you had when clicking on a ship, and the ability to set behaviors. I don’t expect them back, but want to put that out there.

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@romeo said in Suggestion - a 'repel boarders' stance for capital ships, and lowered scuttle damage:

Well, in addition to posting my own results in the giant thread I discovered about it, yes, I confirmed yesterday that yes, Tyranids basically make enemy fleets disappear in the opening salvos. For the life of me, I can't possibly imagine that allowing a Tyranid to utterly remove the enemy's flagship in a matter of seconds was an intentional design choice. Even the Eldar don't do that, and they're made of tissue paper.

I think they managed to continuously hulk my Cairn for a full 3:00 or so. It was rather frustrating. Luckily Tyranid macros are bad or it would have been in trouble.

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Hey guys, is there a way to invite a freind as an opponent? I’m not so great with this new interface, so I can’t tell.

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