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This can be adapted to with some practice - Keep at it and be afraid of bullets. You can snipe but you can’t stay still in one position in this game. After exposing yourself for about 2 seconds max (time you need to find, aim and shot) you hide again. Reappear in a slightly different spot. Unless holding choke points and have every enemy approach in visual at once. In cqb it’s more like 1 second max.

TLDR change position frequently, short exposure.

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Reason you are being hit 80% in the head is because that is the part you are probably exposing when peeking most of the time. Accuracy does not need to increase to 100% for you to be hit, not sure what you mean by that (if accuracy is 50% every second bullet will hit you right) , but in my experience they rarely hit you when exposed at first, so they are quite forgiving imo. No other developer have found any better solution either, so awful ai is a bit dramatic brand imo - though I guess your playstyle have given you an experience I cant relate to at all, as they are easy to confuse by frequently using and changing cover.

The bots should definitely continue to be able to kill from long distance to avoid abusing their ai more than what is already possible. Except from their mollys being a bit too accurate I see no problem with current ai, they are still a lot easier to handle than most aware human players.

There is no way NWI can make the bots feel right for everyone except having several difficulties as the bot difficulty is subjective, but definitely easy enough as is for many players, as on most servers its a run and gun.

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I know all that I read the link. Was just not sure what you meant. Which drive to use for virtual mem is not obvious as it lowers lifetime of ssd according to link, but if that applies on newer ssd hardware and how much it affects ssd lifetime was not specified. I'll stick to hdd unless finding more info. Also setting pagefile manually is okey when u have ram 8gb or lower from what I understood, which I guess would lower strain on system (min 1,5xRam and max 3 x Ram).

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You are saying that even if I have a ssd d drive I should use the hdd c drive where windows is installed as my virtual memory instead of using the ssd where game and steam is installed?

Also would you let windows choose size or set it according to link suggestion min 1,5xRam and max 3 x Ram?

Just trying out different settings as game is unplayable on MSI ge70 in pvp due to low fps, pve is fine as I don’t care if getting owned there..

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Enemy can not hear this as discussed different thread. An option to mute ALL voice overs would be great as it is both unrealistic, repetitive and annoying _ This is computer generated voices after all, and I don’t feel the immersion when getting spammed by the same voice overs for the fifth time

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Global leaderboards gets filled with only hackers in time, this is simple math. If you are playing legit your name will not stay on the leaderboards in the long run, and also leaderboards have the side effect of attracting more hackers. I have no interest in discussing this topic as these are just facts and everyone with any insight into probability and hacking will be able to confirm this.

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On your question I don’t know.

In first Insurgency I believe bots acted more aggressive if you had sniper rifle scopes and they only used rpg when two+ teammates was exposed in same area. The amount of time you are exposed in general is the most important factor.

You know for the bots you are just a coordinate, when you are exposed a timer goes down until they start shooting and then there is a constant probability calculation wether you get hit or not which definitely raise with time exposed, hiding until the bots stop firing helps reset these mechanics.

If difficulty raise with lvl I dunno, but not in my experience so far.

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Also part of the reason realistic armour is working in you know, reality, is because there is no respawn so ppl tend to keep a far distance to enemies to keep their pulse at a level that doesn’t give a heart attack, which again makes covering the body partially with armour viable as enemies is not targeting you from cqb positions most of the time. All the “realism” arguments when cherry picking some feature from reality tend to consider just a fraction of the picture and thereby makes little sense from a gameplay balance perspective. Most strategies from reality are useless when people can respawn and gamble with player character lives as the rules are “a little bit” different. People arguing for a feature being able to consider both sides of the argument is rare in these realism this and that discussions, armour is pretty underwhelming in reality as well as trained soldiers who shots you center mass and knocks you out tend to follow up by a bullet in the face=0

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The information you are providing here should be available in game at some submenu or similar. Not having this essential info in game makes no sense if you want the feature to be used.

How many maps are available is it six? That makes for 12 available spots for spawn camping in regular firefight pvp. Why would you not have an overview of these spawns by now. Posts have been made several times covering this issue, player sevrawr187 YouTube name have been making videos exploiting the same spots when spawn camping for several months, NWI should have the tools and information to fix this by now both by already posted material in forums and YouTube. Encouraging people to mail you info on the spawncamping is wasting the time of NWI staff if they have been in the forum at all.

Btw like both the game and respect the job you are doing. This is meant as constructive critique.

