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  1. Wolves spawn in populated areas and around players
  2. Games are short because people aren't playing so they had to shorten the match numbers
  3. Weather is voted on by the dead players, so it's crazy because they are doing their best to ruin your chances at winning
  4. Air drops use a red trail of smoke when they are about to drop their load. Parachute stays in the air for around 5-10 seconds before it drops and there's a red flare on the airdrop itself that sends smoke out.
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I basically NEVER evac now. The only way to evac properly is by cheating and knowing there is nobody near you.

I bait the rope, throw smokes out but there is legitimately zero reason to try and evac because you're going to die.

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I'm running i5-6600k

16 GB of DDR4 2400 Mhz

1070 - 8 GB

Windows 10

Game installed on a Western Digital Black Caviar 1 TB.

I run medium-high at 60 for the most part, it drops down to around 45 in areas but not too terrible. Might try low to see what I can get going.

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From what I've seen, if you are in the area of an Adrenal infection you will get the pop up on the screen. Gives you a little warning of when to expect it. Probably a few glitches bound to happen with the map like that.

I had one happen to me, I was way out of the zone on my map but I was getting radiation damage ticked on me. I was so worried about the helicopter I didn't even notice I was down to 50 before I inched forward. Apparently the entire arrow cursor of your character needs to be in front of the red. I wasn't getting that screen grain effect from being in a radiated zone.

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Yeah I was so pissed when I hit my hotkey and it said Shadowplay was unresponsive. His aim would jump from person to person and somehow he was just firing non stop, I think I saw him use over 200 rounds of 9x39mm for his Groza.

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The first clip was timing issue.

The second one, I truly hope isn't the same guy I came across named Supreme because the dude that I played against straight up was using ESP and traced people through buildings, he probably got kicked for wigging out the anti cheat.

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I hope you realize the whole point of the Red Zone progression is to be against the player. You have to sprint in the hatched zones and you don't get damaged at all. I spent a minute looting buildings by sprinting non stop and just grabbing and going while taking zero radiation damage. The whole point of the "pre red" zone is to give you time to make it out of the zone before it becomes a perma radiation zone.

The pacing is screwed up right now because as of late, we've only had 30-70 people playing. Once the playerbase shows up, they'll open up the matches back to 20 and 40 slots to make games even more exciting. I know last night I went on a 6 game spree (name is Timpar3) with the same people in game. Pretty sure they got tired of seeing my name pop up.

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Why would they make another game separate from Survarium just to change the concept to be exactly like Survarium? That makes ZERO sense.

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@kwpops said in Second Update is out!:

I think most here will agree. Please hold out making any further additions and work on finding memory leaks, address net code, hitching and lag in general. Once you get it ironed out and running more smoothly, then start adding more.

Other than that, great work and nice patch. Keep it up!

I disagree, they need to continue to find out weaknesses and strengths of the weapons and work on that. Loot and weapons make up the VAST majority of the game and they need to be solid. I wouldn't mind a game with some leaks or some weird texture problems if the solid core of the game is iron clad. So far they are doing a good job and it feels right going into a village and finding shotguns and pistols and then going into a military base to find AR's or military grade gear.

The gun variety is nice, they just need to perfect it and get the damage and loot weight down. Memory leaks and optimizing comes with time and combing of the code/textures.

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Ran into a dude named Supreme (something) and he was straight up ESP hacking. he was tracing people through grounds and would snap to targets when they got close enough or got into line of sight to shoot.

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So I saw a blatant ESP user in game. He was tracking and following people through the grounds and mountains. Not going to witch hunt but he was just in a game in the EU server and the name was long. He was just straight up tracing people's locations and not hiding it at all.

He got punked by someone who juked him out by peeking and doming him instantly. It was hilarious to watch it happen and of course my shadowplay decided to take a GIANT dump on me and I couldn't record it!!! I hope the game doesn't succumb to hacks.

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Can you not have people be able to exit cars and be able to shoot instantly? Three games in a row I've had someone zoom by me, get out and two shot me before getting back in their car. Zero physics in the car is absolutely dreadful.

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So I have two monitors and fullscreen of FTW does not work at all. If I aim too far to the right I end up in a different screen and it "alt tabs" me. It's acting as if I'm in constant window mode despite being in fullscreen. I have to physically unplug my second monitor to stop being recognized and then I can play normally.

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I am NA, playing on EU because I see literally nobody in match making so I have to play EU. I'd rather play at half the ping.