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@unster said in American Wilds Update 27/12/2018:

  • Force feedback is still dead unless the wheel is turned off and on in the controls menu.

It just got to our attention that force feedback was indeed completely broken, hehe!
Thank you for bearing this, next patch will fix that! (and improve force feedback behaviour in general too)

Next patch will further improve light vehicles performance, which I think is one of the most important things patches can do at this point, given the amout of said vehicles in workshop.

Best regards,

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@knight25 It is true that we originally planned to include tracked vehicles into one of the updates to Mudrunner - it was not a lie. But plans have changed 🙂
So thank you for buying MR - but as many people have contributed a lot to this game - me included - I really don't feel ashamed by its quality (especially given the discount to original Mudrunner owners) 🙂 In fact I'm pretty proud of what we with Saber and Focus were able to accomplish!

@ewgenij84 Working mirrors are technically challenging - and it doesnt really add much value to the game itself because you use third-person view most of the time (I've seen many players agree with that and even here we can see some people have never used first person view!)

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Hello guys!
Thank you for continued interest in the game! 🙂

I've seen some people mentioning that there is nothing new in this DLC.
I can understand that, but read this - we finally had a big team or artists working on new trucks and maps - some 15 people or more (all the old maps and content was done by maybe 5 people), plus a lot of people working on securing the license deals for the brands - which I'm sure people familiar with the vehicles will appreciate.
So while it is true that new DLC doesn't bring new features like tracked vehicles, the quality and detalisation is not something we could afford before.
On the other hand, thanks to lots of talented and dedicated mod-makers on PC, new content is not something players can be easily impressed with 🙂

So we've taken time to tune the maps so they are played differently compared to the old maps, giving a bit of a new flavour to the game.

After all, like I've written here before, when I look at Mudrunner, game seems pretty well-rounded and complete to me, so its really time to focus on the next big thing!
I agree that multiplayer part needs a lot of polishing (lights/sounds sync etc) but please understand - it is not a trivial thing to do, and it is much more efficient to do those improvements along with other improvements to the principal gameplay. In the end that would make you recieve new cool game sooner!

Best regards,

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Spintires started back in 2008, for Havok Physics Innovation Contest, and here is the first screenshot:

It was originally using OpenGL instead of DirectX, and PhysX instead of Havok!
And original game idea was something like Besiege (which didn't exist back then obviously).

The next idea was aircraft simulator:

But eventually it evolved into offroad truck simulator:

But the codebase started developing even before that! Have a look at one of the first versions of the Level Editor:

Thats a pendulum movement research that I had fun with in Institute! 🙂

Best regards,

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@sodoma Hello again!
Thank you for the analysis!
Like I said, I'm sure there are better ways to simulate the gearbox in the game - but I've never even researched that - because the vehicle in Mudrunner is driven by the wheels (physics bodies) - not the engine! And wheels don't interact "mathematically correctly" with the ground.
So before changing the math of the gearbox, we need to change the math of the wheels - that's a planned improvement! When the vehicle starts to move fast, physics bodies of the wheels need to be replaced by the procedural wheels (their positions computed mathematically, and this allows you to compute everything else mathematically) - without player noticing of course.
Thats the easy way 🙂

The hard way is to do our own physics of the wheels instead of Havok - and this is actually planned too, because I want the wheels to be truly soft! Stay tuned!

Best regards!

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@sodoma said in truck lua object:

May I ask you for some kind of presentation how physics of trucks, more specificaly propelling of trucks (engine+gearbox) works? Something as it was there for mud and water. This could be very helpful in here...
Pretty please...😇

Hello! There is not too much to tell, and gearbox physics is not something I'm particularly proud of. So just let me know what exactly you need!

