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Больше 2х месяцев не заходил в игру, а когда собственно обновление, вместе с релизом?

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@uwagacyjanki you just forgot to grunt yourself 😂

Write on the merits 😁

P.S. I'll never know, and this is my channel, clown with no skill 🤓

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Ну что я могу сказать, я принял для себя решение целиком и полностью повременить с тестом игры, до тех пор пока разработчики не начнут банить тимплейщиков, играющих в "соло" режим, мне надоела эта безнаказанность!
И можете позабавиться над некоторыми комментами:

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@chaton the solution to the problem with the update is certainly good, but now I give you quite specific facts, and you do not do anything; it's a direct violation of the rules of the game 😯

@uwagacyjanki said in Patch 4 - Hotfix:

Go! Terminate yourself and don't come back, no need for such pathetic crybabies 😛
You cheeky bastard, you think devs don't know what to do? And your lament for "anything drastic about it" makes me sick.

Oh, my God, we have all realized how tough you are is just words, you have not found anything better as a shame on the forum insulting other users, inadequate little boy with no skill 😁
In my lifetime across many of these clowns, that's just in person they usually either just run away or got in the face 🤣

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@uwagacyjanki said in Violation of the rules players: squad vs solo! #4:


Well, why are you deleting your lines if you're sure you're right??? You thereby only prove their futility hurt little boy with no skill 😁

Yours as it was, clown 🙃

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@uwagacyjanki remove already our communication, how funny you are, NOT skillbeck 🤣 🤣 🤣

"First he asks for forgiveness and apologizes

"We knew that it was against the rules for which we sincerely apologize. We will continue to play together but we will no longer play against the rules, each separately, according to the rules of the game and battle royale.
Once again, we apologize to those whom we kicked butts so hard"

Then, why it offends a stranger, inadequate boy"

"It was a pleasure to make your dead body fly away (ragdoll in this game f***ing rules )
So take your bitchy attitude somewhere else"

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Вновь и вновь призыв к разработчикам и администрации игры:

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Appeal to the administration and developers of the game!
I have to call you again and again for help. On the server to "SOLO" again, there are people who play the "SQUAD".
Players under nicknames:
1 - Dables
2 - TravaKyr
undoubtedly, they change the names of accounts in order to avoid blocking, I hope for your understanding and speedy action!

P.S. I do not rule out the possibility that these players have once again changed their nicknames, but you can always ban them on the logs of the game, I hope - still.

Youtube Video

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@chaton this of course all sounds good and beautiful, but to my great regret I want to tell you about my termination in the test and in General FTW games, at least until they begin to Ban:
they both played and played, unfortunately; here's an update; I said it all! My best regards 👌

p.s. these people are already changing nicknames in order to avoid punishment, as they understand their responsibility

p.p.s just if you (the developer of the game) as soon as possible will not take anything drastic about it - it will be a fiasco!

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