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Could you deactivate your antivirus and try again?

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@dragonloup said in [Legendary Edition] Overview Thread:

  1. When is the beta going to open? I bought the LE expansion and i am eager to try the new AI . The cknoor video lat night was a fantastic tease. I personnaly can t wait to put my hand on the new campaign and face these over excited teams and new "multicultural" combos !

No ETA yet. We'll announce the exact date as soon as possible.

  1. Another thing that came out during the video is that after LE you are planning a few more chaos races , including KHORNE !!!! I was really interested in confirming that .

We're not planning anything further than the release of Legendary but patches to support the game and fix potential issues.

It's far too early to discuss about a potential future expansion. The team is focused on ironing out Legendary and releasing the best Blood Bowl video game possible.

Any discussion about a future expansion is speculation.

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A few questions:

  • Could you give us your update number? It should be 1.06. You can find this number by using the "option" button on PS menu in the game picture, then picking "Update History".

  • Did the full transaction process to buy the game happen? Your Playstation display the game as bought and you lost the money?

  • Have you tried to delete the game and download it again from scratch?


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@pabozfzw said in [Legendary Edition] Overview Thread:

Have you considered selling only a team editor feature?

It's not planned and seems very unlikely.

@Sephiroth said in [Legendary Edition] Overview Thread:

What about pre ordering on ps4? Any plans?

I don't have info about it yet. The offer on console after release will be the same as on Steam, but I'm not sure there will be preorder for an expansion on console. I'll keep you updated on this topic.

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