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@qanzen said in Fear the Wolves Russian Topic Русский раздел форума:

Я один не могу зайти на ЗАТ? По времени сервера уже должны были запуститься

I'm really sorry but we had to cancel today's test session. Next one is Thursday 31st May at 4:00 PM CEST (6PM EEST / 11AM EDT / 8AM PDT) for 3 hours.

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@immolate I'm really sorry but we had to cancel today's test session. Next one is Thursday 31st May at 4:00 PM CEST (6PM EEST / 11AM EDT / 8AM PDT) for 3 hours.

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We're happy to unveil our exciting E3 2018 line-up!

With closed-door presentations and hands-on demos, here is the full list of titles showcased at the Focus Home Interactive booth, West-Hall #4512, June 12-14:

  • Insurgency: Sandstorm: public and journalists will play the sequel to the multi-million selling FPS Insurgency with the developers from New World Interactive, in a dedicated multiplayer session!

  • Farming Simulator 19: Shown for the very first time, the newest entry in the farming phenomenon from GIANTS Software will be unveiled – including an exciting surprise to be announced at E3!

  • The Surge 2: Never-before-seen gameplay of the hardcore Action-RPG from Deck 13 will be presented, with an ambitious level design and combat more brutal than ever.

  • A Plague Tale: Innocence: Journalists will meet orphan siblings Amicia and Hugo - as well as the hordes of rats hunting them - in a new gameplay walkthrough by developers from Asobo Studio.

  • Call of Cthulhu: Lovecraft's twisted universe comes alive in an exclusive walkthrough guided by the developers from Cyanide. Behind closed doors

  • GreedFall: Dive into the latest RPG from Spiders to discover a unique world shaped by the player’s political diplomacy, character relationships and critical choices. Behind closed doors

Space Hulk: Tactics will be playable for the first time in face-to-face sessions with Cyanide developers in our Public Area.

Hands-off sessions of Necromunda: Underhive Wars with developers Rogue Factor detailing all the new features will be available in the public area.

Developers from Vostok Games, the studio behind Fear the Wolves, will also attend E3 this year to answer all your questions during exclusive interviews.

Finally, you’ll be able to get your hands on some of our most recent and imminent releases – playable stations will be available for both journalists and the public to try out Vampyr (DONTNOD Entertainment), The Surge – Complete Edition (Deck13), and Spintires: MudRunner (Saber Interactive).

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Yes, GreedFall will be presented at Focus' booth at E3!

We'll announce Focus' E3 line-up very soon 🙂

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You can only see the servers of your region in the server browser. Although you can play with anyone through Steam invite.

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It means that the email with the key for the Closed Alpha has been lost in your spam or blocked by your email provider. Sorry about that!

The Closed Alpha is now closed but in the future, don't hesitate to answer directly to the email saying you didn't receive any key and, if the test is still open, we'll make sure you have your key.

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@ben-kenobi said in Vampyr Citizen Mechanics:

The mechanic that lure me to play this game.
First playthrough for me will be Kill no one.

Good luck then, it will be very difficult!

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@chaplain-krieg said in I play but i don´t receive points to unlock:

@netheos Is it possible for the Developers to give us how mission XP is calculated other than a general assumption? We are having a hard time understanding how we sometimes get 4k a Mission versus 22k a mission and does the DIfficulty scale up this number?

I'll ask the team if they can give more details about that!

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