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At first, I didn’t understand what you’re talking about, but yes, I confirm that the nose of the repulsive part went to the middle part

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One landing will not do you much damage in the corpse so that you can use the call to arms, and I think that the call to arms with debuffs is good because it gives a chance to fleets of board members who are usually worse than the linear ones to withstand you, although I may be too would remove the impossibility of reloading-support shields with him, I would add debuffs to other orders as it was in the desktop, while orders give acceptance but, for example, when you brace you fired less and could not use AFF with LCone could not reload the order

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I do not agree with you about the fact that it is good. Look, I had two escorts with a full crew, but I can only transfer one unit, and this doesn’t give the crew to die immediately and not from a fire, but from the fire of ordinary guns they also cause damage to the crew and marin abilities they immediately kill 1 crew without any alternatives. and the return of the crew does not give you anything, very rarely when you can fly away and leave the hulk and then return it, they will simply shoot him and get points for him, and an increase of up to 3-5 units will allow him to at least some more time and be able to survive the ability of a Marine and a lightning strike without instantly returning to the drifting hulk

As for Azurian torpedoes, I think they need to give 4 ship hangars on Phoenix Ship, like Voyd Stalker’s, this will improve its combat characteristics and not 2 as it is now like all other cruisers, because with 2 hangars it’s too weak to consider a flagship cruisers, and yes in the first game of the Eclipse was a battle cruiser, it is not clear why he became just a cruiser here so he is so expensive

I agree with the rest, I need an improvement or orders that would affect the pulsars, we need new types of ships, well, in the sense of a different set of gunbot weapons, there could be something in the Grand Cruiser slot. About DE is not sure, but it seems that their fields do not work as Holo-fields and do not block the damage received, therefore they are cheaper in price category

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I really liked the boarding system and assault actions, but there are a couple of questions, the most important thing is that the transfer of troops to 1 position is too low, the explanation now was playing chaos against the Marines and there were moments when I had almost all the ships without troops but two escorts, and when you return drifting hulk with 1 unit of troops, any fire, or any crit on troops from firing or abilities immediately returns the ship to drifting hulk that does not give you anything, but it works when you have 3-4 ships from which You can transfer troops, but when 1 is near and they are shooting at you, your shields are reloading because you are drifting Hulk, but when 1 is nearby and they are shooting at you, you are reloading shields because you are drifting the hulk, you almost instantly lose the ship again, so I would increase the number of troops transferred, maybe 3-5 units would be enough? Yes, the system is good with the transfer of troops, I really initially thought that your boarding actions will affect the number of troops on the ship, well, you sent your entire team to the boarding and reduced the number of your troops, I thought it would work so when you just announced the new system crew before the release of the game, it would allow for careful attention to the boarding, although we have a limited amount so I think, and so normal

Then I really like the new effects and the grav canon, it gives you the opportunity to catch the enemy and then release a full volley of Nova. The only thing I would do here would be to make them interconnected as torpedoes, but now you can throw 5 gravity shells and 5 Nova, I think you need to link them so that you choose which ships to shoot with

Now the new Lens with armor 25 are beautiful, I would just slightly increase the recharge rate of the imperial, Eldar pulsars are very good, but about Eldar the decrease in the number of torpedoes to 1 in my opinion too, because it does not give you a margin for error, you can accidentally press a button and half of your power flew away, if you do not want to change the amount of damage from them or the number of torpedoes in the salvo because I like that Azuriani has 8 torpedoes, this is their trick. I think 2 charges would be a compromise solution and I would add an improvement that instead of canceling the position would cause damage to the crew, you know, vibro-topreds and Eldar doesn't have many ways to harm the crew it would be nice to give them one. More about torpedoes imperial melta with 10 fires ... aaaaa burn The Heretics is excellent only it seems to me that necrons should also cause damage

