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Yes I have also proposed this, make boarding a Damage Over Time effect which can be mitigated with additional boardings from your own other ships

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I think with the tyranid fleet being so fleshed out we could easily spare a few ships and maybe a battleship or two to add to the Craftworld Eldar Fleet who really could use one, just a reskin mind those stats and abilities are nice! ; )

Half joking aside just upping the points on tyranids is a quick fix solution and doesn't address the problems integral to Boarding in this game. That should be addressed also other than just upping the points on ships.

A big problem in 2v2 is the lack of ships available to a player especially if they want to use large ships or battleships. Gameplay wise every player should be able to field at least 2 Battleships for EVERY faction (in a 2v2) matter the faction or a larger amount of smaller vessels. Battleships should be balanced by adjusting their stats, comparing DPS and HP and adjusting those stats together with speed according to a formula rather than quickly changing the points value of a ship so players get even less ships to play with.

1 battleship and a Heavy Cruiser (if your faction is lucky enough to even get a Battleship) is already a pitiful amount of ships to control for a game that aimed to have larger battles than its predecessor and by balancing Tyranids with a lazy points increase you are not addressing the real problems but merely taking toys away without addressing bad behaviour due to overpowered stats which are at the root of the problem.

We don't mind Tindalos taking some extra time to give us better balance through a stats rework and the idea of simply upping the points and calling it done I don't feel is the best way to handle the problems we currently have with Tyranids.

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Yes please to a formations button, and also fix the issue when controlling multiple ships at once where inexplicably they want to path in front of each other on crossed line, very annoying especially for faster ships

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Point One:
I agree with an earlier poster that 600 is WAY too small for 2v2. For a game which claims to raise the scale of battles 600 is far too limiting.

A player should be able to field 2 Battleships or 4 large cruisers or 1 battle ship and 2 large cruisers or any of the smaller combinations of ships available as their half of a 2v2

Please ensure that EVERY faction has a Battleship available to them and that the points cost of them allows every faction to field 2 as part of a 2v2.

That said either ship points should be adjusted to allow those combinations or 2v2 should simply be bumped up to 700 or 750 points each to allow every faction to take those ship numbers.

Point Two:

People very much the ability to customise their ships and NAME them (or at least create names from an approved faction wordlist name generator similar to that which names the ships at present) in multiplayer, be it skirmish or ranked.

Each ship should be customisable and saveable with 4 additional upgrades alongside the two chosen at the faction select screen as part of the match.

These upgrades need not be overpowered in anyway but rather minimal adjustments to the statline of a ship such as

  1. Turn speed - Ship turns 5% faster
  2. Ship Speed - Ship moves 5% faster
  3. Shield Recharge - Ship shield/holofield/shadowfield recharges/fills 5%faster
  4. Armoured - 5% more armour
  5. Experienced Crew - all cooldowns reduced by 5%
  6. Experienced Gunners - ship weapons fire 5% faster
  7. Additional Troops - 1 additional troop on board ship
  8. Additional Fuel - All engine maneuvers have 5% additional guage time or last 5% longer

Basically bring back some of the Engine, Generator, Hull, Deck and Weaponry skills of the first game but lower the buffs they give so that players have the ability to make small refined adjustments to how they want their fleet to play.

5% is not much and in fact just a random figure I pulled to show that even with such a small change the PSYCHOLOGICAL attachment the player has to their customised fleet and feeling that those changes make the fleet behave different to other 'builds'
(all of course unlocked from the get go) enables the game to have a deeper level of strategy.

The first games problem was matchmaking and the level system and pitting players together that had full unlocked skills vs players who had very little or were starting out.

Please in a future game update at least return these upgrades to the multiplayer for skirmish at least but seein git in 2v2 multiplayer ranked would also give the game more longevity.

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Yeah exactly. Gaming design is a very important responsibility because it deals with the human psyche. Good games address that and become legends and bad games are forgotten as soon as another one comes out.

Stunlocking is a mechanic present in a lot of games but the time your avatar or character or vehicle is stunned has to be minimal for you as a human being to enjoy the game.

Playing a game is all about having fine control of your character or vehicle or in this case vessel.

Having that control wrenched away from you is the worst thing any game developer could possibly do and is the reason why the stasis bomb is so dreaded.

The good thing about the stasis bomb is that it is TEMPORARY and does no damage nor does it kill you.

It merely gives an opportunity for your enemy to take advantage of your disabled state and for you to come to the rescue with another ship.

