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We're excited to announce our Gamescom 2018 lineup! Between hands-on gameplay, closed-door demos and exclusive interviews, there’s lots to look forward to for press and players alike.

To prepare for the big week of Gamescom, here’s the full list of what will be showcased August 21st to August 25th - expect tons of previews and info about these games!

At the Focus Home Business Booth (Hall 4.1, Booth C-029G), journalists will have the opportunity to explore some of the most hotly-anticipated games through exclusive presentations, interviews and hands-on sessions:

  • Call of Cthulhu (Cyanide Studio): With the release planned for the end of October, journalists will be free to investigate on Darkwater Island for the first time with 90 minutes of hands-on gameplay.

  • Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 (Tindalos Interactive): Journalists can enjoy hands-on gameplay with Tindalos’ epic take on glorious, large-scale space battles set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

  • The Surge 2 (Deck13): Deck 13 will unveil more gameplay with a 20-minute developer walkthrough showcasing the sequel’s tightened mechanics, expanded environments and brutal combat.

  • Space Hulk: Tactics (Cyanide Studio): The board game adaption set in Warhammer 40,000 universe will be playable for journalists eager to engage in bloody, tactical battles in gigantic Space Hulk!

  • Fear The Wolves (Vostok Games): Exclusive developer interviews on what’s planned for this intense Battle Royale FPS title, created by S.T.A.L.K.E.R. veterans.

Players will also have the opportunity to get their hands on two of this year’s biggest releases:

  • Farming Simulator 19 (Giants Software) Hall 8.1, Booth B-021: Players will be free to harvest their way through this latest entry – including access to some of the hotly anticipated John Deere vehicles! Play for the first time at the “Farming” booth!

  • Insurgency: Sandstorm (New World Interactive) Hall 9, Deep Silver Booth B011-C011: up to 16 players can fight and experience modern combat in the hardcore FPS sequel to Insurgency!

More information about the games featured on the Focus Home Interactive booth will be available on the Gamescom 2018 official website.

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@secret179 said in Closed Beta is now live! 10/08/2018:

Your beta keys may be sent to SPAM by GMAIL!
I had one in spam and accidentally deleted it.
How to get it back?

I've given you the key by private emssage. Cheers!

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You should have received a new email with the proper key.

Sorry about that!

If not, could you send me a private message with your email and the key you received?


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You should have received a new email with the proper key.

Sorry about that!

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Hi guys, the Beta is now live, enjoy!

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@seky said in Closed/ Open Beta:

Yeah, I know, but I mean Beta before release (few weeks) for players who has not game, but want to try it, maybe buy it.

This is not planned, sorry.

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The first pre-order Beta is now live - enjoy!

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@logao-coyote said in Insurgency: Sandstorm | Raw PvP Gameplay & Pre-order Beta 1:

What time does b1 start?

It starts officially at 18h00 CEST Thursday 9th August.

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Hello, if you've received these emails, it means you have received an email with your key before.

I'll give you the key you should have received by private message. Have a nice day!

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Welcome to the latest Space Hulk: Tactics devblog, which this time will be focusing on story.

Unlike past adaptions of Space Hulk, in Tactics we've implemented two, full narrative campaigns - including one that tells the story of the Genestealer infestation of the Forsaken Doom hulk.

Rather than give you our interpretation of creating that, we contacted lead writer James Swallow. A Black Library author and long-time writer of videogames, he gave us his thoughts on writing the game as well as a preview of what to expect within his plot.



Now it can be told! Over the last few months, I’ve been working secretly with Maxime, Antoine and the talented folks at Cyanide Studio on the narrative elements of Space Hulk: Tactics, and today they pitched me a few questions to answer as a way to announce my involvement to the world...

So who am I and what is my connection to the Grim Dark Future of Warhammer 40,000? I’m James Swallow and I’m a writer of stuff; I’m the author of over forty-five novels, including several New York Times and Sunday Times bestsellers – many of them set in the worlds of the 41st Millennium and the galaxy-spanning conflicts of the Horus Heresy.

I’ve been writing fiction for Black Library for nearly fifteen years, including several books about the Blood Angels Space Marines, the Sisters of Battle, Horus Heresy novels such as The Flight of the Eisenstein, Nemesis, Fear to Tread and Garro: Weapon of Fate, as well as numerous short stories and audio dramas!

I’m also an experienced creator of narratives for videogames, having worked on titles including Killzone 2, the Deus Ex series, Fable: The Journey, Disney Infinity: Star Wars and Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Writing for videogames is a very different process from writing novels, but I love the challenge. People ask me what a “games writer” actually does, and that’s a big question. Some games have a lot of narrative in them, and a games writer’s job can be creating the world of the game, creating characters and factions, writing in-game dialogue, scripting cut-scenes, writing text for in-game items, localizing the translation of a game script, designing quests and missions...and much more.

Games writers have to work as part of a team, which adds an interesting dynamic to the process – and when you’re collaborating with talented designers, artists and programmers, it is very rewarding! It’s an interesting job, and because it is so multi-faceted, it’s never boring.

With Space Hulk: Tactics, our vision for the two narrative campaigns was very much built around recreating the atmosphere and tension of the original Space Hulk – my strongest memories of playing those games was the sense of time running against you and the ready threat of the enemy units at your back! So we looked to that tone and built the storyline into the dense, gothic lore of the Warhammer 40,000 world, to create something we hope players will find compelling.


One thing that makes Space Hulk: Tactics distinctive is that there are two narrative-driven campaigns from totally different perspectives for players to experience – one from the point of view of a Blood Angels Space Marine squad, and the other from the vantage of the lethal Genestealers.