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Game is not shareware yet, so no. Maybe in 2035, no wait wolf 3d released 1994 is still costing money so probably not in a while longer. Steam sales will probably have a good discount when NWI releases the next game though=)

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Yeah the pvp achievement like get 5 knife kills should at least not be encouraged to pursue several times, though I can't see what damage it will do if players have some weekly achievements of some sort in both pvp and pve? As long as they are not of the sort of kill 5 enemies with a knife or as last man standing frag yourself.

I understand that you personally don't care about achievements or weekly challenges, it would be interesting if you could provide a source by linking it here if all gamers should be aware of these happiness shattering consequences, or are you simply talking about gaming addiction mechanics and that weekly challenges may have an impact on that?

I mean even if alcoholics exist, the rest of us should be allowed to enjoy a beer no?

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I think limiting it to certain classes as you suggest seems like a cool idea. This class could be limited in other ways to compensate for their allround ability by only providing bolt action + pistols or something similar to limit their dominance and popularity as class. - Also only certain zooms would be a must imo.

Points is a good mechanic on paper, but when you realize the point system must both satisfy veterans and new players alike to not feel to barebone for new players, the amount of points is extremely high ( I never use armour and rarely scopes and my main goal is low player weight almost always) Competitive Insurgency 2014 gamemode did this right imo but feels bad for new players right. - So in casual game mode point system is broken for seasoned players (not saying that is a bad thing, just that balancing with points just don’t cut it as I see it).

The pattern from Insurgency were classes like machine gunner was always filled last (in a typical skirmish 16v16) or most secs used m4 and most insurgents mostly used akms are examples of opposites where some classes lack specialization or the class weapons are unpopular, and it’s probably difficult to balance this so everyone is content.

Or in day of infamy where sniper class and smg classes both kicked ass in their respective field, but had all been allowed access to that gear, it would have been a different game.

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WHY MORE GEAR IS NOT NEEDED IMHO: Its a pasta I made earlier in the now closed forum section..
When I equip a 2x, it feels like I have sniper capabilities to quite a far distance without the disadvantage of getting tunnel vision by using a higher zoomed scope. At the same time as you mention my capabilities of clearing a room goes down, and I would either need to practice hip-fire to a great extent or be careful when approaching cqb objectives. In a pvp firefight some objectives will be better suited with a 2x than other ones, and if I am last man standing or need to approach an objective with cqb, maybe I would need to take into account that I would need to resupply without a scope or outsmart enemies by positioning myself in a way that my 2x will not put me in great disadvantage - Maybe also using a well placed frag or prefire through some walls or at some corners - This challenge makes the experience more thrilling and gives me the awareness that by thinking about my tactics in new ways and practice difficult scenarios gives me room to improve because the game will limit some options by my choice of equipment - During time, I will have preferred loadouts that may vary between maps and is one of the reasons I like games that forces the player to practice their skills and make choices with consequences to viable strategies. This creates incentive for players to choose different loadouts based on maps, personal skill and the role you would like to fill in the specific game you are joining. Games trying to fill a niche will always have players who have not yet found preferred strategies in several situations until it clicks and you get that - Aha, if I did this or that the next time it would have worked out better. The prize paid will always be that it is possible to never find the best strategies for some people and feel like the game mechanics are not optimal - The reward of finding solutions to the challenges created by not making loadouts that works great in all scenarios is a great feature in my opinion.

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if all damage is reflected upon shooter and no damage is taken by being shot by teammate I can agree reflective damage could be a good thing.

Punishing two people on a team for a wrong shot or bad positioning is poor game design

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Reflected damage is a bad idea because trolls can deliberately block your view so you cant shot or jump in line of fire. It is easy to abuse. A system like in RS2V on the other hand where you can choose to forgive/not forgive a TK with the effect of delaying respawn for TK will work. This also means you can forgive ppl who apologize and was unlucky. Especially without a votekick function your team may need to deliberately TK trolls by turns to wear them out.

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I believe you. I made a thread called “security issues” some time ago with some suggestions to solutions as well as showing the magnitude of this problem.

If you have cheater steam ID, you can report, but this is ineffective especially if game gets more popular because manually removing every cheater after finding proof takes time.

Therefore we should have in game tools to quickly make a report with video, time stamps, slow time, etc to make the process fast and a vote kick for suspected cheaters would be good.

If you are playing fair and is just good at the game it should not be a big deal to be kicked from a game in a scenario where you are falsely accused because then the players voting yes are most often new to the game and is boring to play against anyway.

Copypasta from moderator:

You can follow the inscructions below to report cheaters.

All rounds played via NWI matchmaking are recorded and stored on our servers, if you encounter a player you suspect of using hacks please grab the replay id of the match from the History section on the main menu and send it to Easy Anti-cheat report system, along with the users SteamID.

