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No, i was on the same team. He was last man standing. He capped an objective killing the entire team. Possible? Yes. But watching it was obvious. In a full mag dump, he would lock on instantly and kill 4 people per mag (roughly 3 seconds). Would lock on before they were in view and kill through walls when they were running. Extremely jerky movement, not watching corners...just running and getting instant miracle kills. Its very obvious to see. Ive been playing for months...i know when i see cheaters. Some will have blue outline of the body of enemies all over map. Only that one person on the team will have that death cam.

Yes, its entirely possible to not cheat and get 40 kills. Spawn rape, nube tube, rockets will all do this. Super lame, but not cheating.

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Absolutely need it. The cheating is seriously getting out of hand already.

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The cheaters are in full swing, easily seen on when watching death cam. Ive seen bodies of enemies lit up through walls, and snapping to all enemies automatically. They auto snap through walls, and can clear whole teams easily. Pretty obvious to watch, and when the average team member has 5 kills and they have 50+.

An easy example is "ProfessorP".

Its ruining the game. Fix this.

If you dont help the ones playing fair, they leave. Then you have nothing but a piece of crap left.

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Even after update, our team couldn't even get out of spawn. Constant one shot kills IN SPAWN, not running out, but within seconds of spawning. Some guys never even moved. Frandito bandito does this constantly, no one gets to play when he is spawn killing the entire team. Its not unusual to see him get 150 kills in a round, with less than 10 deaths.

Our full team had a total of 19 kills, when he had double that. We need to stop this, I wont tell anyone I know to buy this game with this garbage going on. Its no fun when you can play.