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Insurgency Sandstorm Pre-Order Beta 2 - Update 30/08/18


  • Large reduction in draw calls across all maps to improve framerate.
  • Full LODs added to all cosmetic characters & gear.
  • Full LODs added to all 3P weapon and equipment assets.
  • Full LODs added to all props in the world.
  • All maps actor-merged.
  • Large particle optimization pass, set proper render bounds, LODs and tick rates on all particle effects.
  • Nativize most Unreal blueprints allowing them to run faster.
  • Improved bot spawning timings for Checkpoint.
  • Bullet projectiles now trace against lower LOD collision meshes.
  • Vastly reduced triangle counts on many larger environment rock prop sets.
  • Gunship and Support Helicopter rounds now use a simple collision trace.
  • Changed player spawning, to spawn one player per tick instead of two players per tick.
  • Improved material instances for various cosmetics.
  • Reworked the bullet hit validation.
  • Increased performance for player movement in water.
  • Ensured character cosmetics are not being spawned multiple times per cosmetic slot.
  • Characters now use data-only blueprints.
  • Items no longer tick by default.
  • Reduced the amount of times cosmetics spawn and despawn.
  • Made weapons only tick when equipped.
  • Interactable gear now use timers instead of tick functions.
  • Allowed only certain crew member characters to tick in helicopters.
  • Utilized texture atlases for certain cosmetic items to reduce draw calls.
  • Doors and Supply Crates only tick when they are in an opening or closing transition.
  • Destroyed prop vehicles will now extinguish their flames after 40 seconds so the fire/smoke particle doesn’t stay forever.

New Features

  • Doors can now be breached by being kicked down.
  • Added visual feedback system for Commanders, Observers and teammates to indicate where Fire Support is being called in and what type of Fire Support it is. Colored smoke appears on the target area.
    • Security
      • Gunship - Green
      • Autocannon Strafe - Yellow
      • Explosive Artillery - Red
      • Smoke Artillery - Blue
      • Minigun Support - Purple
    • Insurgents
      • Rocket Barrage - Green
      • Bomber Drones - Yellow
      • Explosive Mortars - Red
      • Smoke Mortars - Blue
      • IED Drone - Purple
      • Chemical Mortars - Pink
  • Servers will now kick players who have been idle for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Tessellation has been added for improved terrain visuals. The quality/performance of this can be scaled by adjusting the effects quality in your video settings.
  • New Local Play experience which allows you to play solo with AI teammates. This game mode is based on Checkpoint, but adds objective-based reinforcement wave gaining similar to as in Push.
  • Lesson system including browsable menu texts which explain game mechanics and video hint pop ups when performing certain actions for the first time in-game. The full collection of Lessons will be added during Pre-order Beta 2.
  • Add game options for the following:
    • Always show compass.
    • Enable and disable contextual key kints for use and vault.
    • Enable and disable in-game Lesson hint pop ups.

