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This streamer summarize my concerns within Sandstorm in an accurate manner.
Major concerns in the first 3mins. Total video is 5:38.
Published on Oct 23, 2018:
Youtube Video

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Hi. Nice post and straight to the point. I understand perfectly what you are trying to communicate and think most people do if they try=) It is off course plenty of games with a higher TTK with the same depth in tactics, but the tactics certainly change with a lower TTK, and if people deliberately wants to misunderstand you, they will always find a way=)

"Low TTK makes every other factor of a gunfight more important since there's little room for mistake."
Yes, this is so obvious, and it is weird to see this particular point being argued against no matter how it is explained. I guess some people are not interested in acknowledging that there is also tactical aspects bound to a low TTK.

I mean the evidence is all there. All people gotta do is look up some competitive matches in Insurgency 2014 and some other competitive matches in a game of their choice with a higher TTK, and doing that it would be hard to avoid noticing that the tactics and gameplay in such a comparison show that the tactics change with a lower TTK. Comparing Insurgency 2014 with all other games would be impossible, it is a forum focused on the particular game Sandstorm anyway, but solid games exists on both sides of the scale, no doubt.

I see a lot of posts claiming they have "proof" that there is no tactical aspect of low TTK whatsoever, but I am certain that all players who have played Insurgency 2014 with an offensive playstyle successfully, can confirm that a low TTK adds its own flavuor both regarding team tactics and types of approaches to a situation. The videos on youtube from player LTB (lick the butter) are among one of several with good game sense imho (that is some quick gameplay with a distinct flavour, he has also added some gamplay on Sandstorm by now, link below).

If you (not referring to Slazenger but people in general) want to try going all scientific on the subject but at the same time are unable to understand that there exist advantages and disadvantages with different timeframes on TTK, you simply have not discovered these aspects for yourself. Does anyone seriously believe that if they had an interview with any of the top players in Insurgency 2014 and asked about their opinion on TTK that the answer would be that a low TTK means absolutely nothing regarding tactics? Camping is one aspect that is easy to counter by prefire in many situations if you have high enough game sense, and if someone repeatedly kills you from the same camping spot in a firefight, you need to change up your playstyle and/or get more practice. Which in my case is fun, as I like games where there is plenty of room to improve and adapt, for others it may lead to frustration. I know some who would not even touch Insurgency while others can't get enough.

There is several points that argue both for a high TTK and a low TTK that are valid, repeatedly claiming it is not just shows a lack of experience or interest in taking another persons point of view. I believe most guests in the forum actually makes up their own mind and can find valid points on both ends of the scale when looking for it anyway. Still there is more answers than one, we are not solving simple math equations with only one correct answer, treating it as such and calling all other views false is just ignorant behaviour.

As previously stated, I am not saying one timeframe of TTK is superior to all else, but that it obviously and beyond doubt makes an impact in different aspects.

Again New world Interactive have probably spent quite some time analyzing how they can bring something interesting to the table with the new game as well, and it is too early to draw final conclusions about how the gameplay of the end product will turn out. I think they are well aware that a playerbase liked the low TTK in the previous game, and would guess they would try to keep some resemblance to the old one as several of them are gamers who appreciated the feel of the last one themselves - At the same time I find it cool that they mix things up a little with the new title, daring to challenge the established scene to some extent.

I hope they also add a few smaller maps some time in the future, as the Gamebanana & Razer Insurgency Mapping Contest winner: Station, added some innovative firefights. Also the multiple floors of CQB on the nicely architectured Ministry made for some very enjoyable PVP.

I also hope they will experiment with some of the less popular game modes in the new Sandstorm as well, because game modes like occupy could be really enjoyable on a balanced map. Occupy on Tell map with two somewhat equally skilled teams have been really fun and creates extended gameplay as the point repeatedly gets flipped by the waves of attackers.

