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In the training tutorial, after picking up the 1st rifle, you will see that the magazine and accessories still remain on the hood of the car.

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With any machine gun, deploy bipod, then ADS immediately will trigger the 1st ADS animation as the slow ADS. Then move away form bipod position to standing position. In standing position, trigger ADS, it will repeat the same 1st bipod ADS animation, which I suspect to be the bug.

Subsequent ADS will resume the normal ADS in standing position.

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I'm experiencing the exact same bug with any optics with magnification greater than x1. As if the optics barrel effect is fixed in one general direction and level. If you happen to see the optic barrel, then pivot or move up/down, the barrel effect is stationary in relation to the map, move far enough (not much) and you'll only see black.

Scope setting is on normal.

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Today noticed when playing on an official server, the graphics are fine. No stutters. Playing local, no stutters. But playing on a community server, I get micro stutters no matter what graphics setting it is set at.

My system running at 1080p:

RX 560
installed on SSD

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Loving the latest update! The stutters are gone on my i5-4670 + 8GB RAM + RX560 + installation on SSD.

I can get a range 45-80 fps on a custom mostly medium setting. So I set the frame limit at 60 fps to keep the framerate consistent.

Keep up the good work!

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[Bug] When the kill was done in a doorway that had the door kicked or blasted out, and the gun drops from the character, it will aimlessly spin around and hang in mid-air.

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I attempted to use the reset password feature multiple times on my account that is registered to a yahoo email account. It would never received any email, not even in the spam box.

Fortunately, I was about to guess my password correctly to regain access and post this.

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In the 126 hrs of gameplay, I have only encountered this bug twice playing as insurgents on Co-Op Hideout map with the weapon cache at objective C.

For both occurrences, it would happen when planting explosives, blowing it up, but the weapon cache would still remain. I haven't been able to reproduce consistently.

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Under settings > video, quality section > anti-aliasing, you can adjust it to FXAA.

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When you're using the DShK on the technical and then put on your gas mask, you will not be able to fire the gun until you dismount and mount the gun again.

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