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@terry911 said in Going to lose a lot of players if mods don’t come to consoles fast:

FIX THIS FAST!! I along with a lot of other players pre-ordered your game weeks in advance for the PS4 console within two days we had beaten the whole game there are all kinds of mods for PC but not for consoles which is absolutely ridiculous if you don’t add more maps more vehicles modifications to make it more user-friendly you were going to lose a lot of players your your PS4 online servers suck you can never get on keeps timing out there’s a lot of issues that you all need to fix before you lose a lot of players I would stop worrying about PC and start worrying about the consoles

You have a very bad case of entitlement. It would be bad if it was coming from a PC player. But the fact it comes from a console player... Where you pretty much know what your getting... Because you bought a console... Then just demanding that if things dont change soon, they will loose their players on console.

They probably had to rewrite the code so you could play vanilla. Also take in to consideration that they have a long drawn out and unpleasant battle uphill with Microsoft and Sony just to allow mods. Bottom line here... Dont take your regret rage for getting a console out on these people. Go get a job, ask mommy for a raise (for cleaning dog poo), Get a paper route, or just do something to make some money and make a better choice next time. That simple... You done even need that robust of a system to play this game. The only ridiculous thing here is players like you. I hope the developers go out of there way to ignore cry baby entitlement rage paragraphs like yours.

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I am 100% behind this. As a former XBOX Indie game tester and a tester for PC as well. I can say with certainty that this game will benefit from taking advantage of 64bit. Something tho that everyone needs to be aware of is that this is an uphill battle. I have been through a game migrating 32<64bit. It requires pretty much a recode of the entire game.

Which for this game would do it wonders as with more properly motivated and skilled coders working on the dev team they can flush out errors and miss code. While simultaneously able to add conveniences/features that many would love to see added.

However just like rebuilding the lower end of your motor... This becomes a huge chore no one wants to do. But if they did they could justify about anything as a "while you are in there" sort of situation. It sucks that the original makers of this game didn't think about this well ahead of time. Especially since 64bit is king. Just got to keep pushing this one till they budge. My bet is that they were already looking at migration when they got their hands on the game. They could make so much more money on the game and do so much more with it if they were.

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