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After the last update (which is amazing btw, I love it), I played 2 games, and I encountered this weird bug on both games :

When I die, no matter if I click "exit to lobby" or not, I will respawn in the same game I died in. On the first game, I didn't really realize it and started playing like everything was normal, except the map already had radioactive zones. When I died a second time, the recap said I placed #0/9, and in the point earned recap, I was placed 255, and all the points were 0.
On the second game, only 2 zones were radiation free when I died, and I respawned far from them so I died pretty quickly. Same result, I was placed #0 and 255, and no points earned.

I'll play some more and I'll comment if I find something new.

PS : I tried to take a screenshot, but the screen captured was like randomized, here are the screenshots I took :
1st game :
2nd game :

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There are medkits, although they are pretty rare. They take time to consume, but they're efficient.

Always make sure you won't be assaulted any time soon when pulling out the needle. Don't be like me.