Check out LTB (havent asked his permission for posting his link, but would assume he would like people to visit his page, same goes with Shroud on some other post I made)

Youtube Video

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Hi, the reason for not giving all these options in games (for example cs:go or Insurgency2014), is because it makes the game less gear choice dependent. A sniper is very lethal in bigger open areas, and the trade off is that in close quarters they are forced to use a pistol. Game becomes less class-dependent and because of that also less team-oriented and more all-round when introducing 1x sight feature no matter your scope. So when you choose to be a sniper oriented player, you know that you will be most effective on your team when covering the open grounds and trying to avoid cqb if possible. This balances the classes, or everyone would use a long-range scope, because of no drawbacks.

Also remember that you can switch weapon with the enemies you kill, so if you want to change role mid-game, you can time it with a kill. It is of course a question of taste, but personally I wish the game was even more class dependent to increase (and force) different types of play-styles.

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First of all, thanks to all modders, without you the gaming industry would be a lot less colourful.
On Insurgency Sandstorm all I would ever need in mods:


  • A lot of modded pvp servers on the last game had implemented a kill registration feed - That is a horrible mechanic that makes the game cheesier and takes away depth. Visual confirmation by in-game inspection is so much cooler and makes the game much more hardcore - Please consider keeping this vanilla mechanic.
  • Please don't mod in extra points to the players, again it makes the game cheesy, as frags, rpgs and c4 will be raining everywhere and making it a RNG slaughterhouse.
  • The worst pvp aspect in ins2 was the underbarrel with HE rounds, that thing is extremely op if you know how to use it properly and got no place in any pvp gamemode, unless your goal is RNG chaos - > Look it up on youtube if you want to see single players ruin the whole enemy team with enemy team having no chance to counter - Consistently. It is just sad.
  • No kill feed (cheesy)
  • No extra weapon points (RNG + cheese > skill)
  • Never allow HE rounds by underbarrel (gamebreaking)


  • If you have ever played the russian coop server BEF, you will know what PVE should be for the most difficulty loving gamers and also a place you will never return if you are not one of those. This server was amazing, and the only pve server I would ever need for a tough challenge. The difficulty was perfect, the enemies felt like terminators, you always played on insurgent side and really felt like the security bots had some crazy training. (If you have played games like Hollow Knight and prefer the area path of pain, Spelunky HD and prefer killing the devil or DOOM2016 and feel the itch to complete ultra nightmare and find the game unplayable from you bought it below nightmare you can understand the mindset of this type of gamer and maybe make nice pve servers for them?)
  • The modded servers with medics and huge loadouts were also very fun, but I know they will return if modders find the time, because all gamers into pve likes them:)
  • Please bring back BEF coop server from Ins2 or make similar ones


  • An option to give modders money voluntarily should be incorporated in cooperation with the developers, modders deserve that. The Fallout 4 creation club is ok if modders have an option to release free mods (Enforced payments in modding is contradicting the spirit of modding imo)


  • A tip for the high difficulty loving gamers: My favourite singleplayer mod of all time : Try S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call of Pripryat with the latest version of Misery Mod, black road gamemode, you gotta rush the vanilla game first to have any clue what to do and need a ph.d. in making badly optimized games to run smoothly=)
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@cyoce @Grumf

Seems you both agree, both of you are stating both facts and personal preferences.
Personally, even if I consider that AP ammo was a meta in Ins2, I really enjoy that game, though I can see that the amount of differences in guns had areas where they were more similar than in Sandstorm - Still I didn't care too much.

In Sandstorm, with a slightly higher ttk, I will probably stick to guns with a high damage output and reasonably low weight - That will be my new go-to personally, but again I don't worry as long as I find a few loadouts in both games that are viable for me in the situations I like to jump into.

I do believe anyway, that players can find a personal loadout that will suit them well for their preferred playstyle in both games, or is it currently your experience that there is certain playstyles that is not viable in either game - or that the variety within preferred playstyle is too limited?

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Tried the PVP mode today for the first time, and even with stuttering, the TTK was completely fine in my opinion. The maps are also larger than in the previous installment, so if you need another shot to get the job done in this game, raising the TTK, its still a low TTK at its current state compared to for example CSGO.

