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@Helsing1789 said in Hardcore Mode feedback:

Just reducing the overall moving speed doesn't change the general behaviour

I've noticed a huge difference in behavior of players.
They stick together, otherwise they'll get killed and will likely kill friendlies.
They move slowly, even more slowly than the movement speed would indicate, and wait for others.
They are more careful taking shots, since they have to recognize targets.
Everyone seems to get on objective at about the same time, except for useless snipers of course... remove snipers and sniper scopes altogether plox NWI, that's this games greatest flaw!

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I absolutely love everything about Hardcore Mode - except maybe classes limitation and mosin spawn. Running speed is great, bots are great, lack of indicators is great, it's a completely different better game I love it.

The only thing I'd change is remove the mosin spawn, and for resupplies I'd give the players a truck with supplies box to bring with them. This way it can be destroyed, they might rush too far and loose that ability, and they can have it with them when they need it, which is both more realistic than just finding pre-placed boxes AND a valid tactic of dealing with harder bots by increasing players firepower.

An even more hardcore, single-life "IRONMAN" mode would also be awesome.

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I have the same problem. Been there before then disappeared and now when I try to enjoy this new awesome update I can't even play the game at all - takes a while to get into a game, and then a while to be able to spawn, and after all that sound gets disabled on my entire system 3 times [even after exiting the game sound still wont work], the game won't let me spawn or the server [custom] I join allows for more than 8 people but has only 8 classes to choose from >.>

Sound Disappears TLDR:

Sound suddenly turns off completely.
It happens during play.
All applications are affected.
The problem persists after turning the game off.
Only restarting the computer brings the sound back.

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@planetcanada well in case you are actually autistic let me explain the abstract art: NWI tried doing too many things at once, aiming at too broad an audience and the game slipped out from under them, crushing their balls in a launch that spelled disaster.

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Free for all is not battle royale and the autistic realismus crowds are just as toxic as any other group of gamers.

Having said that I have to admit that NWI looks about like this right now:

alt text

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Yeah, like Lightning said after playing good custom servers I don't really have any desire to go to official quickplay games. The fact that you stay with the same group when you go between different maps and don't have to go through queue is enough of a reason and the better server settings and balance makes it even more rewarding despite generally poorer performance caused by everything going on.

What co-op needs is just a large number of bots that are deadly and camp every single corner. You run blindly - you are guaranteed to get shot in the back. You move slowly, checking and clearing every single corner with your team - you win the game.

Bots are super bad an maneuvering - so don't make them do it. They'll just string-line walk in the open and easily get shot. Instead give them the accuracy and reflexes they deserve and place them in every spot worthy of camp-whoring. Teleport them to new positions once objective is taken or if players didn't clear all of them while going to objective make them spring up in ambush and attack players from behind. That would be such a more rewarding gameplay.

It would make snipers and MGers useless, which I honestly don't mind - the maps might be big enough but they aren't open enough for these classes to have any use anyway and snipers usually uselessly stay back, away from objectives and try to kill people AND horrendously fail at it too.

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The city maps are pretty great BUT... It 's a little weird how pristine they are. It's more like they are the staging ground for a short-lasting coup rather than a rebellion or active insurgency.

I suggest a map of a ruined city based on the state of Aleppo.

With one objective being a pristine courtyard garden amidst ruins to get some philosophical thing going on through contrast of the greenery with the grey ruins and a glimpse of the past before the devastating conflict. Add some cosmetic hints of a presence of children like chalk drawings on the walls, a stroller with childrens book on the table next to it or something and you've got yourself a masterpiece.

Ruins are great for maps. They should be easier on performance and give greater freedom to map designers when it comes to the layout of buildings which don't have to follow architectural designs of livable structures and can be made more open and arbitrary with broken down walls and stuff.

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Indeed that would be a simpler alternative, especially since the commander can destroy many of them from the previous objective with a n airstrike.

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There's one thing that can be quickly done to address a part of this issue without much discussion:

Destructible objectives should have a zone around them like cap zones and anyone inside it gets points when the objective gets destroyed. The zone should be generous in size and not just 10m^2 around since you know, the thing will explode and people need to be far away from it to not to die.

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The entire "quickplay" seems to be a bad idea. It separates the community, fails to build the community precisely because people can't stay in the same server and keep playing together.

The game should only use a server browser and both official and community servers should be in the same list.