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Are you guys making a mod yet? And maybe there is a discord or something like where you can follow your progress.

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@imperator When release or for a long time ??

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Well, let's admit that leaning only on TT is stupid in TT Necrons and Eldars were just insanely OP due to curved rules, besides in BL, Necrons did use fighters, though the class didn’t specify but could destroy BB Space Marines
Book World engine . Well, I mean that there is no shout at the necron because the TT is not very. TT died in 2011? Then there were only fan-made horrible rules and ships should not exist at all. Oh, and I do not adhere to the statement that necrons need a buff, they seem to be a very strong and problematic opponent now

In general, I believe that giving fighters to one faction that destroy turrets and cause damage to the hull is strange, given that damage from fighters is more stable than from bombers, the edge of a Tau can be good for their bombers and all others will most likely die before they cause damage. Especially strange about Orcs, that is, they have bombers, and most importantly more types of fighters more charges. And it seems to me that the uselessness of the bombers is related to their low speed and the animation of the attack from them. Any ship can escape to AAF and a small number of models.

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I find it funny that a simple guy, well, not a game developer was able to make a new model from two ships, and developed still can not repair model Repulsive and Exorcist

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@fosil Why should they not just reduce the damage from the CW Eldar torpedoes so that they are not such op, because the problem is only with Eldar cruisers and their torpedoes, light cruisers have a normal number of pipes, and all these dances with a tambourine with a decrease in the increase in the number of charges could be avoided. cutting damage on armor is bad, because then light cruisers are even worse. In general, we have a problem with the fact that Phoenix BC has 3 charges of all abilities with charges and all other races have BB and 4 charges of all abilities on it

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@notzerg This error was pointed out from the first beta, fix it for a couple of minutes for designers, but it’s still in the game for some reason, and it’s not one such error, but you’ll be silent if you have nothing efficient.
I never said that this is a terrible error that spoils everything.

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Because one charge is stupidity, and it is not clear if they cut the damage to them! About Corsairs if you didn’t notice they are the only ones who have increased the cost of all the ships, about the escort is too cheap, 79 points, and we will lower the cost to Orcs and hi 5 BB

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For what! Why such an increase in the prices of Corsair ships?
Oh yeah, and you had to say that now there is a fighter recall button, because I completely missed it, and many people who are now whining too
Battlecruiser “Flame of Asuryan” cost has been decreased from 419 points to 399 points
Battlecruiser "Phoenix Ship” cost has been decreased from 419 points to 370 points But I do not see the second BC for Сraftworld