The reason I mention larger maps as a factor is that it creates a lot more hiding spots to get killed by campers, so checking every possible spot before moving is harder - And a more forgiving TTK should therefore be welcomed to prevent too many lockdowns - Again, the TTK is still very low, and it works both ways, so I can not see any problem with it. I got 7-8 kills in a few game rounds using the GEA3 battle riffle on insurgent side and the good old M4A1 on security side, they both got the job done just fine, being able to clear multiple hostiles without reloading.

I suppose secondary weapons/pistols are less effective this time around, and aiming for headshots will be more important than in the previous game when using pistols - But that should be fine as a pistol always was meant as an emergency solution, or a supplement to save ammo when taking out unaware enemies when approaching from their blindspot (in my humble opinion).

I have approx 14 000 PVP kills in Insurgency 2014, and experience absolutely no problem with Insurgency Sandstorm TTK.

If you have a problem with the TTK, I suggest having a look at your weapon stats if you have not already and choosing a weapon with higher damage, as the opposing team/enemies in this game have little to zero time to suvive when you spot and shot before they do (if you hit your target that is) - This is on top of having stuttering (I only have 8GB RAM, MSI GE70), so the TTK should be even lower when my rig is upgraded at some point, thus removing lag from the equation.

I have not tried out the bolt-action sniper rifles (M24 security side and Mosin-Nagant insurgent side) and suppose they should be one shot kills, even center mass with heavy armor on target, to remain relevant as viable options.

Yes the M24 use the same caliber 7.62x51mm as the MK14 EBR, and no, they do not need to have the same damage output because the MK14-EBR have a much higer rate of fire - And like every other game the weapons should be optimized to create fluid game balance above realism. Immersion is subjective anyway, and I never understood how anyone can describe a computer game as feeling realistic, though I suppose most people mix the word with immersion=)

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Hi Spud, I believe that the TTK is good as it is at current state, I have another post in this forum about my ten cents on the topic - if you click my user name and scroll through my posts you will find the correct one in an effective manner.

With that said, I do not think a higher TTK or a lower TTK got anything to do with intelligence or whether one game mechanic is superior to another game mechanic, but simply a matter of preference. I like tomatoes and you prefer apples, discussing the nutrient value of each product is interesting, but saying one tastes better without acknowledging that some people simply have a different taste leads to no greater understanding on the subject for any parts involved.

I believe as stated by Benz elsewhere that a higher TTK will put a greater emphasis on the ability to hit your opponent repeatedly and therefore raise the skill ceiling in that type of skill set, at the same time I see several valid points on the forum about a higher TTK changing the pace and type of gameplay, as the game can be more forgiving when you for example try to traverse a certain area and get hit, but does not die as a result. If you have a look at a high tier pro match on youtube, in Insurgency 2014 and a high tier pro match in CSGO, they play out a bit different in my opinion, but I believe the teams competing in both games show both high skill sets.

And you have a point that a TTK may be set too low, because it effectively eliminates a lot of other guns from being useful. I mostly used AKM and M4A1 when playing Insurgency 2014 in competitive matches because of just that. Still I could sometimes spectate people with high aiming skills using snipers effectively in competitive gameplay, but outside levels like Panj, I rarely saw the use of those type of weapons myself - even if I have seen a teammate dominate the yard on Ministry with it. Those heavier weapons had a more limited use, because they were extremely hard to use effectively in tight areas (CQB), for me that is, and when needing to have a gun that worked in multiple situations, an automatic was my first choice. Also the range of an AKM or M16 where sufficient across half the map even on levels like Heights, so iron sights became the norm because the maps mostly did not need sights for many players.

In this game we have larger maps and maybe the use for higher zoom becomes more relevant on some maps.
Also, since the game probably will receive updates even post-release like Insurgency 2014 did, we could speculate the possibility that the developers add another game mode with even lower TTK.
That would be one of the purposes of the early access forums right, to stimulate a fruitful conversation about different aspects of the game to help the developers to make a game that hits a nerve with a lot of the playerbase=)

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@GSG_9_LIGHTNING @cosmoclone @Max80


I. Is there a way to open a console menu in-game, or command in-game to show a record of all teamkills in the current game, like int was in Insurgency2014?
-> If this system exist, open your console to identify which team-member actually is the teamkiller, as trolls often lie and spread misinformation to create further confusion on the team, trying to make the honest players kill each other. Open a log file to see all friendly kills and paying attention will often result in identifying the troll. If you can't do this, be careful with giving blame and try identifying the troll by observing the team in the next few rounds.

