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My Kislev Team was against a Goblin Team and Each time I would use Diving Tackle and a Goblin would re-roll with Dodge even if the result was lower or the same as long as it was above the required amount before Diving Tackle it would succeed and my player would still end up on the ground.

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Thanks for explaining why it wasn't working. Now I'll rage a little less when it doesn't give me the option.

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While playing against Skaven one of my players with diving tackle was standing next to one of the players gutterrunners and the gutterrunner dodge out of his tackle zone without giving me the option to use diving tackle. This has happened to me twice both against skaven. Does DivingTackle not work against players with dodge because I dont believe that it says it in the description of diving tackle. On a side note I dont think dead players should be able to get mvp.

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