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Please mention your platform in the title and core of your post (PS4, Xbox One or PC).

In order to help us to localize and fix bugs, you have a crash report tool inside the game.
If you meet a crash, the crash report window will automatically prompt and ask you a description of the problem, please give us the details such as where and how the crash occurs, the races, stadiums, the skill you were using, etc. And please do not forget to “Add DxDiag Information” in crash report tool.

For others problems or if you don’t have the crash report window, you can manually provide us the dump files, logs, xml, last replay and DxDiag. Screenshots or even videos are welcome to help us.

Here are the steps to find them:

Dump files, logs, xml and last replay: .dmp, .log, .xml and .bbr

Those files are located at Documents\BloodBowl2\ and have the .dmp, .log, .xml and .bbr extension.


  1. Press the keys WINDOWS (bottom left) and R.
  2. Type DXDIAG and click the button OK from the Run window.

A diagnosis will be executed then. After it's done, click on "Save all information" and save the DxDiag as text file (.txt).

After that, all you need to do is to compress them into a zip file and upload it on Then post in the forum a detailed description of your crash and we’ll do our best to fix it.

Cyanide Studio & Focus Home Interactive.

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Hey Coaches,

We've compiled a list of known issues that you may come across during your time in Blood Bowl 2.
If you come across any issues not listed below, don't hesitate to post details in the Bug Report Section.

Known Issues


  • At the end of a multiplayer game against AI, the end match pop-ups are not displayed (winnings, mercenary hiring...).
  • No impact of the Fan Factor in the matches not played (AI vs AI)
  • Ai vs Human multiplayer matches aren't available in the Cabal TV as replay.


  • The camera of Player 2 is displaced on the left instead of the right.


  • The chainsaw sounds can play in loop if the Looner left the pitch during a Both Down.

Market Place

  • It's impossible to modify an offer, you have to cancel it and make a new one to change it.


  • The modification of the cash won with the advanced administration tool doesn't seem to work if the match was really played.
  • You'll often receive a message "match not found" after leaving a replay.


  • No visual effect for the Disturbing Presence skill for Star Player Fez.
  • The reroll animation with Bomber is too slow.


  • The Steam overlay might not work depending on the OS version.

Skills & Gameplay

Blood Lust

  • The game can be stuck for a while when a Vampire on Blood Lust scores a touchdown with a thrall nearby while crowdsurfing an opponent player.
  • In contrary with the LRB6 ruling, a vampire on Blood Lust can still bite a thrall after failing to pick up the ball.


  • The Horns bonus is also applied after a successful Dauntless so the player wrongly has always 2 block dices instead of only one.


  • The game doesn't take into account well the long and bomb pass modifiers for an AG6 player.


  • When blitzing, Stab doesn't cost an additional movement point.


  • Decay doesn't work well if the coach still has an available apothecary (mixed team only).


  • A player intercepting a bomb isn't able to use Hail Mary Pass.


  • In automatic mode, the choice to use or not Dodge isn't offered when a player is pushed to the edge of the pitch due to a chainpush.

Jump Up

  • When blocking from the ground a player with Foul Appearance, Foul Appearence roll is rolled first instead of Jump Up first.


  • A player without any movement left still roll the second Frenzy block against a player who used Stand Firm.


  • Fend isn't usable during a chainpush.


  • The rolls display in the log aren't proper when using skills Diving Tackle, Break Tackle and Dodge.
  • When a player can reroll an interception (Pro, Dump-off, Bombardier), the log displays the first interception roll as succeeded.
  • Sometimes the success roll of Bombardier and Fireball (Wizard) isn't displayed in the log.

Last update: 28/03/18

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Hi everyone!

Thank you once again to those of you that have been playing The Surge! We are pleased to release a new update today containing based on feedback from the community since launch!

This latest patch adds various tweaks and fixes, as well as additonal options for customisation of the game, such as an FOV slider and controlling when music plays in the medbay.