II. Is there a auto-kick function after a troll has killed 3 or x players on the same team?
-> If this is in the game, the troll will only have "fun" for 3 or x kills, so patiently waiting the troll out by either completely ignoring or avoiding the troll will make the troll disappear after those kills. If this is not the case, we need different counter-troll tactics.

III. And lastly, will the troll be able to rejoin directly after being kicked or have this been fixed with a sort of penalty system like current server locked for x amount of time or similar system?
-> If the troll can not rejoin, the problem is solved. If not, we need different counter-troll tactics.

Depending on the answers to these questions, the strategy to deal with intentional teamkillers or trolls change slightly, but there is a lot of similarities trolls share, and approaches to stop them. Sometimes they share traits which exist in all communities even without (intentionally) being a troll(!). This is often because of low social skills, indifference, immaturity, personality disorders, learning disabilites or [99 problems].

I have seen young people and other people being easily offended having a bad time online and we can all help to make it nicer to be a gamer and make the games more fun to play for everyone.

If you are getting trolled in gaming and feel bad about it, chances are higher you are an easy target, so remember: You have great potential and strangers insulting you on the internet does not know you - Never feel bad, because their opinion does not matter at all (they often feel easily bad themselves, and I genuinely feel sorry for many of them and hope they can reach their own potential one day).

Trolls will always exist in games, but they need stimulation to continue trolling so don't give them that. If you can properly exploit their weaknesses they will stop trolling.

Most games are more fun when cooperating to make the game shine, those who does not see it that way is often bored of the game - Therefore they get easily bored in general, and will stop trolling if they can't reach their goal: To ruin your game and having fun by creating a reaction.

Counter troll tactics:

  • If you can get your team to cooperate in taking turns to teamkill the troll, the troll can't play.
    Keep track of your own teamkills of the troll and cooperate with the team to ruin the game for the troll instead, but only to stop them from trolling, don't throw insults and go down to their level.

  • If the troll is a lot better than your team in shooting, and there is no auto-kick function, change server or wait for the game to get this update as stated by @GSG_9_LIGHTNING (most games get this update at some point, because trolling makes the developers loose customers and is bad marketing, Sandstorm will get this update for sure if its not there yet).

  • Always report the troll if you are completely certain who they are, as they will get a lot of complaints and maybe a VAC ban down the line.

  • In the rare occasions where it is more than one troll always change server to avoid the long time to get them out of the game if it annoys you.

  • And of course, teamkills happens to everyone, also to pro players in every game. (In CS:GO pro matches and Insurgency 2014 pro matches). Don't be angry or annoyed when teamkilled. It is just a game and most people just made a mistake. Forgive them, say no problem and tell them politely if they don't notice teamkilling you.

Happy gaming=)

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Hi, devs have mentioned in a weekly q & a video on youtube that all the cosmetic points will be reset upon release. They mentioned a tattoo reward or similar for beta players.

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You can choose to think about the game from another perspective if you want. I only play games to relax from real life stress and to have fun. If I lose or win a game it is because one team is better, but this is not stressful for me, it's normal. But I don't care much about coins/xp points.

For me it is just a game with cosmetics that means nothing else than giving some variety for players who play a lot of hours, and as an extra option to support the developers by being able to buy coins (from what I've heard being discussed as a possibility to be present in the final version).

Maybe try not to think too much about the cosmetics? It is just a fun addition, not meant as the reason to play by design. Very few gamers cares how other players look in the game except themselves, and we can only see ourself in the menu anyway. What matters for most people is how you play to help your team.

I try to enjoy the gameplay and be better at the game and have fun. Your skill development is the only real progression in games like this, and you will get better no matter what clothing you have. The points will get reset when the game releases anyway. If you really care about the looks of your character, maybe think carefully before you spend any coins after the release of the game and the reset of points, and try to get only one cool outfit for each side to make sure that you get what you want.

