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@bcraig said in New Races. Any chance to see Chaos Pact?:

I don't believe the mercenary teams will work on COL ladder. I believe I remember them saying private leagues with the option selected, and single player.

Yes, we'll set up a new league with mercenary teams, separated from the CCL. The official "competition offer" will increase a lot with LE.

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Hi, nothing planned for now on GOG.

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Very good suggestion, it's been added. Thanks!

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It's not fresh but they've not been used before. I'll try to post them here when I find the time ☺

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Sorry to hear that you encountered this issue. It's a known issue and will be fixed in a few weeks with the release of the Legendary Edition.

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Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition is planned at the end of the year on Xbox One and PS4.

More info here.

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Hi, thanks for coming in the forums!

It's too early in the development process to answer these questions. A lot of things might still change and we don't want to give you wrong info!

We'll communicate more about the game as soon as we have something solid!

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No new maps planned for now, but a lot of customization is coming with the Enhanced Edition at the end of the year - we're talking hundreds of new weapon and armor models!

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