New Content

  • New maps “Crossing” and “Summit”
  • New Greased Bolt upgrade option for bolt action rifles under the new “Chamber” upgrade category.
  • Added Hoodie Camo cosmetic and variations.
  • Added Leather variations.
  • New optic rail for AK’s.
  • New water explosion particles for artillery shells.
  • Proper third person meshes for C4, IEDs and detonators.
  • New bus model and textures.
  • New music for the Loadout menu.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Player Movement
    • Reworked character equipment weights which impact top sprint speed and stamina.
    • Reduced top sprint speed for characters by 5% before weight and stamina based slowdowns are applied.
    • Removed sprint speed increase for players when they were in a suppressed state.
    • Slightly reduced standing movement speed.
    • Reduced standing move backward speed.
    • Decreased sliding speed.
    • Increased slow walk speed.
    • Increased slow crouch walk speed.
    • Slightly increased jump height.
    • Slightly increased vault radius.
  • Characters
    • Increase the brightness of certain Security camo textures for gameplay balance.
    • Removed black and dark grey variations from Insurgents torso and leg items for gameplay balance.
  • Weapons
    • Increased ADS speed.
    • Increased 5.56 and 5.45 top damage slightly.
    • Reduced effectiveness of hip fire by increasing free aim recoil and radius slightly.
    • Balanced FOVs for optics when using Focus to be more consistent between low and high quality scope options.
    • Increased G3 recoil slightly.
    • Decreased FAL recoil slightly.
    • Decreased AK-74 recoil slightly.
    • Decreased UZI recoil slightly.
    • Increased reload speed for the M249 slightly.
    • Decreased lateral recoil on the MP7 slightly.
    • Increased lateral recoil for the AKS-74U slightly.
    • Increased Mk 14 EBR’s supply cost to 5.
    • Increased supply cost of Extended Magazine for MP7 from 2 to 3 supply.
    • Adjusted Mosin and M24 penetration power to be more balanced.
    • Vehicle mines are now throwable.
  • Gamemodes
    • All Modes
      • Removed Mk 14 EBR from Advisor class for gameplay balance.
      • Team kicks for team kills will now use the cooled down value instead of the total value when defining if a player has killed enough teammates to warrant a kick.
    • Skirmish
      • Increased match length by adding a second round, with a team swap beforehand as in Push.
    • Checkpoint
      • Added all available weapon upgrades to all Insurgent coop classes.
      • Ensured Security Coop classes get all Insurgent weapon upgrades.
      • Added Flashbang to all Insurgent coop classes.
      • Added M4A1 to Rifleman, Demolitions, Commander, and Observer Insurgent Coop classes.
      • Added M870 to Breacher Insurgent Coop class.
      • Add M249 to Gunner Insurgent Coop class.
    • Versus Firefight
      • Match length is now 6 rounds, with a team swap after 3 rounds.
      • Reduced player count to 24 players.
      • Removed Commander, Observer, and Demolitions classes.
    • Competitive Firefight
      • Increased supply costs for various weapons and upgrades.
      • Added more primary weapons to the Assaulter class.
      • Added 1x and 2x optics for the Sharpshooter class.
      • Removed Mk 14 EBR and SVD from the Sharpshooter.
  • Explosives
    • Tweaked explosive penetration.
    • Frag grenades now only penetrate weaker materials.
    • Fire Support will still penetrate most surface types, but deal reduced damage.
    • Increased time taken for Incendiary and Molotov grenades to detonate cache objectives.
  • Fire Support
    • Gunship
      • Increased autocannon burst cooldown to 4 seconds instead of 2.
      • Decreased minimum and maximum burst times.
      • Increased flyover time to 15 seconds from 10 seconds.
    • Bomber Drones
      • Increased explosive radius slightly.
      • Improved positional audio.
    • IED Drone
      • Increased explosion radius.
  • AI
    • Bots who are directly exposed at mid range will crouch and fire at their target instead of rushing to cover.
    • Bots suppressed in cover will reload if there's a larger magazine and they haven't fired recently.
    • Bots should turn slightly faster.
    • Bots should react slightly faster.
    • Bots will fire in a much tighter cone before zeroing on target.
    • Increased target zeroing time by a few seconds.
    • Reduced accuracy of suppressed bots.
    • Encouraged bots to sprint to objectives if the round timer is low allowing bots to arrive faster during counter attacks.