Remember that when it takes a long time to unlock a piece of cosmetics, the chance that you will look unique after many hours invested will be higher because other players can not copy your looks without a huge effort. This can be better in the long run for players like yourself who sometimes cares about the looks on the character. Some people play a huge amount of hours, so it is cool to have a cosmetics feature that is also fun for those players - Maybe even several years after release.

Insurgency2014 was never a level-up game, this was on purpose, because the developers wanted to make a game that was focused on player skill and not rewarding players with many hours in the game with any extra advantages other than their own skills (said in earlier interviews).

I think that this is the vision for Sandstorm as well, they [the devs] have also said, in the weekly Q and A on youtube, that they will try to avoid cosmetics options that give any significant advantage in the game. They have already removed black clothing options that was "too good" when hiding in shadows.

Hardcore games like this takes a long time to be skilled in for most of us, especially in pvp, I enjoy the ride and expect to invest many hours in the game to get skilled - The clothing gets unlocked by itself in time and is just a fun bonus.

This is just my opinion, and I understand if you see it differently.

No worries=)

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If you are safe on the coordinates that you respawn the game works as it should. If you get killed on the coordinates that you respawn it would most probably be considered an exploit and be patched by the devs at some point.

When you exit the spawning area on the other hand, there will always be an area where you can get killed after leaving "safe spawning sone". There is no way this can be eliminated if this is the case. You then have to change server as suggested if your enemies are outplaying you and you don't want to learn how to counter and get better at pvp, or you can start preparing for the enemies like you are supposed to. When the enemies are guarding your spawn, they have fought their way there legitimately. They can be countered and you can do the same on their side. Warn your teammates, don't blind rush out of spawn, remember last enemy location, use prefire, prefrag and all the other explosives. I don't understand this problem unless you are killed directly at spawning coordinates, if that is the case you might want to tell on which map this happens and where they shoot at spawn from to help the developers patch up the exploit.

EDIT: It is a game where you are supposed to kill your enemies with the best tactic available, it is only natural to push closer up to spawn if your enemies can't defend themselves properly. If you keep getting killed just outside the spawn area it is probably a sign that your opponents play better than you, one tactic to consider is to communicate with your team and keep 1 or 2 players close to your own spawn and kill the enemies before they push up too close. The element of surprise is a feature that makes the game more challenging. You need to put in a lot of hours to play good in this kind of game. Look up my profile, I have a lot of tips in recent posts that may help you out if you are new=)

EDIT2: I renamed two of my posts with the name TACTICS and TACTICS 2. If you are new to this type of game scroll through my profile after starting on page 1 of my profile by clicking on my usericon in this post. Both posts should be on the first few pages when I write this. Happy gaming.
TL:DR: smokes, prefire, frags, communication, predictions, recon ->explained better in posts. write me a reply if something seems unclear.

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Its suppose to be hard so that it doesnt get boring fast. U can get med class through mods later if our dear modders keep up the good work they did in Insurgency 2014. Medics dont belong in vanilla game - it gets way too easy.

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Thanks for clarifying. I also would optimally want a game with extreme lethality - That is after all why I got addicted to Ins2 in the first place.

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I don't think it is the game engine that is the challenge in itself as I said earlier, at least not the game engines limitations. I looked at search results from google from the sentence "game engine or developers to blame for performance issues", to look at some perspectives, and a few articles stood out to me,

Especially this one from 2009 that looks very relevant in 2018, which would probably give some insight into the process NWI is finding themselves in (would probably be a good read for NWI as well if not familiar with the content already, as it deals with challenges NWI is facing, and mapping some useful ways of thinking about it):
PDF download also available,


When it comes to engine or developer at fault, we know at least Fortnite and PUBG is made with versions of Unreal 4, and performs not too bad, video about optimizing UE4 for Fortnite 55mins:

An article about how devs deal with bugs, not too interesting for NWI I would guess, but cool for gamers like me:

Here is an article that deals with the question game developer or game engine to blame, though I would say this article may be a bit shallow:

And lastly if you wish for HL3 which we know might never happen, this mod is really impressive if you have not played it already, at least I enjoyed it a lot (It is a small game in itself within the HL universe. I actually bought Half-Life 2 episode 1, just to play it ( a requirement) as Adam Foster peeked my interest some time ago, expect about 3 hours worth of playtime @banani2804 :

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@tooth-decay said in Lack of honesty from NWI:
"RS2 got a lot of criticism for only having 8 maps. And of course more maps will come after launch, but launch should be where you have the game in a finished state, not “we’ll fix it later”. A lot of a game’s success comes down to how it was when it launched. Just look at No Man’s Sky."

