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Trying to get back to legendary with 2v2 with a friend before it goes away for now, this is very frustrating. Anti-cheat malfunctioning? Steam name is Paravox

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After playing quite a few more hours on ranked Necrons, more thoughts at high rank play:

  • Decrease the delay between activating the star-pulse and it going off. Close torpedos, especially well micro'd eldar even if your reaction times are good can just skip it due to the 1 second or so delay of the starpulse activation.

  • Really think that Necrons should have very slow troop regeneration to make up more for their super hard counter issue against boarding and emphasize durability, and that the Resurrection orb ability should speed that up for 20 seconds, as to actually be picked.

  • Skills in General of the Necrons need to be looked at. Please explain why I would ever take anything but Pyramidal Reconstruction +scarab swarm/ mass recall, and Tesseract Crypt + structural analyser/ nightmare shroud.

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This is the Technical feedback mate you should probably post this in the faction feedback in general feedback.

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Just encountered a small fun little bug in some battles where my escorts in the campaign have over 2800% increase in health.

0_1548443925894_Necron Escort health too

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@nemesor-xanxas Very fair, yeah. I think we can both agree that the necrons are just in a real need of a buff.

I'm not sure we can rely on the 46% win rate as a stat due to the need for the meta to settle to show how ill equipped we are in the hands of high skill players compared to other fleets, and I'm sure that would be below 20% if everyone was trying to use the carin.

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@nemesor-xanxas I agree with your points here, but I would worry in that case that the fleet becomes too elite in that sense, without a drawback, and I don't think anyone would want just one to three ships in fleets with the needed points cost for a higher speed as well.

I would also like to say, when I say speed decrease I wasn't talking vast percentages, just small. My opinion is that in terms of establishing the theme of the faction, it's much more important they are both tough and have powerful weapons as the core of their ships attributes, alongside the burst mobility of the drive jumps. You need a weakness like general speed to make up for that.

If we did just have lore-powertful Necron ships in the game, it would never be balanced or require a very gamey weakness to boarding or something along those lines.

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@zulnahdwiin As I said in my post I think the turn speed should be higher with a slight speed nerf, but to combine this with general speed increase would be too much, the main downside of the necrons should be their slow general speed as far as I see it for the theme of the faction.

I disagree about void shields due to lore, I think the critical save roll system I mentioned in the OP would be an elegant solution that draws from tabletop as well.

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@aram_thehead You're right that an isolated speed nerf would be terrible right now, I am talking about that in combination with a slight buff to turn speed and to intertialess drive jump cooldown.

I think that would fit the theme of the pondering monolithic force it should be a little more and actually allow it to disengage more reliably with the jump.

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I'd just like to preface this with saying I've played all the beta's so far, and while available have only played as Necron's online.

I love the foundation of this game and really want it to succeed, and I think the two things it needs to do to do that is promote and support fostering a multiplayer community, which has allowed dawn of war to survive in popularity for a decade, and fulfill the thematic fantasy of all the factions with the fleets competitive play-styles in the meta.

Right now, the most viable build I've found for Ranked 2V2's is to do mass Escorts running silent with a shroud flagship and capture snipe while kiting.

This is ridiculously far away from how they should be: slow, very tough ships with burst mobility that people want to outnumber to take on.

The largest case in point being the Carin Battleship: What should be the most powerful battleship in 40K lore will currently never see use in competitive multiplayer and it needs to be looked at as soon as possible:

  • It is too weak in DPS and durability for it's point cost, I believe it should cost slightly more but have that increase in power to be more lore accurate.
  • To make up for this I believe its main engines should be made slower still, but it's turn rate increased slightly
  • In terms of boarding the ship is also very weak and should have more troops

The Necrons in general are at a really odd place, as their lack of shielding leads them open to ordinance skills more than any other fleet, with intense fighter management needed to prevent the boarding from a skilled player.

I propose a system to mirror the tabletop "armour save" system, while we don't want stupidly powerful necron ships running around they must be the tankiest faction to fulfill the lore expectations, I believe this could also solve the issue of the weakness to ordinance:

  • Give necron ships a percentage chance, increasing in chance the larger the ship class, of ignoring critical system damage per roll

I think that as a simple system could do a lot to fix the path of the necron faction design and bring them more in line with what people expect them to be, alongside a slight point and dps Increase, and a very slight reduction in inertia-less drive jump cooldown across the board.

And as a very minor note, could we have weapon particles change to the separate dynasties weapon colours, not just everyone green?

I'm looking forward to hearing others take on the Faction and playing with you all online, Cheers.

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I've been testing through all the Beta's, and the Necron's are my favorite fleet in 40k.

After waiting to see what changed balance wise I've got to agree with some of your points, and the simple fact that the Necrons are just not durable enough for their lack of mobility, in the case of turn times.

Specifically the Carin, should have higher base DPS as well as a higher troop count with a bump in cost, which is the only thing that makes sense lore wise and if you actually want to see it ever used in multiplayer.

Seems really silly the most powerful battleship in 40k lore won't be seen online games due to it's terrible competitiveness right now.