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Hi guys. i noticed some of our console brethren were complaining that they were unable to use mods. i have written a post about it on the thread so i wont go into it here. it seemed that a lot of console owners have the impression that a gaming pc is really expensive so i did a bit of digging on the net and put together a pc which can not only run mudrunner but a whole host of other games too. im a casual pc hobbyist and by no means a professional but i do keep up to date with pc hardware and enjoy building my own systems. i made a spreadsheet without knowing the total price and was quite happily surprised to see that it came in at just under 350 euros. i have posted the spreadsheet below.

i have added my reasons for the parts i chose on the spreadsheet if you have any questions or suggestions about the page or building your own pc feel free to pm me. i would also like to hear your thoughts on what pcs you would build. like i said im not an expert i just want to show people that they can get into pc gaming quite easily.

Keep Calm and Keep Trucking

Oscar Mike 🙂

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i have watched some people play on console and i have to admit altho the base game is very good i can see how one would get bored after a while with the grind of the base game vehicles. if i didnt have access to all the modded vehicles and maps i would have probably stopped playing a little while ago. you have to admit that with the addition of mods the games content tripples if not more. i feel sorry for our console bretherin who dont have access to these mods. they paied for the same game we did. i dont know how hard it would be to enable mods on console. i understand that mr has a small dev team and are doing their best to make the game playable for everyone. it might be harder to enable mods on xbox or ps than we think.
i understand that not everyone has a pc and wont be able to just go out and buy one. but you must understand that pc's are capable of a lot more than a console and this is one of the cases where it is evident. and there will be more games similar problems. pc offers a much greater ability to mod games and programs its just the way it is.
mr however is not a very demanding game and you dont need a beast pc to run it. there are a lot of older pc games which will run on a basic pc. one of the friends i play mr with also plays world of tanks. he has an old core 2 duo laptop with integrated graphics. ok so he plays games on potato settings but its still possible and he has fun.
i think a simple and fair solution would be to make the game free on steam to those who purchased the game on console. this way one will still have access to the moddable version of the game if they in the future are able to gain access to a pc. it only seems fair if one has paied for the game on whatever platform one should have access to all its potential content even if they dont have the current means to play that content on the platform they are using.
give free access to steam version to console players. thats what i think.
also if there are any console players out there that want help or advice on buying or building a pc pm me and ill do my best to help you out. a pc doesnt have to be thousands of $$ to play most games.

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to be honest! after making that post i watched someone stream mudrunner all night for about 4-5 hours. in the morning my mates got on and we fired up the game. we litterally just finished playing now. we played and i streamed for 12 hours 30 min straight. it was epic. longest stream i have ever done longest mudrunner session. i had a bunch new follows and viewers my stream has never been so active. it was a sensation for me. between the 4 of us we completed some epic maps like dangerous roads 3 and return to badlands. totaly hecktic maps which i would have never expected to come accross. never would have been able to complete these maps solo. this game has so much going for it. so pumped right now but its time for bed. its been a long day.

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wow so i have had a look at some of the screenshots here and holy crap do they look good. im gonna have to work out how to mod my game so it looks so good. and so much work has gone into some of these modded vehicles simply amazing stuff.

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@justinlynch3 mudrunner physics at its finest XD

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i know its a modded truck but with a little help getting up my friend was able to ballance it on a house 😃
alt text

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Been playing mudrunner a while now and love it. cant help notice a few minor points tho. i noticed that headlights and engine sounds are clientside only while in MP. it would make the game 10x better if i could hear my teammates engine or see the light from his headlights. is that something they can implement into the game? appart from those little pet peevs i think the game is fantastic. i think just hearing my teammates engine would add to the immersion.

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Hi i have been playing mudrunner now a while with my friends and really enjoy it. i noticed not many people stream it. is there no interest in watching mudrunner?
i have started streaming myself in january and streamed mudrunner a few times now. im still new to streaming and going nowhere with my streaming career 😛 so i thought i would post here and let people know im around. i dont have a schedule or anything but usually start in the evening GMT+1 it all depends when my friends want to play. i dont play on my own and my friends like to play other games too so if theres anyone out there who wants to play with me so i can stream more drop us a line.
my channel can be found here

well thats me
keep truckin guys.

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