I believe it's difficult to compare Rising Storm developer Tripwire with NWI as Tripwire is a much larger company and therefore is out of the indie developer ballgame where the stakes are a lot higher [being an indie developer]. Just look at the revenue of both companies. Numbers may be inaccurate or outdated, but works as a comparison of relative size (feel free to correct me if numbers looks off):

Revenue Tripwire: $86.2M
Revenue NWI: $4.6M


NWI is most likely aware that their game should be perfect at launch, and they definitely would try to achieve that, but as I mentioned, economic pressure demands fixed target dates, both to keep a budget, honour contracts, and create good marketing -> When a company sets a release date they can use this when marketing the game to draw customers and make a hype, no company would take a delayed release lightly, as it affects revenue. This have been communicated by NWI themselves across different media platforms - Still, I have a lot of faith in NWI because they have proved again and again that they are able to create solid games for us. I am actually quite exited about how much NWI can be able to achieve in the coming years, as Focus Home Interactive looks like a solid publisher, both from a financial point of view and the amount of cool games they have in their stable already. Also Unreal Engine 4 is a powerful tool, and if you look at the Insurgency 2014 maps from within the map creator [Insurgency SDK], it is quite impressive to see what they were able to squeeze out with a more limited engine. When NWI gets more experience with UE4, they can achieve even more.

Try looking at the longer perspective and don't worry too much - I am sure they both have qualified people making sure they will do what it takes to get a nice end result and will give Insurgency Sandstorm a lot of nurture post-release. Future looks bright for NWI from my point of view, and what Insurgency Sandstorm is already, is quite amazing and will only get better in time=)

EDIT: Even Nvidia is strongly aboard with NWI at this game, and are optimizing their software to suit Insurgency Sandstorm. That's cool with me.

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Yeah, personally I don't care too much about realism and could just play the game with no gore or blood whatsoever because it for me mostly function as a tellsign that the enemy is dead or hurt.

The bandaging from RS2V is pretty nice - I have used that game for comparison a lot, guess its a bit difficult to implement all those features without feeling like a copycat.

Game is far from a hardcore military sim in my eyes though, so if thats what you expect it might be disappointing. the arma series may be as close as you get, but the long wait in between fights that any sim would need to have is extremely tedious - Frankly real warfare is boring, tedious, takes a lot of planning and the tactics used don't make for fun gameplay - So I always argue for or against a game mechanism based on what would be added or lost in game features as you can find thousands of elements in milsims that makes no sense at all if you look for it. Example 4f strategy (find fix flank finish) is shit in any videoame as your enemies have no chance=). Mines are realistic, civilians are realistic, sniping from hills from 1200 meters is realistic, killing your enemies in their sleep is realistic, planning a small operation for several days is realistic, not killing enemies because that is bad marketing is realistic, if only enemies in a town it is realistic to bomb the whole thing - No realism sucks, realistic graphics and weapons that function realistically is kinda cool, but the cries your enemies makes when they get burned in a molotov was making my stomach bad - Too realistic=) I preferred the comedy of Mikee giving all character voices - He did a sweet job!

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If the toxic players are in such a majority that the vote-kick gets passed, you can be pretty sure its nicer to change server. The "pros" of votekick are definitely more important than the "cons". I am sure getting vote-kicked will not be a common experience if you try to play the game as intended. Just remember to not be last man standing on the other side of the map and don't repeatedly shot at your teammates, then normal people will have no problem.

Glad NWI decided to implement votekick as it will definitely lead to less toxicity overall.

