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Overall, I see great improvement. FPS has been very inconsistent through out my time playing, but this latest update shows optimization is going in the right direction. I can get it to run pretty well on my MacBook bootcamped with Windows 10, on medium post process and settings.

I absolutely LOVE the new animation sprint and the reduced walk speed in Hardcore mode. I don't mean to bring up other games, but it gave a similar game play experience to Ground Branch, but way smoother and not as janky.

I don't usually run a sniper class so i didn't bother with the sniper rifles, however the new weapons are pretty beast from what I've seen.

Good job on some of the new customization options. A few suggestions for character assets; baseball cap (forward and back) with headset. Kevlar helmet with goggles wrapped around. More tribal looking gear for the insurgents.

As far as the new map goes, it's not bad but it didn't really blow me away. I am looking forward to some Insurgency re master maps like Ministry, and although it's an unpopular map, I would love to see Panj remastered in the Unreal engine with new foliage and lighting.

Great work guys! I implore your team to keep pushing and make this game as successful as possible. The FPS market needs it, and fans have been asking for a game like this for a long time.

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Some Afghan garb would be a nice addition to the character assets for the Insurgents. Pashtun tribal gear; pakol hats, head scarves, perahan tunban shirts/pants. The loose fit of the perahan shirt might be a challenge to animate, but these would be some nice additions to the Insurgent customization options. Might have to do some faces for the Insurgents which would also be a welcome addition, rather than them just being faceless enemies.

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I noticed while using ADS with the AK models, there is clipping on the rear of the gun. You can see the rounds loaded in the top of the magazine, almost as if the camera is clipping into the gun.

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Consider adding more LMG's to the gunner class. Drop the damage and muzzle climb on the M249. Add the M240B and other heavier LMG's with higher calibers and have those weapons with high damage but also with higher muzzle climb/recoil.

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With this latest update it seems there have been some tweaks to the muzzle climb of all weapons. I understand this is for balancing, but it could be reduced somewhat. The weapon I noticed with the most amount of muzzle climb is the M249; it is impossible to fire bursts accurately without using the bipod. Again, I understand this was done for balancing purposes, but it is wildly inaccurate.
During my time in the Army and as a private contractor, I gained much experience with this weapon system. The 249 is not a bulky, cumbersome weapon with high recoil like most games portray. It is a light, short LMG that can be utilized as an automatic rifle in it's role in an infantry fire team. I highly recommend turning down the muzzle climb effect just a tad for all weapons, but mostly the M249.

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Hey guys,
I already love the M249 and PKM that is featured so far. Would really like to see the M240 LMG and possibly the M60 LMG to make appearances in Sandstorm. The gunner class is a lot of fun to play with, but more LMG options would be great.