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Hello to all dev-tech team. On last 10 hours I have 5 crashes like these one. The message is that: "LoginId:4d5426b74f812b4e210a4c8e354e8dd7
You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash."

What is that debugging symbols please and how can fix these issue. I send a report but the crashes is still come out and close the game and bring me on desktop with a report on Unreal crash message.All taht after 240 hours of playing on these thre weeks.
After each crash I go to properties of game and check all the files, but there is all OK. So I start back to play but after some minutes its crashed again. Have you some solution please??


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Totally agreed with you, and I just remark now a new issue, that after the game have finished is not update the points of level, so after win two matches on Coop AI game I can't be able to see my new scores, from 72 to 73 level, there because is blocked and server not updated it. I take meny public screenshots so you can see it on my profile!!!...
I understand that is new year time but many people want to spend time playing the game and with these issues they can't, DO SOMETHING DEV-TEAM!!!

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After I play 171 hours Insurgency on 19 days, from december 13, I note that there are many low level players that take Comander class for play, but they have not idea yet how game it is and how use these class. So I propose to dev-team not alowed the players that have under level 20 or 30, to take and play Comander class.