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I stopped because of the games meta and how fleets are built is very boring, for example the last time I played against a tau merchant my opponent brought nothing but the same cruiser in his fleet, its very boring, but it worked very well for him. Fleets would always perform better when every ship in the fleet excelled at doing one thing well, against chaos it would always be slaughters only or Acheron only, never a mix of ships, again very boring and takes barely any execution, low skill ceiling.

Also having no replays in the game or spectator mode is a knife in the back for the community. No content creators can analyse the game. And you can’t improve if you want to watch back your own games.

Patches are few and far between so the games balance suffers. There’s twelve factions which could take some time to balance but balancing the four main original factions like orks eldar chaos and imperial would be fine, have them as the competitive factions.

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I assumed replays was going to be in the full release version back when playing the beta, its just a feature you come to expect in games like this, but the devs were silent back then, and yeah silent now. I guess their game is under some sort of limitation or something, because why wouldn't you add something in that would improve the game as a whole.

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Exactly the star falls do a million base damage even without torps. Their the best eldar mirror faction if facing the other two.

I’d love to see their ships reduced in price but also damage reduced somewhat especially the torps flat Armor mitigation. Give them more options in terms of ship choice and better escorts - perhaps a frigate and I’d play them. Currently their only viable build is straight starfalls or perhaps starfalls with one Phoenix. Their lcs only have one volley of 4 also which is garbage.

They feel very unique to play because of the 67 armour + holos. Drukhari with impaler feel great to play now too and corsairs are in a good spot in terms of uniqueness with fragile + shroud hull.

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I can turn my prow quite easily to soak Dark eldar battle ship torpedo volleys, their ship size and lower rotation compared to the Asuryani C's. All the while Drukhari are taking continuous damage from my batteries plus turrets with limited armour protection.

If he wants to burn his thruster + vauls turn to get a broadside shot on my cruisers I can immediately delete one of his BS's with my own BS with mwj. I find drukhari much easier to deal damage back to compared to asuryani. The torpedo meta from elves is just boring, give them something else more interesting.

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Increased cost of corsairs? I think corsairs are fine. Asuryani shotgunninng delete your ship instantaneously nonesense is not.

Tau, orcas ? What has tau got to do with this? Sorry no idea what you mean.

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Well they obviously can implement multiples in a Launch bay, they changed the SM battle barge to a triple launch bay. But they have specifically changed the Despoiler to a 'heavy launch bay' , when in fact it should probably be a quad launch bay if it was to follow true to the original Gothic. Or they could just change the hanger bay battery to something similar to the Retailator. Even with the price decrease its still garbage, and even more so now with the big nerf hammer to ordinance in general.

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You can still bring four starfalls.

Dark eldar have no holofields and 9k range with 50 armour.

Corsair have four torpedo shots in one volley. Not 8. are extremely susceptible to boarding. The additional dps from vauls does take into consideration armour values, unlike torpedos.

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In case anyone did not realise, Asuryani cruisers now have a second charge of 8x armour piercing torpedos. Did we not learn from the first patch that this was completely broken? Why has this been added back? Complete step back in the wrong direction. Just one clean hit on a cruisers makes it all but dead. And all people will do now is the same starfall spam of boredom followed by shotgun torpedos just like before.

Just give them three charges of 8 but remove armour piercing from 100% to -25 like any other torpedos.....


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It specifically says prow lances, that can be found on Hades, Murder, and Despoiler, for some reason the despoilers damage was not increased tho. The heavy launch bay has been changed to 1x so I'm assuming it was never intended to have 6 squadrons.

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I’d like to see Khorne passive change troop quality to good from average, call to arms can really kick you in the shins if you roll a 1 and get it completely mitigated if your using actives on boarding.

All the other changes you suggest look interesting especially castellen robots.