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too bad. I had hoped there was more to it.

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Been trying to find out, but my google foo didn't return anything and neither did the forum search.

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@Focus_Guillaume Too bad, but thanks for the quick answer.

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Sorry if this sounds dismissive @midyin , but this is another of those "If this game were like this it would be more popular" threads. I understand where you are coming from, but from my experience this seldom holds true.

Look at Chaos League, that forgotten game that first landed Cyanide in trouble with GW and then the license for BB. It's much more like what you envision, but the draw of the known franchise is bigger.
Seems to me Cyanide risks losing players if the deviate to much from the LRB/BB2016 rules, rather then gaining them by reducing RNG.

As to reviews, they don't really amount to much anyways now in the age of reviewbombing. People give negative reviews to punish developers (hey you stopped supporting the game I like, now I'll give it a negative review despite the 1,200 hours I've played it since it came out 5 years ago) or because they dislike the politics of the companies CEO etc.
And then there are those reviews from people that managed to buy a game out of their interests. The best FPS would probably at best rate a meh from me, but that's not because the game is meh it's because it's not a genre that interests me.

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@Focus_Guillaume Will this fix be retroactive? As in I can continue winter or do I have to quit the league and start over with autumn?

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Update: Several reports of this on the Steam forums as well.

It's a known issue, but is there a workaround?

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Same problem, except didn't get ticket for Chaos Cup (even though I placed first on the leaderboard). I tried registering for the Outcast Cup, got an error message. Tried to register for NAF Autumn League, got an error message as well.

I did get the "Competitor" achievement after playing the 7th game in the Autumn League.

Seems when I registered again for Autumn League, new teams got added, although the schedule is still for the old teams. Don't have the option to quit the competition either.

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Thanks for the answer!

Just bought BB2 🙂

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So far I've skipped Blood Bowl 2, but now the Legendary Edition has gotten my interest.
I'm actually only interested in single player, so the Solo Eternal Mode sounds interesting to me.
Now I really disliked that AI casulties didn't really count in BB1 and I'm wondering how this will be handled in BB2LE.

Do AI teams actually suffer casualties from games with the player? From simulated games with each other?

Would really like to know.

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