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Oh god one of those "my dude," guys that claims he hasn't seen a cheater. I'm always curious what these guys' stats are...and if they are completely oblivious or just trolling.

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I have been reporting people to EAC via the report link, thanks for letting us know.

That being said, Honestly man, your game is RIDDLED with hackers. I have a couple copies of the game and I'm not playing on O-Face right now specifically because it's a joke at the moment, and I don't want my main account's stats all fucked up because of a bunch of fat losers using paid cheats.

It's REALLY out of control. I am seeing, recording/verifying and reporting at least 2 cheaters every match. They are easy to spot but people are worried about calling them out and looking like they are noobs...but it's's obvious and it's a joke.

If I were you guys I would add an additional layer of protection, I duno if it would mean admins overwatching each game like CS, but SOMETHING else....the hackers are pissing all over the Easy Anti Cheat.

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I'm honestly seeing various hackers in the game, lots of recordings, too busy with work to spend a day editing and posting right now, but I know you guys deny all existence of cheating in PC games without video evidence (lol) so here is something I saw, clearly these guys are running rampant:

Youtube Video

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Just wanted to mention that. Catching lot's of cheaters right now. Easy Anti Cheat is the cheapo solution man. That is a band aid for a buzz saw kinda thing.

If you do a quick google search, there are indeed people making hacks for this game, and if they exist and those communities are discussing them (I like to research my enemies, them being "hackers," in this context), people are using them at length.

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So, do you guys want videos of problems in this game? Are there devs looking through videos like that? I got a bunch showing really shitty netvcode problems, with 50 ping or so. Walking into rooms, firing 5 rounds into a character and no response, shit like that.

I think if your netcode is this messy at launch, you will chase away all the competitive players right from the start. Those first impressions are crucial.