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I was playing with the bolt action sniper and managed to shoot it, and while mid bolting I accidentally swapped it to my other weapon and brought it back to the sniper not letting me shoot again, Pressing Fire to make it dry fire and maybe the game would action the bolting again. Then I tried Pressing Reload to start a reload the bullet I had just shot but no reload happened. Then I Pressed Scope and then tried to do both dry firing and also reloading and nothing happened. I didnt get a chance to throw the weapon on the floor and try to pick it up as the game ended with the last person going up the rope and me struggling to bolt another bullet in the chamber.

Hope this sheds a light, Most games like counter strike or pubg allows you to switch and bring the weapon back as it will automatically re bolt again or you can manually do it if you quick swapped for a close encounter.

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I wouldnt mind a grab/tug at the clothing and if you dont react to it they get to chomp on you for a big bite.

when in packs they should be able to nip at you and have one grow a pair to go for the jugular shot.

so far they just plow through straight at you like the aliens colonial marines

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I think is a little problematic.

there is nothing you can proactively do like, throw a smoke, or blind people by shooting a flare up at the choppper so you can fake extract or provide some visual cover going up the line.

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As I sit in the loading lobby waiting for it to fill I would like to write up some stuff I noticed in about 5 games today.

So here is my first few look in the game

Youtube Video

I had a decent time playing this beta as its fairly buggy and alot of clunky things.

Interacting with items and objects doors/cars need to have some animation and some sort of sound that you have made the interaction.

When looting a different gun with attachments, I would like to be able to take the attachments off the pre built gun without taking it in hand and then throw them on the floor or into inventory. (SMG in hand put on attachments from SMG on the ground.)

Taking bullets out of a weapon that you no longer want but share the same bullet type.

shooting was pleasant but when confronted with some lagg or server issues with desync it was very frustrating.

Bullet counts fluctuating from situations from a max clip of 25going to 24-23-22, then it laggs and puts my bullet count to 24, when I shot 3 times.

Wolves attacking and disappearing or going into the world

Blood spraying from dead bodies. pulsing.

Driving through anomalies hurt just like walking through them.

Getting hit by a wolf should be like a tackle or they should tugg at the cloth.
if its zombie then sure let it attack mindlessly.

Being hit by guns or wolves is very light and no real gauge if you got hit hard or it was a light tap.

Leaning might need to be introduced.

Time to kill feels pretty good just needs to clean up the lagg and we need more testers to fill up the lobbies.