The Surge - Update 53172 (P4) / 33665 (SVN)


  • Added an option to configure when to play music in the medbay
  • The number of save slots has been increased from 4 to 10
  • Added a setting for muting the speech of the anchorman videos played in the game world
  • Added a FOV slider for the game camera (PC)


  • Fixed a crash associated with pathfinding in the abandoned labs level
  • Reset the player position after a finishing move if that move would make the player fall to his death
  • Weapon materials will now drop correctly from NG+4 onwards
  • Removed weapon duplicates from the inventory, award nano cores for duplicate boss weapons
  • Elevators were sometimes not triggered correctly when entering them the instant they arrived
  • Enemy super armor will now scale properly through NG+ and beyond
  • Properly mark all drone upgrades to be unequipped when entering NG+
  • When awarding an injectable because of gained tech scrap, award one for all injectable types currently equipped, not only the selected one
  • Make sure equipped injectable implants always respect the order in which they are equipped when cycling through them
  • Giving Jo tech scrap will now update the UI counter properly
  • Hazard armor sets now also negate damage from toxic gas
  • It's not possible anymore to trigger a drone attack while the drone is on its way to overcharge a circuit
  • Toxic autofilter implant will now working properly if there is more than one in the inventory (NG+)
  • Androids that have been finished once will now properly damage the player after getting up again
  • Prevent P.A.X. from hitting itself with rockets colliding with the ceiling instantly when firing them
  • Fixed a problem that sometimes interactions could not be performed when starting NG+
  • The restart hint after changing the display refresh rate in the options menu will now correctly display.
  • Player can no longer get stuck on the train from Central Production to Abandoned Production
  • Player can no longer be killed by PAX falling on its knees
  • Player is no longer moved up the legs of PAX
  • Player can no longer be killed in PAX wake up cut scene
  • After lying to Alec about Maddy’s death the audio note at Alecs' body will now correctly play
  • Base of the Big Sister 1/3 is no longer lockable after it has been destroyed
  • Enemies in the arena of the Black Cerberus will no longer react to noise that the player makes
  • Camera in the fight versus Rogue Process will now always set correctly
  • Various fixes in Central Production B to prevent enemies from climbing on top of rails
  • Weapon trails are immediately visible after the player enters Central Production B
  • Sometimes when starting NG+ and opening the inventory, the player was still displayed wearing gear from the previous playthrough
  • Weapon buffs given by injectables were sometimes not displayed correctly in the Specs screen after switching gear
  • The camera configuration was not reset properly in all cases when leaving the photo mode


  • Increased the light intensity for the black cerberus and scarab chest armor
  • Super armor values for heavy duty weapon sets have been tweaked
  • SMAA has been tweaked to remove more jagged edges
  • Don't play the 'block breached' animation after performing a perfect block that drains all the player's stamina
  • Derive the hit blocked animation play speed from the set duration instead of deriving the duration from the animation
  • Nerfed some melee attacks of the fire and ranged hazard enemies
  • Reduced the stamina cost of the staff dash attack
  • Tweaked super armor of charged attacks
  • Increased super armor of staff kick, decreased damage
  • The confirmation dialog for overwriting save games has been replaced by an information dialog. You need to manually delete savegames now before reusing a savegame slot.
  • Reduced the invincibility duration for android enemies when they get up after being defeated once
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Hi everyone!

We'd like to extend a huge thank to all of you who joined CREO - we’ve been listening to your feedback, and we’ve been watching you enjoy The Surge!

The first patch for The Surge is now live! This patch includes tweaks and fixes based on player feedback, so feel free to read the changelog to learn about changes to the block, health injectors, and even the ability to add your own music to the med-bay!

The Surge - Update 53172 (P4) / 33503 (SVN)


  • Play your own music in OPS! Drop WAV, OGG or FLAC files to "My Documents/The Surge/songs"
  • A kill switch button combination for players being stuck has been added (Press 'LB', 'LT', 'RB', 'RT', 'LS' and 'RS' at the same time, 'F4' is the default binding on the keyboard) - Please only use this when your character is stuck.
  • Added an option to bind jumping/ducking from blocking to the left stick (when using a controller)