Being able to reboard a vessel that is empty of troops is a GREAT step in the right direction but it is not yet enough.

The reason why players are NOT enjoying the current boarding mechanics are because they are esentially stunlocking you and then ending your control of that valuable ship in a split second.

That is not fun and therefore that gameplay mechanic should be redesigned to BE FUN.

A slow life threatening mechanic THAT CAN BE REVERSED creates additional tension and if played well can be reversed which gives players a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Players don't play games to have control taken away from them and right now that is exactly what is happenning with the boarding mechanic.

We are still in Beta and its not to late to change some values and add a few lines of code here and there to make that sort of gameplay a reality.

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Boarding needs to be a minigame and act like a slow damage over time effect , watch in horror as S L O W L Y your ships troop number is dropped (depending on your onboard troops of course) while desperately trying to get a lightning strike or boarding action onto your own vessel to try and kill off the boarders. THAT's exciting and that;s the type of gameplay that I feel a lot of people would enjoy.

Right now its like a weapon, hits quickly and in an instant the combat internally is resolved leaving no tension, suspense or allowing a boarded player to do anything about it.

They board it's over in a second and your ship is a hulk especially when faced against the two most complained about factions at the moment. Space MArines and Tyranids - surprisingly Boarding factions.

Every faction in the 40k universe has elite troops and one of the upgrades should be the ability to stock your ships with Kasrkin Shocktroopers or Ogryns, Aspect Warriors or wraithguard, Chaos Space MArines or Obliterators and erm Kroot, but you get what I am saying!

Allow a faction that is ordinarily bad at boarding to be able to choose to surprise a boarder if they choose to dedicate an upgrade for it for a limited offensive and defensive potential.

Boarding is not fun right now, its too quick and too effective.

Give those boarded a counter and one that involves reboarding to kill boarders and we actually have an even more exciting game on our hands.

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To be honest the whole Boarding Mechanic needs some work, Boarding is something that should act like a 'DoT' damage over time effect, perhaps even with its own minigame, shooting boarders across or lightning striking for immediate effect is the biggest problem with the Mechanic at the moment. If you notice everyone is stating that Tyranids and Space Marines are OP, both of them because of boarding. I feel this is an indicator that Boarding itself should be looked at and amended.

The process should be slower the damage take more time to kill off troops and do critical component damage, allow some form of counter like counter boarding from your own ships to outfight the boarders or something to make it more enjoyable to counter.

Right now from Tyranids and Space Marines its

Board, Hulk GG.

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Thank you for explaining the dotted red line

What is strange is that I always set my engagement range to 0 when playing Craftworld or corsairs as it avoids them abruptly stopping and losing holofield damage negation. I also need to be close to get those nice torps in, I make sure I avoid crashing with engine management.

Sometimes however I get a solid redline even when very close to the target even at 0 engagement range as that is my standard default for this faction.

I have no idea why my all my ships were unable to fire pulsars sometimes for a whole match but often I saw those dotted lines when it happened.

weird, I shall try to pay more attention in my next games to observe the difference between solid and dotted red line.

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old thread but its still happening.

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I would love for formations to be an actualk thing, line abreast line ahead all of that and specifically for thast to be useful I would like to see an option for friendly fire to be turned on as a skirmish setting. THAT makes the game harder and actually more tactical especially in team games.

Regarding seeing the boundaries of asteroids and gas clouds, if you double tap Alt you will see the outlines, just like in BFG A1

Personally I would like to see an additional option for a larger amount of fleet points for 2v2.

Small battle: 600 Points
MediumBattle: 700
Large Battle: 1000 points per player.

(If the game dies then someone will mod this in but it really should be you Tindalos and people will stick around)

At least allow a player to field 2 battleships or 3-4 top end cruisers if they want in Skirmish at least.

My biggest wish would be to code in an extra player per side so battles could be 3v3. Not including more players in different ways was a massive missed opportunity by Tindalos.

Standard RTS games have 4v4 and that is what the scope should have been expanded to.

Also agree heavily with choosing you fleet before the battle.

You pick faction>enter lobby> can chat with opponent and teamate and then form plan and choose fleet knowing what factions you are against.

Again AT LEAST have this in skirmish. If this game wants longevity then these are exactly the sorts of fun things that keep players playing

Other really important things are solving many people's Monitor resolution issues and providing support for widescreen, ultrawide and triple monitor users out of courtesy as almost every games company does this.

Don't cut corners please.