Updated Content

  • Animation
    • Updated animations and blending for character movement.
    • Reworked ragdoll physics to use correct weight and limb rotation limits, resulting in more natural looking ragdolls on death.
    • New animations for characters using bipods.
    • New animations for characters using binoculars.
  • Weapons
    • New model and texture for the M9 pistol.
    • New smoke effect for rocket and grenade launcher barrels.
    • Improved textures for the M249.
    • Improved textures for the rail mounted pistol laser.
    • Added drum magazines to the following weapons
      • AKM
      • AK-74
      • AKS-74U
      • M16A2
      • M16A4
      • M4A1
      • Uzi
      • L85A2
    • Added grenade launcher sight for the M16A2’s M203.
    • Compensator and Flash Hider upgrades will only use a mesh if it’s meant for that weapon.
  • Cosmetics
    • Updated cosmetic costs and rarities to be more based on the item rather than its colors.
    • Improved dirt layer on all cosmetic items.
    • Added gender switch button.
    • Added ability to save a preset of a character’s cosmetics.
    • Updated camo scaling to be more consistent across all cosmetic items.
    • Renamed DPM camo to Desert DPM.
    • Improved glasses under Insurgent Headgear.
  • Gear
    • Made Gas Mask goggles less opaque.
  • Audio
    • Improved audio experience in Loadout rooms for all maps.
    • Added muffled effect for players wearing a Gas Mask.
    • Sprint breathing and Focus breathing with and without Gas Masks are now character voice specific.
  • Vehicles
    • Disabled leaning out of vehicles.
    • Disabled the use of all weapons in vehicles except pistols.
    • Melee can now be used in vehicles to break vehicle glass.


  • User Experience
    • Taglines now populate correctly into the player’s profile.
  • Characters
    • Characters seen at longer ranges through scopes should now tick at the correct rate.
    • Fixed an issue where a ragdoll’s skin tone would be set incorrectly.
    • Removed hit reactions from fire damage, preventing characters from bleeding when damaged by fire.
    • Fixed player’s camera from clipping into their head if they had the Loadout menu open when spawned.
    • Fixed finger posing on the Binoculars to prevent fingers clipping through gloves.
    • Fixed certain torso cosmetic assets that had clipping issues.
  • Weapons
    • Fixed weapon audio breaking if previously killed by a headshot.
    • Fix an issue where the weapon overheat audio would not be terminated when exiting the Gunner seat.
    • Prevent cases where weapons get multiple Foregrip, Compensator or Suppressor options.
    • Fixed Laser Sight not working correctly when equipping a grenade launcher.
    • Fixed AR Scope not showing correctly on the M16A2 world model.
    • Fixed Hunting Scope not showing correctly on the Mosin world model.
    • Fixed 2x Kobra Sight not showing correctly on the AK-74 world model.
    • Fixed Mk 18 CQBR secondary magazine showing during the up and down animations state when using a Foregrip.
    • Fixed some optics not being correctly aligned when in ADS.
    • Shells and secondary magazines on weapons should no longer show in the Loadout selection.
  • Explosives
    • Updated Molotov and Incendiary grenades to they align properly to surfaces and leave the correct sized scorch marks.
  • Voice Over
    • Fixed a bug where flying vehicle pilots would not play their “Leaving” lines.
    • Fixed a bug where objective destruction lines were not being played.
    • Fixed a bug where helicopter radio events continued playing after the helicopter had left or crashed.
    • Create a queuing system for both proximity and radio VO.
    • Melee VO lines will now only play if an enemy is in front of you.
    • Fixed suppression response VO for machine guns and snipers.
    • Fixed a bug where enemy bot VO was showing in the chat menu for dead or spectating players.
    • Fixed a bug where death VO would not be attached to the ragdoll of the dead player or bot correctly.
  • AI
    • Removed grenade launcher bots.
    • Bot will no longer flee from grenades they can’t see.
    • Bots now have very short visibility inside smoke.
    • Various bot pathing fixes.

User Interface

  • Penetration is now represented as “PP” (Penetration Power) instead of “Joules” in the Loadout menu.
  • Rearranged the upgrade category order in the Loadout menu.
  • Movement and vehicle controls can now be bound to the same key.
  • Weapon in the Loadout menu can now be rotated slightly.
  • Added generic Extended Magazine description.
  • Added weapon selection icons for the GP25 Explosive and GP25 Smoke.
  • Compass can now be toggled on and off in spectator mode.

