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When you spend credits, the amount in menu stays where it was, you can't buy even if menu tells you you have the proper amount of credits, you then need to gain more credits to have it refreshed in menu.

Bots in coop: they should not be able to shoot RPG (or maybe, MAYBE ONLY on vehicles, with no perfect accuracy), they should not be able to stack next to each others because when you pass a corner with five of them waiting for you in a stack, you just die and can't react and kill all of them before dying, they need to spread more or there need to be a proximity limit after defined threshold (let say two bots can stack in same corner, but after that, other bots need to go away in another corner/room/specific minimum distance), they shouldn't make 'bots-train' when seeking for a player, they shouldn't also be able to track and shoot people through walls (sometime you are behind a bot, and you see him following directly through wall players on opposite side).

Spectators can only see primary weapon while spectating people

Floating nades and weapons around people in truck at spawn

The player list on connection screen when joining a community server is stuck from the list before you joined a community server, after that all connection screens will have the player list stuck at the game right before joining a community server

Flames on the ground should perfectly reflect the possible damage, I died from incendiary grenade when flames were 1 meter away from me, so maybe there is a problem in game or maybe it was visual inconsiistency on my screen only.

Bots grenade/molotov/RPG accuracy seems to be too perfect on some bots, this is a problem, they should be innacurate like players, because receiving a molotov from max distance right on the head, litterally, isn't fun at all. Bots in my opinion should not be in the extremes, no dumbo, and no 360-noscope-perfect aim bots.

Dying right at capture time in coop is shit (TK, dead nade, objective cache, you know the usual..), you should respawn too (like 3 seconds grace period, if you are dead right before or at spawn, then respawn if grace period is not over)

Windows and doors still feel not good. Sometimes you need to interact multiple times to open a door. Really often you run at a window (or little wall), and jump in it but you don't vault it, INSTEAD you jump in front of it and slide to the wall SIDE TO SIDE.. doing this sometime like 5 or more time going from one side of window to the other, multiple times in a row, before REALIZING YOU NEED TO STOP MOVING, then walk right in front of window, looking straight, then jumping to vault it.. which is BAD BAD BAD for a fast paced shooter.. it needs to be reliable and fast and consistent.

ammo resuply point not visible if far away, maybe adding more infos for resupply point would be good , and increasing the distance we see resupply (maybe make it a key to show more on HUD while pressing the reload key in game this way no need to open the map)

bot walk into fire of molotov and they dont care, I often see them come into a romm and walk into fire then pas the fire, and then shoot at you without any problem.

Pump shotgun when spectating has infinite reload animation for spectator. You see the reload animation and the shots at same time. Happens with other weapons I think like the bolt rifle or something like that.

In coop, often you join a game, on screen you see 'match begins in 3 2 1..' then you join and choose a role, click deploy, then you see everyone deploy but you, because you clicked 0.1 seconds too late. there should be a 'grace period' where people can still spawn at first round start

Bots can shoot while proning or getting up, they shouldn't. Players can not the shooting animation cuts when you prone or get up.

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If you have a controller plugged in (XBox controller for me), you start the game then in menu you have the XBox controller scheme which suddenly appears in menu (press A, press X, and so on you see what I mean). Then you unplug the controller. then you search for let say a COOP game. Now you have join a COOP game, you still have the controller scheme enabled in game, you can not use keyboard to move, and you voice is automatically transmitted in game.

I can reproduce this every single time following the above steps.

Restart game now with the unplugged controller, you can use keyboard to play, and your voice is not auto transmitted in game.

Game should be compatible with controller unplugging, or have some sort of option to completely disable controller support or even better, BOTH.