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I agree that doors don't belong in competitive, and for other reasons too. The only reason doors should stay is if:

I can open a door slightly without making sound and peek through the crack
I can open a door fully without making any sound and push without alerting everyone within twenty yards
Doors actually start working properly and don't take 2 or 3 attempts sometimes just to open the door.
The teleportation from beating down a door is fixed (when a player uses a sprinting-melee to bust down a door, they do not smoothly transition outside the door for everyone else, they suddenly teleport a couple feet past the door and can make you miss if you're at an angle.)

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Like the guy above me was trying to say, you cannot shoot midair if you jumped. However if you simply fell/vaulted you can shoot midair but it's mostly luck.

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From a realism standpoint I agree but from a gameplay perspective standpoint I don't agree.

Right now I think crouching reducing recoil is a good thing for gameplay for a couple reasons.

One, there are a lot of situations on rooftops with lips/sandbags and sharp downward angles where you simply can't crouch and shoot your target, this means that it's giving advantage to those players being sniped at by making it so they can't fire full auto.

Two, because crouching gives you a recoil advantage that means that it gives the advantage to the player who was in a proper position rather than the guy running and gunning into a point. I could give a little bit and say maybe the recoil compensation for crouching should not be instant, it should take a very small amount of time to impact (like half a second) to prevent people from crouching mid-firefight to full auto... but that is the current meta, and it may upset some people.

Overall I think it's a good thing, to see players who have a good position, crouching and aiming down sight get the advantage of someone who rushes into their line of sight.

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This is a very glaring issue and needs to not be allowed/corrected. Very annoying when you hear enemy using the wrong voice near you and you assume it's a teammate. When you hear voice like this it's part of identifying FOF and it's very frustrating to hear what you thought was a teammate behind you only to get shot by them a second later. Or vice versa. Your teammate gets shot and has the wrong voice and you turn around only to see your teammate behind you.

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@cheekibreeki said in Constructive criticism for the DEVS:

Separate the dual action key bind of jump and vault.
Separate the dual action key bind of crouch and slide.

Forced dual action keybinds don't belong in PC games. End. Give an option for seperate key binds. You can easily avoid both of these but it's just annoying.

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