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@uk_spawn said in Framerate Problems Irrespective of Options/Settings:

Do you acknowledge you have performance issues with the game, or do you class it as " working as intended"?

If any of you still encounter performance issues, it's clearly not "working as intended".

The main priority of the optimization update a few months ago was to fix the most alarming issues. Crashes and very low performances (<10FPS) were the priority.

But fixing technical issues and improving the performances is not finished and we're sorry to see some of you having trouble running Space Hulk: Deathwing. There will be a new optimization update in the coming months. It's planned in the development process of the Enhanced Edition.

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Hi, sorry to hear that you're experiencing performance issues in Space Hulk: Deathwing. Please stick to your original topic and don't spam the forum.

Optimization is part of the development of the Enhanced Edition, you can expect an update in the coming months which should hopefully solve your issues.

In case youy didn't try yet, please contact to make sure the low performances are caused by the game and not an incompatibility.

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Hi, thanks for your message.

Would you have screenshots of each days? (in the schedule tab).

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We just posted 3 new screenshots of the Vampires, Goblins and Elven Union teams!