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@Skode said in [Legendary Edition] Overview Thread:

Hi Netheos, I saw mentioned in Cknoors video you listed the new star players - can I have the link please so I can have a nosey too?

Sure, I was linking to this post in the chat. You'll find there a link to the full list of LRB Starplayers. They're all in LE.

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Blood Bowl 2 - Legendary Edition will release this September on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

This version will offer all the official races from the Blood Bowl board game, with all the Star Players and a new Khemri stadium, all-star and mixed teams, new game modes as well as many new tools and options enriching an already deep multiplayer experience, and more!


Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition will be available as a stand-alone game for newcomers, and as an affordable expansion for all Blood Bowl 2 players this September.

Pre-ordering the Legendary Edition or the Official Expansion on Steam will grant you a 10% discount and beta phase access.

Pre-ordering the Legendary Edition will also instantly unlock Blood Bowl 2 base game + Team Pack races.


We are happy to unveil images of the new races coming to the Legendary Edition: the sly Goblins and their entire arsenal of Secret Weapons, the Halflings and their two Treemen, always keen on throwing their teammates over the top for a quick touchdown or the Amazons and their fearless and versatile style of play.

The Legendary Edition also brings the Vampire teams and their chilling, blood-lusting Lords, the powerful, massive and yet occasionally unreliable Ogres in addition to the athletic Elven Union and the creepy Underworld Denizens.


To Nuffle’s delight, a brand new team has also formed after it was rumored that their Ice Queen became enamoured of a Blood Bowl player: the Kislev Circus, with their great acrobatics abilities and their ferocious Tame Bears!

Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition will be available as a stand-alone game for newcomers, and as an affordable expansion for all Blood Bowl 2 players this September on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Preorder Blood Bowl 2 - Legendary Edition on Steam HERE

Preorder Blood Bowl 2 - Official Expansion on Steam HERE




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@pabozfzw said in [Legendary Edition] Overview Thread:

@Netheos said in [Legendary Edition] Overview Thread:

Full compatibility between the 2 versions. Most small features and quality of life changes will be available to all BB2 players, even those who didn't purchase the Official Expansion.

Could you please clarify what does the small features mean?

Can standard BB2 players partake in Swiss system competitions? Can they partake in resurrection mode leagues?
Do standard BB2 players have access to team editor?

Resurrection mode is fully available for all players.

Swiss competitions can be joined by BB2 base game players, but you have to own LE to create a swiss competition.

The team editor is exclusive to "Legendary" players.

@Robert-Mckenzie said in [Legendary Edition] Overview Thread:

September can not arrive soon enough. I can't wait for this massive update, it looks amazing. Finally Vampires AND Amazons, my two most wanted teams.

Few quick questions.
1: Will the recent ball skins be released on PS4 as they seem to be on Steam only currently?
2: Will coach levels be extended to go beyond lvl20 with the Legendary edition?
3: Also wondering if we will be able to earn more Cyans through gameplay? Thanks.

  1. Steam only, sorry.
  2. No.
  3. Yes, you can earn Cyans in the Eternal League (endless campaign) in singleplayer.
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@calabim696 said in Anywhere to report abusive players?:

Hey Netheos has this changed? I was under the impression that the community admins for CCL "didn't have the tools" and therefore didn't want to address these issues. Was that not why this was added to the CCL rules "If you encounter what you judge to be bad behaviour in the chat, you can contact Netheos directly on this forum by private message. Please send a description of the issue and any screenshots (F12) or files which might help to understand the case. It doesn't necessarily mean that we'll act against the coach you reported, but we'll look into the issue." Thanks.

They now have the tools to contact and ban coaches if necessary. And if the case is too complicated or touchy, they will simply send it to me.

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Yes. Send me a private message on this forum with a screenshot, names of the team and coaches involved, as well as league and competition. Thanks!

If it was in the Champion Ladder of the Cabalvision Official Cup, you can also contact one of the community admins. Depending on your platform, you'll find the list here for PC, here for PS4 and here for Xbox One.

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We temporarily removed the demo on PS4 and Xbox One due to a technical issue. It will come back as soon as possible.

It's available and working as expected on Steam.

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Expect some action on the pitch in the next couple of days - uncut gameplay broadcasts of Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition on Twitch!

You should take a close look at cKnoor, Crendor, Lewpac22, The Sage and Focus Home Interactive!

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@ROIBR said in Bugs/Files/Feedback Branch 7 Update:

I need a Email to send it to aint i?? i mean on "We Transfer"
could you give me one to send it to please!

You can choose to have a link instead of sending it to an email address.

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