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If so, make it avoidable? Some of us dreads those types of forced upon gameplay. Often even before it actually happens on foreboding suspense alone, abandoning the game when getting sick of the feeling. Or, hey! Make it go into protagonist having to weasel himself out if getting caught in some other ways! 😃

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Well, I'm probably shouting into an abyss or no one cares, but...

  • Please, oh please let there be a dialogue skip button (not the 'it will move over even the lines we do not see on screen yet', those are seriously rubbish :(). I know its probably not there so we commit to our decisions and mistakes, but maybe in the New Game + kind of deal? Pretty please? I actually curious to replay this game with different decisions (after the end comes out), but some dialogues last for MORE THAN 20 MINUTES!!! And not rarely so. On the replay its a real drag. 😢 And with opportunities randomly popping up I can't just sit near and read a book or something, to wait out something I already remember vividly. Its not like everything will be, but the option is nice.
  • Really, really loved that you've committed to actually play with the new revelations. Thank you!!! So many media only allow angst, end reveal and refusal, 98% teasing, instead. My teenage self who had her heart similarly broken again and again, after spending time jumping on the spot exited, and hanging on every word in anticipation, wants to hug you. Please let there be a lengthy, stuf-filled run of it, before the wrap up. ******
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    dynamics, in all their uniqueness. Those were so much fun! Usual and hidden.

P.S. In view of new information, I have to ask: I know the usual ending with EA, and I know you can have them leave. Is there a way to have them in later episodes? *puppy eyes' Because I love the potential for interpersonal shenanigans of any kind.

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Replayed a conversation and suddenly it came to PC being poisoned, already being put in that frame of mind my reaction was: [link text
( 😃
I mean really, do they have superior/quirky biology or do we get to permanently 'jump ship'? (Yep, some weird choices there) Or does Louis just die dramatically at the end of the last Episode, having defeated chosen enemy or allowing them to roam free? Anyway, slightly intrigued to actually play that instead just to see how far wiggling away from that little failed decision could go. 😗 Maybe, I should redo that segment the third time and add the most provocative topic of conversation to the mix.

Aww, three bromances I liked the most are now dead. 😭 Thanks, Episode 4!

Update: Family dynamics are fun! 😃 Resulting outrage is kind of promising too. I'm afraid that that poisoning might only be as penalty, and Louis resists/dies in the end, but it looks like there will be a follow-up on the culprit! excited
Sadly some choices that are product from this ep's revelation seem to to already have the colour of the morality painted in for them. Can't Louis stay a good guy who decides for himself without slipping into doubt and angst over the 'exra' parts? Can't he be a bit intrigued or dare I say exited without seeming that he left everything else behind? Contradicts his arguments to Peru. 😞
The same is with 'Father'. Does he have to sound so flatly sold out or sycophantic every time he's not at odds with him? Moreso when the choices are binary and the other one does not smell of roses either?

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Since I don't know if we'll ever get the opportunity to know this later:

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  • I still don't get the aging thing, it contradicts itself from person to person.
  • Those painting in Louis room... Yep
  • Loved the blatant reference if you messed up with Piangi this chapter. Adds to the atmosphere)))
  • Sonic Screwdrivers? 😃 (Physics) That train of thought takes me to all sorts of places 🤣
  • Holm and reading. That delivery!))))))
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My first thought was - Sarah, to cover her tracks and because of what they both were saying about the book lately, but its not his wing, so he had to come to the balconies by himself. Strange choice of potential people. o_O Unless he was controlled, of course)

By the way. In view of the recent episode, great job on unlampshaded clues on the servants! 😵

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My bells gradually started to ring when the best ways to assure 'Open and Logical' Sarah were all raw empathy and basic imperfect responses a human freaking out might have. I think she was testing him. If Louis were possessed the demon would either take cue and be what she asked of him, or be impatient to get some information and skip the niceties and worry for other people instead.

Hmm. I wonder what precisely she was afraid of when demanding if Louis spoke to Mortimer. The 'truth'? That he made some kind of deal already? Is slip of the tongue binding in any way? Maybe by agreeing to work with Mortimer or owe him, allows the demon to jump into that vessel? It makes sense then, that Peru tried to kill himself and hide the daughters away, he probably not visited or taken them to mask the location.

I gone through stages while completing the last episode, the current one I'm leaning towards is that Louis is Mortimer's son. 20% just his, like that boy Mom and Son team 'liberated', and was adopted for keeping an eye on, but more likely Sarah really is his mother. I mean we did get beginnings of the story of 20 year old her, meeting younger hotter spare body of Mortimer's, before she 'found out;, however that happened. Oh wait. Right. Adoption. I don't know how old Louis is supposed to be (yuck! His face mode looks creepy and inhuman :P), but clearly not that old. And Mortimer behaves sort of fatherly towards him? He didn't blow a gasket when I took his information and switched teams on the spot (sorry Washington's broken heart). Finally pictures in Louis room make sense! 😛 Creepy and foreboding as it is.

I hope for badass demon powers! 😃 Well... gradually. Not in the last moment for gasps or angst, and not as blunt as in 'Dark City' or 'Fahrenheit aka Indigo Prophecy' endings.

P.S. Eh. Spoilers? flatly Ha. Anyway! Can anyone tell me if Peru survived (I couldn't get into his room) and whats up with what looks like uninterractable and uncommented upon body of Wollner(?) lying face down on the balcony when you flee Emily's room in Episode 3?