How to find a replay ID and Steam ID:
Mouse over the replay, then click “Copy ID” and paste it in your report.
Start the replay, go to scoreboard, then click on the suspected player’s name and “Copy Steam ID”. Then paste it in your report.

If you encounter a player who is exploiting game mechanics to do something that feels unfair to the gameplay (ie spawn camping) please take a screenshot or video along with an explanation of what is happening, and send to so that our team can recreate and address the issue.

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The report system is a joke and you know it. Why would a report change anything?

If you have not seen cheaters so what? You can’t assume this guys is not having a legitimate claim just because you don’t see it. We all know there is cheaters unless pretty dense, so he might have experienced cheaters. I have also gotten very many kills but rarely get accused. Heck If I got votekicked from a server because the other players where so bad they thought I was cheating I would gladly switch server by being votekicked. Which idiot would need to play with complete noobs and feel bad when getting kicked? You joking right? Flaming someone complaining about cheaters in a FPS game, the biggest arena for cheaters in pc gaming. You are the brat..

No gaming company knows how to fix this. All games can experience cheaters. So all games are broken, but there should definitely be a better system in place.

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Insurgency 2014 is alive and with a lot of skilled players - I am only doing push and skirmish 32 players. Noobs will always be around, this is normal and will never change, but its a lot less of them in Insurgency 2014 now, good times. Having great fun with it still. Toxicity was always in Insurgency 2014 as well, I just mute them (who cares if they are in the game when you cant hear them? That makes no sense -These types of games will never be suitable for the faint-hearted unless they add a mute all button by default which would defeat the purpose of cooperation for some players). Toxic players will always be around. Nothing any game company can police - Its way too many - At least in pvp. Mute bug will most likely be resolved in time - Without a mute button both Insurgency games would be unplayable - Not only the toxic players, but also friendly players who use the mic too much so you cant hear enemy movement.

It is still very early with Sandstorm, it needs time, if game proves to be good in its mechanics - which it is in my book, good players remain for a long time. When server choice will be added that will solve the random server swapping. They made the last Insurgency and are hopefully trying to use what worked from that game. Without votekick, make team take turns killing the troll, and if they are incapable, tough luck in current version. I also don't like the design choice of no votekick function, but in RS2V it works great without votekick, it probably needs refinement/tuning, and the votekick was definitly abused from time to time. Much to learn from RS2V - Devs should play it. (forgive tk or not function, very handy, extended down time after next death when not forgiven, destroys the trolls motivation for tk while making it possible to forgive the newbies/unlucky tk's).

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I am talking about the area outside the scope, the area around the scope get cluttered - The peripheral vision like Original Poster is talking about. @Tooth-Decay is spot on. Reality arguments does not matter for me if they are not good game mechanics, but you would get more tunnel vision in reality as well ( less peripheral vision) and like you say, its not possible to implement how it would look in reality on a 2d screen, so it will be some give and takes ey.

I agree that the sight area should give an advantage in the actual scope vision ofc=)

@cyoce this is also true, cost points and different vision - We get quite a few points to distribute, so having mechanics aside from points cost will give players incentive to use different sights imo.

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@snakelegionnaire : You are definitely on to something. Two squads was a cool feature in Insurgency2014, and it doesnt sound like the big programming challenge to divide team in two colours (only in scoreboard/text) and maybe do a comm channel divide to stimulate it a bit.

As @ne3zy says, I agree that 95% of games was played only for guns, and colour difference served no purpose in those cases, still I played/joined matches in Ins2 where we organized teams with this feature, and lets say in pvp when you have to destroy A or B, it would be way too much to separate teams manually without any ingame support mechanic - At least in pugs, as I don't regularly hang out with 15 friends in Insurgency to play a pvp match=)

Its so weird when a sequel game drops viable features from the predecessor like this.

Please don't make a discussion out of this thread,just say pros and cons, stuff like that if you wanna reply in a constructive way, saying it is not true is putting on blinders, as that would be a strongly subjective experience, as anyone playing tactical or having any organizing experience whatsoever in life would know this feature is convenient when playing with a team that wants to communicate and would stimulate teamplay - It is so obvious I guarantee you that you are unsuited for any leadership job in real life if you don't get it if you are mature, or just very young and will understand in time. - > Just setting it at an edge here, as comments in this thread was probably based on what actually happens in game most cases.

EDIT: You can even program in a preferred colour, still minimal work that would nullify any inconvenience such a feature would feel like, while still bringing vital tactical features in the game.

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