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@calabim696 said in Anywhere to report abusive players?:

Hey Netheos has this changed? I was under the impression that the community admins for CCL "didn't have the tools" and therefore didn't want to address these issues. Was that not why this was added to the CCL rules "If you encounter what you judge to be bad behaviour in the chat, you can contact Netheos directly on this forum by private message. Please send a description of the issue and any screenshots (F12) or files which might help to understand the case. It doesn't necessarily mean that we'll act against the coach you reported, but we'll look into the issue." Thanks.

They now have the tools to contact and ban coaches if necessary. And if the case is too complicated or touchy, they will simply send it to me.

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Yes. Send me a private message on this forum with a screenshot, names of the team and coaches involved, as well as league and competition. Thanks!

If it was in the Champion Ladder of the Cabalvision Official Cup, you can also contact one of the community admins. Depending on your platform, you'll find the list here for PC, here for PS4 and here for Xbox One.

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We temporarily removed the demo on PS4 and Xbox One due to a technical issue. It will come back as soon as possible.

It's available and working as expected on Steam.

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Expect some action on the pitch in the next couple of days - uncut gameplay broadcasts of Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition on Twitch!

You should take a close look at cKnoor, Crendor, Lewpac22, The Sage and Focus Home Interactive!

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@ROIBR said in Bugs/Files/Feedback Branch 7 Update:

I need a Email to send it to aint i?? i mean on "We Transfer"
could you give me one to send it to please!

You can choose to have a link instead of sending it to an email address.

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Hi, thanks for your enthusiast 😉

It's a bit early to start testing sessions, but rest assured we'll announce our needs for testers as soon as we need community feedback!

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Hello, thanks for your reports!

You can upload your dump files on a website like WeTransfer.

Also note that if you add a space (" ") after a star ("*"), you'll have a nice dash in your message. It might help for formatting.

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As far as I know, it's not planned.

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Both will work, but as you said, it might be easier for us to find your post here 😉

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