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Would you happen to have patch notes for the update?

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I feel the bolter really just needs a small bump to armor perforation to make it viable. Everything else is pretty spot on imo.

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Forget the level I was playing, but it was a special mission in multiplayer. Completed a mission and the psygate spawned along with the new objective (Defend the Tech Priests objective, fails if you leave the area within a short time frame). I had walked into the psy gate and was provided a count down timer, was not able to exit the psy gate in time and failed the mission. Not sure if this was intended to have the next objective right next to the completed objective? Either way, figured I'd post it.

On PS4

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Hybrids with auto guns shouldn't be doing damage to terminator armor. I'm pretty sure this argument has been heard before.

Essentially, if matching in universe, the damage should be 0 or 0.001, which essentially makes the hybrid near useless as a resource in the game (from a developer perspective based purely on damage).

I have an idea how to fix this, in the way that the thorax swarm is used more as a debuff than a source of damage. When under fire from an auto-gun, the terminator should be affected by a debuff, movement speed slowed down, slight stumbling (affecting accuracy and recoil) and reduced melee attack speed. You can scale the level of debuff depending on how many auto-guns are shooting the terminator.

This would prevent the auto-gun from being as devastating in-game it currently is (not matching in the 40k universe) while still providing a threat in of itself by providing heavy weapon hybrids to do their job. For the sake of balancing with the debuff in mind, provide the heavy weapon hybrids with a slight buff to damage and fire rate, picking up the slack for the auto-guns lack of damage. Hybrid spawns could be tweaked so that they spawn in squads, 3 auto-gun to each heavy weapon.

Essentially, this would make the hybrids with the auto-gun effective while retaining the power level of terminator armor as represented in the 40k universe. Thanks for reading!

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Critical attacks can one shot you if you don't have bonus armor, especially in No Mercy.

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Hey Jab, are you playing on PS4 or PC?

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@voldo said in Suggestion for immersion and "fixes":

in random missions, hide map (aka add "fog of war"). Only show areas you have been.

hide enemy spawn point locations from map!!!!!

remove enemy movement blips from radar unless you have designed auspex device installed on, for example, powerfist >mode spot. With one party member having it, others could see enemy movement aswell (device and it's function is from >space hulk w40k book "Death of Integrity")

make maps randomly go dark. I mean, kill the ♥♥♥♥ing lights. What kind of space hulk has all lights/candles burning? >Make corridors DARK. Only light coming from terminator suits, and gun fire. Makes game feel more distressing and epic, >and firefights in narrow corridors look damn awesome when suit lights and gun muzzle fire revealing the approaching >hordes.

I really like these ideas, maybe add a Hardcore difficulty which implements these ideas. That way, we could still retain No Mercy games, but if you really wanted to up the ante, you'd have access to that Hardcore difficulty. Randomly dropped into a random map, fog of war, friendly fire on and 10% - 15% potential to be spawned away from your teammates in the beginning of the match (deep striking inaccuracies). Perma death maybe as a toggleable option (Reinforcements On/Off - boosts XP if off). Damage values kept from No Mercy, maybe boost the enemy spawn. Also, make it only playable in Special Missions.

I also like the ideas of larger swarms and using loud sounds to wake the nests, and the random full on darkness. Dead Space used that effect pretty well in it's first game if I remember correctly.

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You got a sell out of me, now I have to try the lightning claws

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