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old thread but its still happening.

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I would love for formations to be an actualk thing, line abreast line ahead all of that and specifically for thast to be useful I would like to see an option for friendly fire to be turned on as a skirmish setting. THAT makes the game harder and actually more tactical especially in team games.

Regarding seeing the boundaries of asteroids and gas clouds, if you double tap Alt you will see the outlines, just like in BFG A1

Personally I would like to see an additional option for a larger amount of fleet points for 2v2.

Small battle: 600 Points
MediumBattle: 700
Large Battle: 1000 points per player.

(If the game dies then someone will mod this in but it really should be you Tindalos and people will stick around)

At least allow a player to field 2 battleships or 3-4 top end cruisers if they want in Skirmish at least.

My biggest wish would be to code in an extra player per side so battles could be 3v3. Not including more players in different ways was a massive missed opportunity by Tindalos.

Standard RTS games have 4v4 and that is what the scope should have been expanded to.

Also agree heavily with choosing you fleet before the battle.

You pick faction>enter lobby> can chat with opponent and teamate and then form plan and choose fleet knowing what factions you are against.

Again AT LEAST have this in skirmish. If this game wants longevity then these are exactly the sorts of fun things that keep players playing

Other really important things are solving many people's Monitor resolution issues and providing support for widescreen, ultrawide and triple monitor users out of courtesy as almost every games company does this.

Don't cut corners please.

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boost for eldar faction ships sometimes becomes unavailable on a per ship basis seemingly at random. Trigger unknown but playing can reproduce this eventually.

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Had some very frustrating games where pulsars would not fire, then I noticed in another game and this was confirmed by teammate that I could not see them fire but I heard them impact and make damage on my target.

Often this occurs when the target line is dotted. What does this red DOTTED line actually mean?


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Can confirm Eldar often has actions stop working mid match for no clear reason. Sometimes the pulsars stop working without the Craftworld Eldar ship having taken weapon damage and there is no clear indication to give an idea as to why.

I have also seen vau'ls maneuver non functional in this way.

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After trying to spend some time to really get a nice efficient set of hotkeys set I came across a serious issue.

Playing as Eldar Craftworld I wanted to bind keys so that each key would always do the same action, ideally across all factions and all ships.

Currently keybinds are assigned in a very unclear and confusing manner for the user.

stances for example are labelled as 1-4
They relate to the order in which the stance buttons are spread out in the bottom of the screen in battle UI.

The issue is that an Eldar light cruiser has 4 stances and an Eldar Cruiser has 3. The Light Cruiser has the ability to use 'running silent'.

The problem is that running silent is slotted into the second stance button on a light cruiser whereas on a Cruiser there is no option to run silent and so the second button activates runic targetting nodes

The effect is that the same keybind activates a completely different skill depending on which ship you have selected at the time.

when cycling through a fleet especially requiring a lot of micro to run efficiently this kind of problematic keybinding creates many problems.

0_1547846091764_keybind probs bfg 1.jpg

0_1547846154349_keybind probs bfg 2.jpg

The solution is to either have stance buttons displayed but greyed out so that the stances per faction always appear on the same button and thus can always be bound to the same action in game.

Each stance should be LOCKED to a specific button so s1 is ALWAYS Brace for impact, s2 is ALWAYS running silent, s3 is ALWAYS targettings Nodes/lock on and s4 is ALWAYS reload.

This would ensure that when a player has rebound and learnt that their 'z' key for example activates lock on they won't be activating running silent if they happen to cycle to a different ship with one less stance available.

This is the one example I have caught involving stances but with so many factions I am sure that this keybinding issue is an issue for other ships and other actions too.

Please can Tindalos double check all of their bindings to buttons and ensure that a single key can be bound that activates ONLY ONE action for a whole faction no matter the ship selected.

A final point regarding keybinds is that Outside of being in a battle there is no way to know what stance, command or action button does what and this should be made clearer in the fleet selection menu with all the hotkeys that each ship uses clearly visible and displayed.

I had to go into a skirmish vs AI match and pause the game to peer accross the ui buttons to try to figure out what button corresponded to what action in the controls menu and it was only then that I discovered this glaring issue.

I am pretty sure that their are other factions out there that have the same problem as the root of this issue is caused by not having specific keybinds to actions (eg binding a key to lock on/targetting nodes etc) but rather defining a keybind to its position on the UI which is filled with a different skill/action/stance depending on the faction or even ship currently selected.

Please Tindalos can you fix this for us. Thank you.

Feel free to add your keybind related feedback and issues to this thread.

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It is a shame we as customers and end users have to fix any resolution issues ourselves. A spokesperson for Tindalos on these very forums said that they do not intend to support certain resolutions so it is up to us to make things as good for ourselves as we can.

Thank you for posting your solution and I hope others with the same issue you have had will benefit from it in the future.

I am hoping that at least after release Tindalos can actually address this issue to support all of the resolution issues players are having as their current supported resolutions are extremely limited and stating that they do not intend to support them makes them look bad as a competent developer.

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lol all these threads popping up about resolution. It seems Tindalos is not interested in supporting anything but the bare minimum of current resolutions.

OP is fully correct. It may not be a priority but please fix this at least after launch if there is too much other work to do.

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I will actually describe my experience and this is just another example of why customers are upset with the current situation.

If you have a monitor resolution that is currently 'unsupported' by Tindalos then your user experience and enjoyment of the game is heavily neutralised.

I run triple monitors in a Nvidia Surround resolution and as far as my PC is concerned I have a single monitor running at 5040x1050. The game has been recently coded to ignore that and to switch me over to what Tindalos wants to support.

This means that my screen does a strange disconnect and is forced to switch into a 1680x1050 on my single screen. The problem is this kind of artificial limiting is conflicting with the computer and results in all kinds of strange issues like the game mostly launching on my central monitor with the left and right blank or sometimes opening up as a smaller window with strange artifacting occurring only on my left screen.

On 1680x1050 I was unable to move my mouse to the right of the screen (screen area seemed to be artificially restricted as a result of this crazy coding designed to limit the hardware I wish to use with this game and I was unable to even move my mouse to the right side of the screen.

This is not just me but I have already seen another post where another person posted that they were also unable to move their mouse over a button to click it in what may seem to be a related issue.

I am now having to play the game on 1200x900 and this is unnacceptable. Both my left and right monitors are idle and unused.

I understand that very few people game on triple monitors but this issue is experienced by other players on ultrawides, something which is far more common.

This is why people are angry Tindalos and why you are seeing more threads pop up about this issue.

Your game is beautiful on widescreen but your menus are broken.

Stop limiting people with this artificial band aid fix you think will make the problem go away as it is only hurting your reputation as a competent game developer.

Fix this techincal issue ASAP.

For Comparison: Battlefleet Gothic Armada II Alpha:
How it used to be for me

How it is for me now in an updated Beta:

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Oh Absolutely, resolution is fundamental to the user gameplay experience. It is the 'face' of the product and something that should not be overlooked.

Tindalos please support all current resolutions including ultrawide and multiple monitors. It just takes a little effort.

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