Map Balance & Fixes

  • Crossing
    • Actor merge pass.
    • HLOD pass.
  • Farmhouse
    • Actor merge pass.
    • HLOD pass.
    • Made minor gameplay tweaks.
    • Tweaked Checkpoint scenarios.
    • Tweaked restricted zones for Push scenarios to add a bit more breathing room for defenders to set up a defensive perimeter.
    • Tweaked playable areas.
    • Adjusted spawn locations and spawn point angles in all scenarios.
    • Tweaked Checkpoint scenarios.
    • Tweaked interior lighting throughout the map.
    • Small adjustments for global lighting.
    • Fixed several issues across all scenarios.
    • Particle gameplay/optimizing pass.
    • Blocking volume pass.
    • Road fixes and polishing.
    • Made foliage placement tweaks to improve readability.
    • Visual polish interior and exterior.
    • Soundscape polish.
    • Loadout selection room polish pass.
    • Decal polish pass.
    • Fixed miscellaneous issues to improve both gameplay and visuals.
  • Hideout
    • Reduced sun flare effect.
    • Actor merge pass.
    • HLOD pass.
    • Made minor gameplay tweaks.
    • Tweaked Checkpoint scenarios.
    • Tweaked restricted zones for Push scenarios to add a bit more breathing room for defenders to set up a defensive perimeter.
    • Tweaked playable areas.
    • Adjusted spawn locations and spawn point angles in all scenarios.
    • Tweaked interior lighting throughout the map.
    • Made small adjustments for global lighting.
    • Fixed several issues across all scenarios.
    • Particle gameplay/optimizing pass.
    • Blocking volume pass.
    • Road fixes and polishing.
    • Foliage placement tweaks to improve readability.
    • Visual polish interior and exterior.
    • Soundscape polish.
    • Loadout selection room polish pass.
    • Decal polish pass.
    • Blocking volume pass.
    • Fixed miscellaneous issues to improve both gameplay and visuals.
  • Summit
    • Reduced sun flare effect.
    • Actor merge pass.
    • HLOD pass.
    • Decal polish pass.
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Hi everyone,

Fear The Wolves released a few hours ago in Early Access on Steam and many of you are already battling to be the last survivor in the ruin of Chernobyl!

We wanted first to thank all of you who showed your support today - we're committed to make Fear The Wolves the best game it can be with good communication and long term support!

Youtube Video

As we're working on your feedback and reports to deliver a first update very quickly, current goal is to have a first patch ready before the end of the week, we'd like to give you an update on several points that have seen a lot of questions.

Aside from fixes and adjustments based on your recent feedback, we have other improvements and a lot of additional features planned, as presented in our roadmap earlier today.

Client Optimization

We've received some feedback about the optimization of the game and it's absolutely something the team is still working on, although a lot of progress have been made since the Beta thanks for the feedback gathered in this testing phase. We plan to continue working on optimization, especially the rendering for all graphics cards.

Autosettings will be added as well, which should help a lot of players have better performance by selecting adjusted default settings.

Lag that you may encounter right now is mostly from the client side, especially during the helicopter phase at the beginning. It's related to the way certain zones are streamed. The team is focused on that to offer a smooth experience to everyone.

Disconnection issues

Some of you have reported issues with reloading or not being able to pick up items. It only happens when you've been disconnected from the server. We have worked on new server side tools that will greatly help us to monitor these disconnections. We are monitoring theses issue and its symptoms with great attention.


As presented in our Early Access Launch announcement, we have a lot of languages coming very soon to the game. We have currently 14 languages planned, including French, German, Spanish, Russian or Chinese.


We've read some reports about the balancing of the game. That's an on-going process that will spread over the Early Access period. We'll be tuning the damage of the weapons, the amno and everything we feel would need adjustments. Your feedback are more than welcome in this area.

For example, some of you complained about the lack of ammo or efficiency of weapons. We'll check your reports and change this if many of you feel that it's not as good as it could be.

Ping issues for Chinese and Australian players

We're closely monitoring the servers in Asia to improve the ping as much as possible. If you experience high latency in Asia, make sure to check that you're in the proper region. We know that some players are using VPNs, and it might mislead the region detection from the game.

