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It's now been 3 weeks since release and 3 patches which were apparently meant to fix this issue.
At this point it's ridiculous and pathetic, you pay about $40 for a game which doesn't even have the core features working. You can clearly see how terrible the QA Testers are at Saber Interactive. The gameplay is there but when it comes to the inviting system, gaming running and leveling up it's a disaster.

I honestly regret paying $40 for this game and I can say with 100% truth I will not be buying a Saber Interactive game again unless I see completely positive reviews.

Big updates for these patches as welll which is ridiculous... like 3GB just to fix a few issues.
My friends have already forgotten about this game as it's just a broken mess.

It's so disappointing seeing so much potential go to waste.

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... surely there are more important matters than the servers, been waiting 8 days to invite a friend to my lobby.

I wonder if the errors will actually get fixed this time or it will be another 3GB update that fixes nothing major.

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You would think a co-op game would make sure inviting friends actually worked... it's pretty embarrassing it not working on release then the game being out for 5 days and it still doesn't work.

Sounds like the testers aren't doing a great job at actually testing the game, I keep checking Twitter and now they don't even have an estimated time of when the PC update will come out, pretty pathetic considering I pre-ordered this game for £32 and the main feature it self doesn't even work. I feel sorry for those who cannot even open the game on PC, been 5 days and it just crashes upon opening.

Game is good and fun but it's stupid that the Devs are taking this long to fix a few issues and having a lack of communication with the community on the topic.

Impressed with the game, not with Saber Interactive.

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The developers pushed an update which was apparently meant to fix this issue yesterday, it fixed nothing and they made no comment on it. Had this issue for 5 days now... it's pretty ridiculous, nothing you can do but wait another 5 days ūüėā

Many people want a refund, it's a joke at this point.

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Honestly, very disappointed in the guys at Saber Interactive. You claim to fix all these issues but from the sound of things none of them are actually fixed. Yesterday you stated that the PC update would take until the evening but it came out literally two hours ago.

The wait wasn't even worth it as the game is still broken, I've pre-ordered a game which apparently didn't even go through testing... the reason for all these issues are probably switching to Epic Games the last second.

I'm lost for words, I'm disappointed and frustrated, This is probably one of the worst releases I've ever seen. The gameplay is there (if people can actually open the game without crashing) and it's overall fun but the game is missing the key feature for PC. Playing with friends still isn't fixed.

This is embarrassing, I think Saber Interactive should apologize for these past horrible few days.
I honestly don't think I can come to buy another one of your games after this unless you pull your weight.

EDIT: Something else I wanted to add, they legit took hours to 'test' the PC version of the game to make sure these updates actually work. They then release an update that is 3GBs big for Epic Games which fixed nothing major if anything at all. After that everyone has been angry for hours until they finallly make a new post on Twitter saying yet again they're looking into the PC errors. Ridiculous.

Not trying to be mean but I'm just trying to give you some advice,
Anyway thanks for making a cool game, lets hope you can do better in the future.

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@believeinmeplss Look on Twitter, they said the hotfix will be coming sometime today.

alt text

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I agree with most of your points on the game.

1: One thing I would really like to see is a horde/survival mode. Something like Call Of Duty zombies where waves come with larger and larger amount of zombies. This horde mode could be its own unique thing in the game and easter egg missions can be involved by doing certain steps like Call Of Duty, completing these easter eggs could give you cosmetic items. The mode would aslo have it's own unique map in one of the locations episodes. Like in another part of New York.

The game is fun but I think it's lacking the replaying, I don't think this game will keep players interested for long, a horde/wave mode will 100% help the game last for longer.

2: Cosmetics are a big part in gaming these days, as we already know the devs have already added a gold camo onto the pre-order bonus DLC. I would like to see some cosmetic items in the game, including clothes and weapon skins. These can be bought with real money or working really hard in-game.

3: Upcoming content SHOULD 100% BE FREE all episodes should be free, adding paid content will be really annoying and unfun. I paid £32 for this game I don't expect a few missions and an online mode that isn't that popular. Most money can be made with cosmetics if you make your game have more replaying in it.

Sorry for spelling mistakes, I have not looked over it.

Anyway, the devs have done a good job so far, they just need to get all these bugs fixed!
Good job to Saber.

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So I encountered this issue yesterday when my friend bought the game off the Epic Games store, once he bought the game we tried to invite each other but we couldn't see any names in our invite list, keep in mind we both had the game open.

Here is what we tried:

  • Verifying game files
  • Restarting game
  • Coming back later on in the day

None of these resolved the issue, it's ironic that this game is a co-op game and you cannot even play with your friends. Instead you have to play with random people, it's just boring.

From the image below you can see what the game looks like when my friend is online but I cannot invite him (it's the same for him he cannot invite either).
alt text

Here is the weird part, the day after game launch me and my other friend bought the game. He could invite me while I couldn't invite him, so I have a feeling that some people just cannot invite eachother.

I hope Saber gets this fixed really soon as it's just ruining the game. You would think this would be fixed day one as the main focus of the game is a co-op friend experience.... but you cannot even play with your friends.

Thank you,

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