Bug Fixes

  • Player will be able to block most attacks. This refers to enemy attacks that were only able to be ducked or hopped, which prior to the change ignored blocking. You will now be able to block these attacks, but they consume more stamina than 'standard' attacks.
  • Fixed some random crashes triggered by accessing invalid memory
  • Fixed some cases where display refresh rates were not displayed correctly within the menu (PC)
  • It is now easier to stagger enemies using light, faster-hitting weapons.
  • Removed Exploits where the player could receive unlimited Tech Scrap by switching the UI while dismantling objects
  • Potential random crash in the animation system
  • TDR crashes on Kepler GPUs (Nvidia 7## and 6## series)
  • Fixed holes in collision where the player could get stuck
  • Prevent the screensaver from kicking in when using a PS4 controller (PC)
  • Correctly apply fall damage when doing a plunging/jumping attack
  • The staff wielding security guards will no longer parry counterattacks and backstabs
  • Always apply the correct damage from counter attacks following from ducking under or jumping over enemy attacks
  • Fixed the behavior when binding target switching to the right stick
  • Properly store the button imagery configured in the options menu
  • Properly negate 100% toxic damage when wearing the Liquidator armor set
  • Enemy super armor was not decreasing properly in some cases after a string of quick successive hits
  • Fixed level transition elevators that were no longer available after dying in the moving elevator
  • Fixed respawn positions of the player on level transition elevators that caused players falling into their death immediately after loading a savegame
  • Loot drops of the smelting machines are now saved in the level so it can be collected even when dying after defeating the smelting machine
  • Fixed an issue where the "Big Sister" achievement did not unlock properly after killing the Big Sister 1/3
  • Mapping the dodge button to Circle will no longer cause the player to dodge every time the player "backs out" of the game menu.
  • Possible crash when leaving New Game+ at the beginning and starting a new game.
  • Gameplay blocker if the player does not collect the Security Exo-Rig after destroying the case. This will also fix broken saves.
  • Various AR elements should no longer appear in the wrong locations.
  • Counter attacks on drone enemies are no longer interrupted when using a Single-rigged weapon.
  • Closed door in Resolve Biolabs now opens correctly. This will also fix broken saves.
  • Using an implant that is on cooldown in the same moment an enemy is finished will no longer cause a repeating error message.
  • Fixed issues where armor items were unable to be equipped in New Game+.
  • Hobbs no longer asks for help after the player has helped him.
  • Player can no longer get stuck at certain stairs in the tunnels of Resolve Biolabs.
  • Player can no longer target the upper part of PAX while PAX is standing up.
  • Sorting items by 'Newest' now works properly.
  • Removed Quicksave/Quickload bindings.


  • The values for health related implants have been adjusted to fall more in line with the desired/projected player health progression (more health)
  • The damage of the beam ranged attack of the Nano mass enemy has been reduced
  • The windup of the beam attack has been increased
  • Reduced the volume of the 'secret finding implant' - even more so when using a controller and rumble is enabled
  • Deactivate the 'secret finding implant' in the medbay
  • Implants granting a weapon proficiency level bonus now also grant a proficiency reward bonus so it becomes more viable to level up more than one weapon type
  • Added an option to bind jumping/ducking from blocking to the left stick (when using a controller)
  • Jumping/ducking from blocking can now also be done by pressing the bound keys for moving forward/backward (when playing with mouse and keyboard)
  • Tweaked hitboxes of the staff wielding security guards' attacks
  • Tweaked hitboxes of some enemies wielding forklift weapons
  • Tweaked hitboxes of some enemies wielding two handed weapons
  • Tweaked the timings for the perfect block window for the player
  • Improved behavior of the Security Guard.
  • The music in Ops will no longer play after the player has died and respawned.
  • Improved behavior of the Black Cerberus when his attacks are blocked.
  • Elevator positions have been adjusted to avoid waiting for an elevator after dying.
  • Proximity Sensor no longer emits a beeping sound when an enemy is locked.
  • Character is now invulnerable for a short time after a finishing move is finished.
  • Increased the duration of the stamina buff triggered when collecting enough Tech Scrap to be worth a level up.
  • Reduced the stamina cost for continually blocking.
  • Increased the time for the continual block stamina cost to begin.
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Our hardcore action-RPG The Surge is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC!

Battle through a world gone mad as Warren, on his first day of work at CREO – a megacorporation that has been hit by a devastating catastrophe.

Find below The Surge's trailers.

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Can you survive The Surge? Now Avaialble on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One and PC.