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Insurgency2014 released 22th of January 2014, while the last update I have seen was released 4th of May 2018, so approximately 4 years and 3 months later - So if that is a valid comparison, they may continue to update Sandstorm for a long time. And that is if we don't count the total development cycle from when it was a Half-Life 2 mod released all the way back at 23rd of October 2007 - Taking that into account would give the game approximately a whooping 10 years and 5 months of a development cycle after 1st release. To be fair, it is a rather large possibility that they did not work on Insurgency 2014 continuously for all that time, but even more than 4 years of patching is pretty good as far as I understand.

Day of infamy on the other hand, released 23rd of March 2017 - Though first released as a mod for Insurgency around January 2016 (not sure of exact date, but at least not later than January 2016), received it's last update 21st of December 2017, not counting community mod released 31th of July 2018.

Day of Infamy therefore got updates for a much shorter amount of time, just short of 2 years when including the mod as I would believe they used the mod as a base game, but it was a lot easier to develop Day of infamy because of all the shared software/coding with Insurgency 2014, so it would be only natural with a shorter patch cycle - In my experience Day of Infamy does not have many bugs that I have encountered - It is in my opinion a smooth experience.

NWI has only released those two games before Sandstorm, and since Insurgency 2014 was the first game NWI developed for the previous engine used (Source), while Insurgency Sandstorm has been developed on Unreal Engine 4 (which is like almost starting on scratch and therefore comparable to the development cycle of Insurgency 2014), I think we could say it is a fair chance that the crew of NWI will continue to update Insurgency Sandstorm for a long time even from a cynical point of view given their impressive track record!

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Ideally it should be more complex bot behaviour and not only superaim that is used to increase difficulty - If NWI don't have the time and/or human resources to do that, they could consider the methods used by modder of Bef server in ins 2014. I never went to the download page myself, because i stumbled upon this server in the server list ingame which download the files when you just join. If this link is not for the whole mod, they could contact Artos, which I believe knows more since he is listed as author of said page:

Because super aim in itself will make all rushing players die very fast, so unless having a super organized team that watch all directions from inside a relatively small safe perimeter the team will fail - This I have experienced being the actual result for hundreds of hours on said server. Combining this with other adjustments like the bots not spawning too close to players etc, could at least make a option for higher difficulty that a certain type of players will enjoy.

The new enemy that bef server introduced who had shield was also pretty cool. You always played as insurgents on this server, so some enemies having a shield was somewhat more believable. Its also believable that it should be more difficult to play as insurgents as in most real world scenarios they are the underdog.

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Hi, I agree that it is unproblematic to mix the words realism and immersion, if both the sender and the receiver is on the same page.

Immersive means deep mental involvement in something as I understand it, and I would use it in a context like: I got completely immersed watching the TV series "the wire" when that came out, while some friends did not like it that much because it didn't appeal to them to such an extent, therefore they did not get immersed. So subjective in the meaning that it is different from person to person if they experience immersion in a certain field.

Video games can look realistic and have mechanics that act like in real life, so by all means it is fair to call some video games more realistic than others. It is me getting hung up in semantics really. What I mean by the sentence highlighted, is that even with the whole realistic package you can get with a modern day shooter, it is still so far-fetched from reality in so many aspects that when someone say the game feels realistic they mean it in the same way a Rambo movie is realistic. Like you would not get immersed if Sylvester Stallone rode on a unicorn the whole movie, but the movie is still unrealistic even without unicorns - It is still an action movie that does not need to pretend being anything else.

I agree with your reasoning about trying to avoid redoing damage models and use the point system instead. And even if it for me would not be immersion-breaking to have a more unrealistic damage model on some weapons to create balance that way, I can understand that it will for a lot of people, and that it should be avoided whenever possible.

It also seems the game mechanics work quite well at this point, and that it is mostly about optimization and getting rid of bugs. If the game released without stuttering or bugs tomorrow, but with no other aspects changed - I am sure most people would still love it.
I think it is that good regarding game mechanics and keeps a lot of the flavour from Insurgency 2014.
From their developer Q and A on youtube 24th sept it seems they also will continue to work with the balancing for a long time, so that it may get adjusted even post-release if they find any balancing needs in the future.

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