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Hey coaches,

The Legendary Edition of Blood Bowl 2 has been announced at Le What's Next de Focus, our press event in February 2017. We're pleased to finally unveil all the info about this new edition!

Release date

September 2017


PC/Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


  • For new players: the Legendary Edition with ALL the content of Blood Bowl 2 at the price of a full game. Contains BB2 base game + Team Pack (Wood Elf/Lizardmen/Nurgle/Norse/Necromantic/Undead/Chaos Dwarfs/Khemri) + Official Expansion.

  • For existing owners of BB2: the Official Expansion content.

All info about preorder on Steam are HERE.


Full compatibility between the 2 versions. Most small features and quality of life changes will be available to all BB2 players, even those who didn't purchase the Official Expansion.

Content of the Official Expansion

  • 8 new races

    • Amazons
    • Goblins
    • Vampires
    • Ogres
    • Halflings
    • Pro Elves
    • Underworld
    • Kislev (based on the rules of Slanns)
    • For a total of 24 races (the current 16 + 8 new)
  • Swiss system competition

  • Resurrection Mode

    • No lasting SPP/injuries between each round.
  • Team Editor

    • Choose a race and get unlimited gold, as well as the option to add any skill/stat/injury.
    • These teams get a tag “custom team” which can be banned from a league.
    • Our goal with the combo “team editor + resurrection mode + Swiss system” is to give players the opportunity to experience the rules played on tabletop.
  • New solo campaign mode

    • Any race.
    • Perpetual campaign.
    • You have a map where you can go from a competition to another.
    • Less cinematics/story and more freedom.
  • A brand new stadium based on the “Khemri” theme

  • Mercenary teams

    • Teams composed of players picked from different races.
    • Several groups of teams you can pick your players from (i.e. “Elf team” = Pro Elf, WE, HE, DE).
    • These teams will also have a specific tag – they won’t be allowed in Champion Ladder for example.
  • Star Player team

    • Teams composed of 16 Starplayers.
    • These teams will have a specific tag as well.
  • New chat tab in a league

    • Accessible by all coaches with a team registered in the league.
  • Post-match chat

    • You can discuss with your opponent even after the end of the game, as long as you stay on the “end of the match” screen.
  • Manual seeding in competitions.

  • Possibility to play a league with a mix of human players and AI teams.

  • AI improvement

    • The AI will take the current turn of the game into account (and not cross the pitch with dwarfs at turn 16).
  • Optional skills

    • It’s been discussed a lot with the community – more skills will be optional (Pass, Dodge, Tackle, Fend, Tentacles, Break Tackle).
  • Free Camera Mode

  • Save during a singleplayer match.

  • Option to deactivate ageing in solo.

  • Enhanced Competition Administration

    • Possibility to admin a match in detail (to decide TDs, injuries, SPP…)
  • A pause system in multiplayer

    • 3 pauses per player per game.
    • No time limit to a pause.
    • Any player can unpause at any time during a pause (even 5 seconds after a player paused).
    • Players can use the chat during the pause.
  • FAME displayed during a match

  • New cheerleader models (not one per team, but a bit more diversity).

  • Cheerleaders will have the same colors as the team they're supporting.

  • Option to display the tooltip in dice probability (“2+” instead of “83%”).

  • A lot more Starplayers

    • We aim at 50 Starplayers total.
    • They won't all have a "premium skin" but we want to make them all available gameplay-wise.
  • Option to mute chat in a match

  • Option to ban players from a competition in-game.

  • A lot of other small things – mainly “quality of life” improvements.

95% of the content of the Legendary Edition is directly taken from your feedback and suggestions about Blood Bowl 2 since launch. Thanks for being this commited and enthusiastic towards Blood Bowl!

A few screenshots to ease your wait - the bear is the big guy for Kislev!

Have fun on the pitch,

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@SirIronclad said in Campaign crash:

@Netheos said in Campaign crash:

It's a known issue and will be fixed in a few weeks with the release of the Legendary Edition.

Can I quote you on that?

Few weeks = late summer.

Don't expect any release before mid-August. You can quote that.

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@SirIronclad said in Forum question:

@Netheos So there's this "Unread" feature for all the forums. Now the problem is that when I select "Blood Bowl 2" from the list, nothing shows up:

It shows up the content of the Blood Bowl 2 category (the forum frontpage, where we post the news), but not its sub-categories. That's what we're working on right now.

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We're currently working on this, to give you the option to only see the "unread" or "recent" topics from a specific game.

Meanwhile, we've added the name of the game in the name of the section, giving you more visibility in the "unread"/"recent" list.

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@bcraig said in New Races. Any chance to see Chaos Pact?:

I don't believe the mercenary teams will work on COL ladder. I believe I remember them saying private leagues with the option selected, and single player.

Yes, we'll set up a new league with mercenary teams, separated from the CCL. The official "competition offer" will increase a lot with LE.

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Very good suggestion, it's been added. Thanks!

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It's not fresh but they've not been used before. I'll try to post them here when I find the time ☺

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Sorry to hear that you encountered this issue. It's a known issue and will be fixed in a few weeks with the release of the Legendary Edition.