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Since it is an early access game or still in "beta" we all knew that some things were going to be rocky. Parachuting was a lag fest, after I jumped out I didn't see anything until i was on the ground. Getting into the buildings and maneuvering around was fine. I had no issues with controls unless my frames dropped. The big thing here is looting, the interface for your inventory and the method for dragging or clicking is not clear. I killed two people and tried to take their things but it would not go into my inventory. I'm not sure if I didn't have space or whether or not I needed a backpack, there was nothing indicated so i was a bit lost. When I looked at the map, I wasn't sure what the color coded areas were since there was no legend. Naturally I decided to head to the middle of the map. Quite the distance it was, ironically as soon as I get there I see two people having at it. In attempt to flank the winner, my game sent me back to the main menu without anything telling me why. I'm down to play this game, it looks like it has potential.