Each campaign connects to the other; the Genestealer storyline is set a century earlier, building up an episodic account of these xenos creatures growing and spreading through the Space Hulk known as The Forsaken Doom, and it sets up events and plot elements that reappear in the Space Marines storyline, when the Adeptus Astartes of the IX Legion board the leviathan intent on eradicating the alien threat.

This is the first time we have seen a solo campaign from the perspective of the Genestealers in a Space Hulk videogame, and I’m hoping that players will respond strongly to the challenge of playing these rapacious and deadly creatures. For anyone familiar with the traditional Space Hulk mode of fighting as an Astartes Terminator, changing places with the xenos scum will be a fresh experience that requires new strategy and new tactics to make the most of your alien units. Controlling a swarm of deadly predators is very different from being inside the armour of a Space Marine!

Of course, my personal allegiance will always be to the faction that first brought me into the world of Warhammer 40,000, the chapter I’ve always been proud to write for – the Blood Angels! For Sanguinius and the Emperor! Death! Death to the Xenos!

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@mr-maw said in Closed Beta is Live! (03/08/18):

@mofragn because no one is playing. Some people weren't able to update the game through steam (I am one of those people). Some people are tired of waiting for hours for game to load. Some people are sick of poor optimization. It was fine to give the game first tests and see what this game looks like. But now it couse so much pain to play only one round.

Hello, we're sorry you're having issues with the game. NA region is indeed having a lot of issues to get games but the Beta did run pretty well with a lot of games played in EU.

We're working on everything you mentionned to have a smooth experience for everyone. Could you tell more about your issue with Steam update?

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@candichris123 said in Insurgency: Sandstorm | Raw PvP Gameplay & Pre-order Beta 1:

Is there going to be OCEANIC Servers during the beta? How large would you consider the following of Insurgency within that region to be? Is there going to be continued OCE support once released?

Yes, there will be a server in Australia for the pre-order Beta 1. The OCE region will get as much support as the others.

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@somenerdwithagun said in Insurgency: Sandstorm | Raw PvP Gameplay & Pre-order Beta 1:

Will bots be available in the beta or is it pvp only?

All modes will be available in the pre-order Beta 1, including bots. Cheers!

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@cardamon said in Closed Beta is Live! (03/08/18):

in what time will the current session end ?

We'll stop the servers at 5:30PM CEST. Cheers!

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@thevioletvenom said in Closed Beta is Live! (03/08/18):

I cannot play because matchmaking is taking an eternity because there are never enough players to fill the lobby. I am trying to play from India. Can I change my server to EU somehow. Please help me so I can play as well.

Hi, we'll soon hotfix the game to allow you to change your region.

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@giannidecavele said in Closed Beta is Live! (03/08/18):

Issue isn't fixed for me. After 2 restarts my character still remains stuck in the lobby (and has been for over 10 minutes).

The current temporary fix that we've implemented right now only open a few matches to the EU server, hence the problem if you're not in EU or if too many players are playing in the EU region.

We are working on fixing this issue for all servers, sorry about the inconvenience.

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@voodoo-spirit said in Insurgency: Sandstorm | Raw PvP Gameplay & Pre-order Beta 1:

will the Beta run on your dedicated servers or it's a MM system yet ?

Matchmaking system only.

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Hello, we are investigating an issue where players are stuck at the main menu with "Match Found" being displayed.

We will keep you updated with our progress and expect this issue to be resolved quickly.

Edit: The current temporary fix that we've implemented right now only open a few matches to the EU server.

We are working on fixing this issue for all servers, sorry about the inconvenience!

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Hi everyone,

This week's Closed Beta session is open!

It will be closed next Monday, August 6th at 5:30PM CEST.

Note that squad mode isn't available yet as we're running some last tests. It will be added in the Beta later today.

If you haven't received a key, don't worry as we send more regularly. Make sure you're registered for the Beta here to receive your key.

What to expect from the Beta?

We continue to improve the game based on your feedback from the previous Beta session and we're happy to let you play the latest version of the game in development. Our main priority is ironing out the server issues to ensure a smooth experience for all players.

Please find below this week's changelog:

  • Greatly reduced the freeze when jumping from the helicopter.
  • Fixed a bug where weapons were not being automatically equipped after attaching to the evacuation rope.
  • Fixed a bug where a downed member of a squad would remain attached to the evacuation rope. Now the squad member will fall off the rope and take fall damage, further reducing the time their team mates have to revive them.
  • Improved corpse rag doll animations.
  • Improved the visualization of when a character is pushed by a vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug where characters with broken legs were still able to sprint.
  • Fixed a bug where taking damage wasn’t interrupting the health regeneration effects from consumables.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed players to shoot without delay between bursts.
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to reload while sprinting.
  • Fixed a bug when you were able to change weapons without leaving ADS.
  • Updated the window breaking mechanic. Now players can throw grenades through windows.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes doors would have different states between the client and server. This caused some players to be blocked by open doors and some to pass through closed doors.
  • Improved rain effects increasing the intensity of the wet landscape.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally resulted in the cause of death not appearing on the death screen.
  • Small fixes in the lobby's UI.

Quick reminder that the this Beta isn't covered by a NDA, meaning you can share videos, images and info about the game this week. Keep in mind that it's a work-in-progress version of the game, and players may encounter bugs or crashes, that may lower the quality of the in-game experience.

We’d love your help in identifying these bugs, so that we can make the Early Access release version of Fear The Wolves the best that it can be.

Please join the Fear The Wolves official Discord to synchronize with the team and testers.


Where can I share feedback?

Please report technical issues and general feedback on the Fear The Wolves official Forums. Before submitting feedback on the forums please check if there is an existing thread about the topic, or if it is listed in our known issues log.

When providing feedback please try to be as informative as possible, providing information on where and when the issue occurred.

We look forward to seeing you on the servers!

Fear The Wolves Team

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