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Hey coaches,

The Legendary Edition of Blood Bowl 2 has been announced at Le What's Next de Focus, our press event in February 2017. We're pleased to finally unveil all the info about this new edition!

Release date

Now available!


PC/Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


  • For new players: the Legendary Edition with ALL the content of Blood Bowl 2 at the price of a full game. Contains BB2 base game + Team Pack (Wood Elf/Lizardmen/Nurgle/Norse/Necromantic/Undead/Chaos Dwarfs/Khemri) + Official Expansion.

  • For existing owners of BB2: the Official Expansion content for the price of a big DLC.

You'll still be able to purchase individual races if you wish.


Full compatibility between the 2 versions. Most small features and quality of life changes will be available to all BB2 players, even those who didn't purchase the Official Expansion.

Content of the Official Expansion

  • 8 new races
    • Amazons
    • Goblins
    • Vampires
    • Ogres
    • Halflings
    • Pro Elves
    • Underworld
    • Kislev (based on the rules of Slanns)
    • For a total of 24 races (the current 16 + 8 new)
  • Swiss system competition
  • Resurrection Mode
    • No lasting SPP/injuries between each round.
  • Team Editor
    • Choose a race and get unlimited gold, as well as the option to add any skill/stat/injury.
    • These teams get a tag “custom team” which can be banned from a league.
      *Our goal with the combo “team editor + resurrection mode + Swiss system” is to give the opportunity to players to experience the rules played on tabletop.
  • New solo campaign mode
    • Any race.
    • Perpetual campaign.
    • You have a map where you can go from a competition to another.
    • Less cinematics/story and more freedom.
  • A brand new stadium based on the “Khemri” theme
  • Mercenary teams
    • Teams composed of players picked from different races.
    • Several groups of teams you can pick your players from (i.e “Elf team” = Pro Elf, WE, HE, DE).
    • These teams will also have a specific tag – they won’t be allowed in Champion Ladder for example.
  • Star Player team
    • Teams composed of 16 Starplayers.
    • These teams will have a specific tag as well.
  • New chat tab in a league
    • Accessible by all coaches with a team registered in the league.
  • Post-match chat
    • You can discuss with your opponent even after the end of the game, as long as you stay on the “end of the match” screen.
  • Manual seeding in competitions.

  • Possibility to play a league with a mix of human players and AI teams (up to 8 AIs).

  • AI enhancement
    • The AI will now takes into account the current turn of the game (and not cross the pitch with dwarfs at turn 16).
  • Optional skills
    • It’s been discussed a lot with the community – more skills will be optional (Pass, Dodge, Tackle, Fend, Tentacles, Break Tackle).
  • Free Camera Mode

  • Save during a singleplayer match.

  • Option to deactivate ageing in solo.

  • Enhanced Competition Administration
    • Possibility to admin a match in details (to decide TDs, injuries, SPP…)
  • A pause system in multiplayer
    • 3 pauses per player per game.
    • No time limit to a pause.
    • Any player can unpause at anytime during a pause (even 5 seconds after a player paused).
    • Players can use the chat during the pause.
  • FAME displayed during a match

  • New cheerleader models (not one per team, but a bit more diversity).

  • Cheerleaders will have the same colors as the team they're supporting.

  • Option to display the tooltip in dices probability (“2+” instead of “83%”).

  • A lot more Starplayers
    • We aim at 50 Starplayers total.
    • They won't all have a "premium skin" but we want to make them all available gameplay-wise.
  • Option to mute chat in match

  • Option to ban players from a competition in-game.

  • A lot of other small things – mainly “quality of life” improvements.

95% of the content of the Legendary Edition is directly taken from your feedback and suggestions about Blood Bowl 2 since launch. Thanks for being this commited and enthusiastic toward Blood Bowl!

A few screenshots to ease your wait - the bear is Kislev's big guy!

Have fun on the pitch,

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We're very happy to be able to show you some uncut gameplay footage from Vampyr at E3. Take up the cloak and curse of Doctor Jonathan Reid, a man sworn to save the sick yet still forced to hunt for survival.

As a vampire, Reid must balance his supernatural urges with his oath. See the game for yourself in this extended gameplay demo, complete with developer narration.

Youtube Video

Vampyr releases in November 2017. Pre-order now to get bonus DLC.

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