Choose number of gears and "optimal wheels angular velocity" (fGearAngVel) for each gear ("Gear/AngVel" XML file parameter).
And engine power (fEngineTorque, "Motor/Torque" XML file parameter)

For each gear, game operates with following parameters:
fGearAngVelMin = fGearAngVel * 0.25 - 2.0
fGearAngVelOpt = fGearAngVel
fGearAngVelMax = fGearAngVel * 2.0 + 5.0
fGearEngineTorque = fEngineTorque / pow(max(fGearAngVel / 2.0, 1.0), 0.5)

"High" (1+) gear:
fGearAngVelMin = 0.4
fGearAngVelOpt = fGearAngVel
fGearAngVelMax = fGearAngVel + 2.0
fGearEngineTorque = fEngineTorque * 1.25

Game computes "engine force multiplier" (engineCoef), based on
minAngVel,maxAngVel - minimum/maximum angular velocity of any wheel (that has torque)

float engineAngVel = lerp(maxAngVel, minAngVel, .5f);
float engineCoef;
if (engineAngVel < fGearAngVelMin) {
engineCoef = 0;
} else if (engineAngVel < fGearAngVelOpt) {
engineCoef = (engineAngVel - fGearAngVelMin) / (fGearAngVelOpt - fGearAngVelMin);
} else if (engineAngVel < fGearAngVelMax) {
engineCoef = (engineAngVel - fGearAngVelOpt) / (fGearAngVelMax - fGearAngVelOpt);
} else {
engineCoef = 0;

(lerp - linear interpolation of 2 parameters)
So the actual force that is applied to the wheel is computed like that:

wheelForceMultiplier = engineCoef * fGearEngineTorque * fAngVelSlowdownMult * pWheel->fCurrentTorqueRatio;
(I dropped some of parameters for simplicity)

fAngVelSlowdownMult is a parameter that prevents the vehicle from accelerating too fast (it compensates for lack of real-world inertia of mechanical parts of the engine), computed like that:

fAngVelSlowdownMult = saturate(0.0 - pWheel->fDeltaAngVel / fMaxDeltaAngVel * 2.0);
fAngVelSlowdownMult = saturate(fAngVelSlowdownMult +
max(pWheel->fWheelLinVel - 2.0, 0.0) / 10.0 +
1.0 - saturate((fabs(pWheel->fWheelAngVel) - 1.0) / 2.0));

Here fMaxDeltaAngVel is XML file parameter "Motor/MaxDeltaAngVel".

pWheel->fCurrentTorqueRatio is computed for each wheel based on diff lock mode. Let me know if you need documentation for that (It's a lot of hardcoded math too).

Hope this helps,
Best regards!

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@8up-local said in Gameplay Content and the Future:

i would not say these things are dumb or silly, but more a bit of a long stretch for the way the game is designed really imo. after all this began as a school project about deformable terrain and that needed something to show it off. hence the trucks and has morphed into what it is today to make a sellable product.

@Pavel care to comment and correct me if i am wrong on this?

Hello sir!
Yes, you get it 100% correctly!

Really most of the game design comes from the "Left 4 Dead" - quick game sessions with very simple objectives, stressless. From that point of view, I'm personally quite happy with the current state of the game - and I play it a lot myself, hehe. It doesn't mean there is no room for improvement of course! So stay positive, stay tuned, there are great plans for Spintires/Mudrunner!

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@knight25 What you mentioned is more related to graphics than simulation. But of course there will be improvements to both.
In terms of graphics, as I already mentioned, the most important improvement is "wet" mud and increased view distance.
As for the simulation - it's tied to the gameplay. The one can't change without the other 🙂 But there is a lot of room for improvement too - one of the main ideas is making the truck to be an interconnected combination of parts, unlike a static mesh it is now!

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@lazerlee Hello Lazerlee!
Thank you for your interest in the game!
Keep in mind - we were focused on improving the quality of simulation instead of depth of the gameplay, because we couldn't do both unfortunately. MudRunner is like a game of chess - with no opponent 🙂
But don't worry - all will come, so if you enjoyed the game, stick around!
Best regards!

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Hello, players!
So it's been two months since the release of the game!

On one hand, it was hard to predict if the console players will like the game.
On another hand, since the game is very similar to the old Spintires, we knew some PC players will be upset.
But it was a very successful release, and that means we will be improving and updating the game a lot – a big thanks to everyone who helped to make it, and everyone who bought it! Remember – the purpose of this game is for you to have fun!

We receive a lot of feedback and improvements suggestions – thanks for that too!
There is a lot of room for improvements, and with our colleagues from Saber and Focus we will now be able to speed up the development, to make players 100% satisfied!

Thanks again for support!
Happy New Year!