A couple of bugs with a description of new abilities and it seems for some reason that all ships in the preview are indicated incorrectly for the shields and the hull I write 75 for all the races. Screenshots attached
1_1550277427361_20190216023837_1.jpg 0_1550277427361_20190216011034_1.jpg

And I also think that you need to pay attention, dear developers, please add more love to AI I know that he will not be as good as a player, but he does frankly strange things, still goes to the column for slaughter, now it was that Ork I could not capture the points because I flew past it on the red button and circled, as in the video with Eldar who also posted in Steam, the departure of the ship by the point will not lead to dropping the capture instantly maybe? Then the tyranids love to ram and wound themselves, even ships without fangs, why they do it, squeak them a ban because they let 3-4 ships into one mine and die instantly, and their escorts love to die from a jerk when colliding, maybe you less damage from friendly collisions ?? This will help players when their ships encounter due to AI errors, especially the Eldar is very easy to die with their increased ram damage. Can the enemy ram 100% and 50% friendly. I hope my review was helpful and maybe some ideas will come in handy for you. Excellent work with these patches, the game only gets better for me.
And one more bug or not, I'm not sure I rammed the Imperial ship with a ram and improved upon it a ship of tyrants with fangs and didn’t bear any damage to it, but this may be because I rammed right in front, and these ships are immune to the ram from the front.
As always, I apologize for bad English

And the most recent battleship Oberon is his prow, I don’t know why they removed the Nova, too many for one ship, but we have Demiurges who have both a cutter and hangars and torpedoes all on one ship. Oberon without Nova, he looks somehow ugly and cropped, could not either return Nova or add some antennas to show the increased detection radius as on the Emperor, and then some kind of unfinished

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@jellyfoosh Thank you very much, I would also ask you to replace the effect and the name of the MWJ Eldar with the imperial effect on the effect of the Eldar retreat, otherwise the Eldar do not travel through the warp, they tear the portals into the web .
And it still seems like the tools are not always displayed correctly.!0_1550254897721_20190214015236_1.jpg

And there was also a funny bug, but only once, in multiplayer in beta mode, we had necron platforms and stations where they were for us and immediately captured some points

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In the engine-world, one marines chapter destroyed the whole moon of the necrons, although they themselves died and destroyed the awakening of the ktan. So, the boarding of the necrons is not something impossible, and yes of course in the codes they always write as one faction overcomes, therefore the codes are

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Well, that’s what I’m asking them to do with just Lens shooting thrice as they really are, like Drucari Lance and the Arch of Shooting 90 forward, well, along with the decrease in damage, the autocast is not needed, the rays of death are not needed, and all the players were very surprised by their concept since the first game for pulsars Eldar

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I just do not want the situation with the first game to be repeated when the eldar nerf is too strong, or the situation when I have only one meta because everything else is a piece of shit. But I agree strangely that the Eldar torpedoes ignore all the armor, oh and by the way about the improvements to the torpedoes, I would add that the upgrade does not cancel the state and would do more damage to the crew, you know, Eldar has not many ways to harm the crew better, well, it is in a compartment with a torpedo nerf, and then tell me now what I ask OP for OP

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@cowgomoo Hey, whoa, we have only 3 charges when the empire and the rest mostly have 2 types and at least 6, the same with fighters, there are only 2 types without fighters, and you want to cut them, I would just remove the rest factions 50 armor limit for their torpedoes so that they would not be offended, and then the damage from a full volley of Navi torpedoes is too small, these torpedoes should be damaging, by the way in the first beta when the armor was not considered to be the most powerful torpedoes from the tau, because I I agree to get torpedoes Navi need on the ability to spend more than the Eldar of the slow rotation speed of the ship,

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I agree with you, they need to either reduce the damage and increase the rate of fire so that they simply become analogs of the remaining Lens than they were, or come up with something else, to do this is a bad idea as in the first part, well, at least they added a small arch to them of fire In general, the very concept of death rays is stupid

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