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I bought and played the Alpha/Beta for about 2 months. There were big issues, so I had to cancel and ask for a refund. My biggest problems were:

  • Aiming (mainly ADS) felt very floaty/dragged. It wasn't precise like it is in Insurgency Source (and almost every other game). Is this fixed? Is aiming/tracking targets precise or is it still floaty/dragged?
  • Do ppl play 5v5 Firefight (Competitive mode)? This is my favorite mode in Insurgency Source, and I still play it a lot. I was disappointed that I couldn't play it in Sandstorm because no one was queuing. It would take 15min to get enough ppl to start a server, then 1 or 2 wouldn't/couldn't connect and we were thrown back to queuing... I really don't like the other game modes (too chaotic, random), but if I can play this one (more tactical, slow paced), its worth my money.

There was a lot of other stuff that needed fixing, but these two were my main issues. I don't think I can buy and ask for a refund again, so if you guys could help me decide, I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

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This is really bad and unnecessary! I can't find a reason for it existing and it just messes our aiming. As OP said, muscle memory out of the window and you will always over/under aim.
It adds to the "draggy"/"laggy"/not snapp feeling of aiming in this game.
This is probably the most frustrating aspect of the game for me. In a run and gun game, maybe you wouldn't notice this as much, but in this game, where you have to be very precise, it really gets frustrating.

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Worse, I load into a match and get the "your team has no more respawn waves"... Why? Why is the game putting me in a server/team where I can no longer play?

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Probably not the answer you want, but with no way to make a conversion now, I use the measuring method. I measure on my mouse pad how many centimetres it takes to do a 360 in Insurgency Source and then change sensitivity in Sandstorm to match those cm.. It's not the most accurate way, but I use for all my FPS games and is working fine.
Probably the most difficult part is to match the scoped sensitivity. Didn't change anything there, but probably will, once the overall aiming aspect of the game becames less "draggy" and more snappier.

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I'm still having a lot of trouble joining a match.
It's just a waste of time trying to join a Comp Match. I wait in the "Finding Server" menu for about 5 min. I finally join a server, then I wait for 3 min on the "Ready" screen. If only 1 player doesn't hit "Deploy", all 9 of us are sent back to the main menu. It's ridiculous... Is just a huge waste of time. I spend more time trying to join than actually playing. And this is my favorite gamemode from Insurgency Source.

There is some problem here that I can't figure out, because sometimes I'm put on a server with 10 people, and then only 3 or 4 deploy. Either 6 disconnect (like krix, I find that hard to believe), or people aren't aware that they have to hit "Deploy"...
I hope this gets better once the game goes live, because it didn't after the alphas, betas...

I know it's matchmaking, but if it doesn't improve, you have 3 options:

  • Go BF1 mode (people just join until the server is full, and then the match starts)
  • Go R6S mode (keep widening the filters until you find enough players)
  • Go Insurgency Source mode (Put a server browser for Comp)

They all have the disadvantage of crippling matchmaking (all 3 will put players with different levels/skills on the same server), but at least we can play this mode...

Another problem happening is that people just quit mid-game. When I can play this mode, I often end matches in 5v2. This would be solved with the server browser, because people could find games with 9 or 8 players, and join.

Maybe you can go full R6S on this and separate "casual" and "ranked" Comp. Server browser for "casual" and the current system for "ranked". It could be worse (separate even more the players and create longer queue times), but maybe give it a shot?

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