We're also taking a close look at the server data we receive from the OCE region. We'll update you this week about this specific issue as we need more info from our server provider.

See you soon for a new update about all these points and more.

Good luck in Chernobyl!
The Fear The Wolves Team

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@inod said in Vampyr - New Game Modes Announcement:

It's been a month since you announced these new modes, any information on them? I'm eagerly waiting this update so any ETA for it?

Hello, we just release a Beta of this new update here:

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@toyama-tokanava said in MudRunner 2 Announcement:

American Wilds might just be its own game, called Mudrunner 2. In that case, YAY... I guess...

No, American Wilds in an expansion for Spintires: MudRunner.

MudRunner 2 is its own game, separated from Spintires: MudRunner.

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We are excited to launch Fear the Wolves into Steam Early Access today!

The game introduces intense player-versus-environment elements to the Battle Royale formula, including deadly radiation hazards, roaming mutants, dynamic weather and a unique endgame extraction system, all within the atmospheric environments of a decaying Chernobyl.

Youtube Video

To secure the top spot out of 100, you must worry about more than just survival. While it’s possible to win a game through simply being the last alive, the helicopter extraction adds a whole new dimension to endgame strategy. In the final stages, all remaining players will be alerted to the arrival of the helicopter, which will hover over a fixed area before dropping a rope – and there’s only room for one. Will you rush to be the first to attempt an escape in the hope no one else is there yet?

How will you deal with the oncoming assault of not only players, but mutant wolves, anomalies and radiation? How will your squad ensure a teammate survives the intense haul up to the chopper? We’ve seen an incredible range of creative strategies for this endgame, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with over the coming months.


Fear the Wolves has already seen tens of thousands of players battling across Chernobyl during the beta period, which has allowed us to roll out multiple updates and improvements in preparation for the Early Access launch.

We're incredibly grateful to all of you who parachuted into Chernobyl in the last weeks to help us iron out the game as much as possible. We know it's been a bumpy road and that some of you encountered technical issues and the focus for the last few weeks has been on ironing out the performance and bug fixes. It's only a first step and we'll keep improving and tuning the performance of the game and servers based on your feedback.

To thank you for your support throughout the Beta phase, we worked on in-game t-shirts for Alpha and Beta testers! Just launch the game and pick the t-shirt in the brand new customization menu. Here is a quick look at the models:

3_1535381024637_Beta_t_shirts_Male.jpg 2_1535381024637_Beta_t_shirts_Female.jpg
1_1535381024637_Alpha_t_shirts_Male.jpg 0_1535381024636_Alpha_t_shirts_Female.jpg

We're happy to unveil today a first content roadmap to give insight on the exciting (and game-changing) new features still to come!

Early Access Content Roadmap - September to November 2018


Right after Early Access Release

We plan to add localization for more languages as we head towards release. This is currently aimed at 16 languages, including French, German, Russian and Chinese.

Update #1 - First additional content

3rd week of September

  • New landmarks: We will add new landmark buildings, oddities, and other unique elements to the map.
  • A new 2 seater vehicle.
  • Weapon Customization: a brand-new customization system to make every weapon your own.
  • The ability to auto-matchmake after death or defeat.
  • Nvidia Highlights: Learn from your mistakes or relive your finest kills and your smoothest extractions

Update #2 - Improved BR mechanics

End of October

  • More Movement Options: Vault over obstacles to quickly navigate the environment.
  • New Melee Mechanics: Break open locked doors, backstab enemies, and throw weapons.
  • An in-game event system.
  • A spectator mode UI update.
  • Customization: even more customization sets!

You may have noticed some differences compared to the initial list of planned features and it's because we reorganized our priorities based on your feedback from the Beta. We're commited to open communication with you throughout this Early Access period and it also means being flexible and attentive to your requests.

