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I had the same problem today, first hard crash bug I hit in this game. It's a level 30 overcharge, I believe, and after you overcharge, turn around, and reach the top of the exolift screen goes dark, game makes a grinding sound and it shuts the Xbox off completely. I knew there wasn't a whole lot that this overcharge led to, so I loaded my game without issue and intentionally skipped it after a few retries.

Enter the bigger problem.

I continued on without using that overcharge in the Nucleus, I got into a hallway with a crystalline enemy on the upper floor, literally 20 minutes from the final boss on NG+, 42+ hours of gameplay, character dies, game closes. When I reopen the game and try to load I get a black screen, instance never loads, I can hear music for about 15 seconds before it gets distorted and hard crashes my console. I'm on an Xbox One X Scorpio (I also installed the game on a separate standard Xbox One to see if the console was the issue), 42+ hours of gameplay, every collectable along the way, version of The Surge according to the Microsoft Store, all DLC Installed as of today, and I can't load my save. There is no way to manually manage saves that I know of on the console version - am I missing something? Can I restore a previous save file? I have tried: clearing the cache, removing my Xbox live profile and reinstalling, and even did a full factory reset of my console. I am more than furious and this point and from what I can tell, I recently spent $60 on the compete edition of a game that has had this crippling issue since 2017 with no attempts to fix it!? Please resolve this. Not only is this a monetary investment, but an investment of time for everyone this is impacting who will have to create a new game just to likely have the same scenario happen. Please remember, The Surge 2 has not released yet, which I was looking forward to prior to this event, and this type of scenario will impact your potential customer's willingness to make a similar investment in your future titles. At this point, that will be a solid NO for me.