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Dark Eldar or whichever faction can cloak, is bullshit. Yes bullshit, they have stupid range, stupid speed and I literally cant catch them. Ever. It is not fair, not fun and I pretty much just insta surrender the moment I come across a player playing one

Necrons, are bullshit weak, in more ways then one, but seriously need a buff to firepower at most. they simply cannot keep rate of fire up compared to other factions.

Tyranids are an instant loss, you play against them you lose.
this ties into strike actions, its just..not fun getting gutted in a single pass.

combined with the stupidity of domination map modes, and really small fleets in MP, this is not the game I was promised. Good luck with Battlefleet 3.

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that stealth mechanic is already pretty OP but being able to shoot from ranges and boost away before being caught is absolutely maddening, its gotten to the point I insta surrender when I fight them.

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I posted earlier, and it never posted.

Skirmishes have twoo few ships, especially 2v2, let me have more then 3 or 4 please. Its called Warhammer 40k not skirmishhammer 40k.

Necrons are in need of a serious boost, they die to everyone in skirmish.
Tyranids might need a lil nerf, I never see them lose.

Domination/capture and hold is not fun, especially in campaign, in fact as soon as the first mission to attack Cadia started, and it was a capture and hold, I turned it off. it was so bad. Let me just fight the enemy.