Note that additionally to these major updates, we'll release regularly smaller updates and hotfixes for hot fixes and balancing.


We have a lot more content and ideas for the future, but we're not ready to give you all the details about them. We will release a new roadmap this fall for the next updates, but here are some of the ideas we’re exploring for future updates:

  • Anomalous Storm: A new weather type that unleashes hell across the battlefield.
  • Dedicated wounded player animations.
  • More customization items: Cosmetics will continue to be added, letting you create your perfect character, including a progression system with unlockable items.
  • Night gameplay: Currently in a prototype stage, we intend to bring the terrors of the pitch black to Fear The Wolves. Don’t forget, wolves are nocturnal hunters.
  • Additional mutants: Wolves aren’t the only creatures to be affected by the radiation still present in The Zone.
  • Additional mutant mechanics. The Zone is ever evolving, and with it, the creatures within.
  • Additional anomaly mechanics. Anomalies are dangerous, but brave them, and you may uncover something worth the risk.
  • Livestream integration: The spectator weather-voting system will be available to Twitch and Mixer viewers.
  • A better Chernobyl: The map will be polished to add additional biomes and village diversity.
  • More weapons and items: New guns, melee weapons, attachments.

We hope to see you in Chernobyl very soon to hear your feedback about the current version of the game and shape Fear The Wolves together!

See you in-game,
Fear The Wolves team

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@unster said in So no more updates?:

Will there be any other updates besides American Wilds, like bug fixes and enhancements to the base game of MudRunner? We would surely appreciate it!

There will be bug fixes if necessary, but I don't know yet if additional content (for example free DLC like The Valley or The Ridge) are planned.

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MudRunner 2 is a long term project and we absolutely plan to keep supporting Spintires: MudRunner.

American Wilds, an expansion for Spintires: MudRunner, is releasing later this year with plenty of content set in the USA. We didn't show much of it yet but it will arrive soon!

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Hello, thanks for your message.

You can find our Youtube monetization policy here: (bottom of the page)

We are fine with YouTube monetization using recorded video material from our games as long as the video is somehow related to the game(s) in question (e.g. review, preview, a Let's Play, or some other similar type).

Also, it is allowed to use the music from the games in connection with videos related to our games. However music used outside of videos of our games is not allowed.

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Insurgency: Sandstorm is a reborn, improved, and expanded sequel to indie multiplayer FPS hit Insurgency, coming September 18 to PC and 2019 to consoles.

Thanks to all the positive feedback the game received during the first Pre-order Beta last month. The team will be using your feedback to continue to polish and optimize the game up until launch and beyond.

We are now happy to announce Pre-order Beta Test 2 beginning next week. Meanwhile, experience the intensity of modern combat and check out the positive reception from journalists and players during the previous Pre-order Beta with the Gamescom Trailer.

Youtube Video

From August 30 through September 18, players who have pre-ordered Insurgency: Sandstorm on Steam will receive exclusive access to Pre-order Beta 2. The team will be focusing their work during Beta 2 on bug fixing and server stability.

The studio will also start working on the extensive post-launch support plan with new content coming after the release of the game. As Pre-order Beta 2 will have no NDA and no streaming restrictions, those curious are invited to watch live gameplay on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook throughout up until the release of the game.

0_1534948502029_06 - logo.png

Eager players can pre-order on Steam now for a 10% discount, reducing the price to €26.99 / £23.39 / $26.99. An additional 10% loyalty discount will be given to fans that own the original Insurgency, bringing the pre-order price down to just $24.99. This additional discount will be offered until the end of 2018, and all pre-orders will receive instant access to any ongoing beta tests as well as future ones.

Insurgency: Sandstorm releases on Windows PC in September 18, with Linux and Mac support coming later, and on PS4 and Xbox One in 2019. Pre-order now on Steam to get bonuses, including exclusive access to the Pre-order Beta.

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@simplereport said in Release Date Reveal:

So 18,00 Euro I guess? 🙂

€19.99 as well, sorry!

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